How To Get Into Real Estate And Beat Competitors: 20+ Efficient Options To Use

  1. What are Real Estate and Types of Property
  2. How to Start a Real Estate Business
  3. How to Grow Your Real Estate Business to Beat Competitors

Starting a real estate business today is not about selecting a great office or hiring the best agents. Efficient real estate business at the beginning is about building a smart strategy for online-positioning and online marketing. Let’s talk about it step by step, covering topics such as what is real estate, types of properties, and how to get started in real estate. We will give you the best ideas on how to grow your business in the right direction.

What are Real Estate and Types of Property

Real estate is all property, buildings, and land. It is also air above the land and underground resources below the land. The meaning of real estate comes from the Latin word rex (royal) and reflects the days when kings owned land.

There are four types of real estate:

  • Residential. This type of real estate means new and resale homes, including condos, single-family homes, duplexes, vacation homes, etc.
  • Commercial. Malls, hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, etc.
  • Industrial. This type of properties includes all warehouses and manufacturing buildings.
  • Land means farms, vacant or undeveloped land.

There are two types of real estate agents: sellers and buyers. The first type assists owners to set a price and sell the property. The second type knows everything about the real estate local market and assists purchasers to find, inspect and buy property.

How to Start a Real Estate Business

There are nuances of real estate legislation in different states. Still, you need to take steps to learn how to start a real estate company successfully.

Starting in real estate is becoming an agent, then a broker. After that, you can open your own company. Look through your state’s specific requirements to know all the details of each step in your area.

So, if you are thinking of getting started in real estate business, take a look at next steps.

1. Analyze Real Estate Industry in Your Area, Make an Idea and Write a Business Plan

To get into real estate, you should know about your area and perspectives. Do the research, see the volume of sales in your region, determine your target market. Find your niche. Work in that niche you have strong feelings about. The key to success is to feel passionate about what you do. It may be undeveloped land or greenhouses, or anything else you love to deal with.

Write a business plan to share your idea how to get into real estate business with investors, sponsors, lenders, etc. It should include a summary, mission, company description, type of organization and management, strategy, unique selling proposition, financial projections.

2. Find Business Financing

Good news is that experienced real estate mentors know how to start a real estate business with no money. It is an industry where you don’t have to start with a massive amount of cash.

Usually, starting a real estate brokerage looks like a one-person shop. Estimate the budget you need to start. If the sum of your savings is not enough, you may:

  • Bring on partners (it may be a silent partner);
  • Take a loan the from bank using your business plan;
  • Use an SBA loan.

3. Launch Your Real Estate Business by Making it Legal

First, you should get the information about licenses are required in your state. Usually, it’s enough to pass one exam to get the broker’s one. For example, in California, you don’t need broker license at all to open a real estate company. You may consult with an expert in real estate law in your state to make it clear.

Also, you should:

  • Give and register a name of your brand;
  • Apply for a Federal Tax ID;
  • Obtain necessary permits;
  • Open broker trust accounts;
  • Purchase insurance;
  • Prepare blanks for your future agreements.

4. Open Your Company’s Website

How to start in real estate successfully? To have a successful real estate business today, you need to have a solid, informative website. Research shows that most home buyers research online before contacting a real estate company. That is why your online presence is significant.

Your website must be accessible for users, have high-quality pictures, consist of virtual tours, descriptions, maps with all hotspots around, etc.

Nowadays it is easy to create a website without hiring specialists. Use a ready template for a real estate business and create a website on your own. The easiest way to make a website is to use WordPress themes. Look at the best real estate WordPress themes. Of course, you may use the help of a specialist if you don’t have even a few hours for that. The profit of using templates by TemplateMonster is comprehensive customer support.

All templates are optimized for SEO. So, it will not be difficult to bring your website on top in Google or any other search engine.

Homelist - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Homelist - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Moderno - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Moderno - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Emilia Warren - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Emilia Warren

Demo | Download | Hosting

At Home - Real Estate Elementor WordPress Theme

At Home - Real Estate Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

CozyHouse - Real Estate Premium WordPress Theme

WordPress real estate themes

Demo | Download | Hosting

How to Grow Your Real Estate Business to Beat Competitors

Knowing how to start a real estate brokerage is just a part of success. You should be the cleverest, most modern and friendly company to be on top. Here are some great ideas to promote your business online and get the love of your target audience.

  • Create and promote accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. Make sure that links to your social networks are available on your website.
  • Add social sharing buttons to property pages.
  • Use the best ideas of your competitors in social networks.
  • Your contacts must be very easy to find.
  • Show good images of the area and town. It may be an additional advantage of a property.
  • Make an interesting and useful content on your website and social networks.
  • It is essential to hire a professional photographer to make great pictures.
  • Show video tours of the property. It will make an excellent first impression of the property and your company.
  • Be a sponsor of local events to become recognizable.
  • Discover Pinterest tools and use boards to show benefits of properties.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Use e-mail marketing to build client relations.
  • Convey your expertise: host webinars, host free seminars for buyers or write to the local press.
  • Use paid advertising on social networks. It brings good results.
  • Invest in branding. Make cups, umbrellas, pens, notebooks and other freebies with your logo and gift it on each event.
  • Don’t forget to ask for testimonials. It will make future clients trust you.
  • If you want a former client to recommend you to their friends, send a local care package after you close.
  • Create a referral system and keep in touch with all your clients. It will give you a good name.
  • Advertise your business in all ways online and offline.
  • Generate buzz about your company regularly. Use press releases, organize events, and speak at real estate conferences.

Now you can define real estate and know how to be the best in real estate business. Remember that your success reflects not only your diligence to follow advice but also your passion for doing business. We wish you the best in your niche.

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