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20 Impactful WordPress Businesses That Made It to the Top

If you strive to build an Internet empire, choosing WordPress as your line of business is not the first thing that springs to mind.

It’s no secret that WordPress is free and open-source. People and companies don’t have to pay to use it. That’s why many businesses just don’t believe that they can make a fortune investing in WordPress innovations.

If this is your situation, we have to remind you that currently, WordPress powers more than 1/3 of all the websites worldwide. By 2019, WordPress-related solutions, such as WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting, have turned into a multi-million dollar market that brings substantial profit to a number of companies across the globe.

In this post, we’ve collected a number of the most impactful and renowned WordPress companies. Look at their success stories and the products they offer to find your way to make it to the top with WordPress.

Please, keep in mind that this list is not a ranking. The positions of businesses within it are based on relevancy. Prepare yourself to get inspired, and let’s go!

1. Automattic


The largest WordPress business is the company that fathered WordPress, i.e. Automattic. Its name is a play on the founder’s name, which is Matt Mullenweg. Most notably, the company owns and contributes to WordPress development.

In recent years, Automattic created or acquired a number of highly popular WordPress plugins and services. Among them are:

  • WooCommerce for selling products with WordPress
  • Akismet for spam control
  • JetPack for improving the security and performance of your website
  • VaultPress for auto backup and scanning
  • Crowd Signal for polls and surveys
  • Longreads for immersive storytelling, etc.
Despite the fact that Automattic is currently the largest WordPress business, its team is quite small when compared to the digital giants of the same level. With just 888 employees scattered across the globe, the company confidently holds the palm of supremacy in the WordPress world.

2. TemplateMonster


One of the most reputed template marketplaces worldwide, TemplateMonster offers you more than 26,000 themes and assets for building websites.

Founded back in 2002, this company exhibits steady growth and currently demonstrates one of the most complete collections of WordPress themes and extensions. Among their best-sellers are such famous templates as Monstroid2, Imperion, Woostroid2, 24.Storycle, JohnnyGo, etc.

In the marketplace, you’ll access a collection of 2184 WordPress themes, created by developers from all over the world. Each theme and plugin that enters the marketplace is thoroughly checked for quality and performance by their expert quality control team. Apart from themes, you’ll also find 39 plugins for WordPress and tons of handy graphics in this marketplace.

3. Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive is the large WordPress business founded by Syed Balkhi. If the name of this company doesn’t ring a bell to you, you’re more likely to recognize them from their most-popular brainchild. Awesome Motive is the company behind WPbeginner, the largest free base of WordPress tutorials online.

In fact, WPbeginner is not the only thing that you can benefit from with Awesome Motive. The company has also developed a number of popular WordPress services, such as:

  • OptinMonster for lead generation
  • WPForms for building your forms with drag-and-drop
  • MonsterInsights for analytics
  • SeedProd for fine-tuning maintenance mode
  • Soliloquy for creating awesome website sliders, and more
Moreover, if you want to tap into some Awesome Motive generated fun, don’t forget to check out their List25 website, full of fun top lists and curious articles.

4. CopyBlogger


Another impactful WordPress business, Copyblogger, started out as a simple blog on copywriting and blogging. As the years passed on, this company introduced a number of WordPress innovations that help their business grow at a steady rate.

Currently, Copyblogger offers you a number of highly competitive solutions for WordPress, such as:

  • Synthesis hosting
  • Rainmaker platform
  • Genesis framework
Moreover, Copyblogger is the owner of StudioPress, which offers you more than 35 themes based on Genesis.

5. WP Engine

WP Engine

WP Engine is, perhaps, the most popular solution for managed WordPress hosting. Founded back in 2010, this company currently caters to such big companies as SoundCloud, Ryanair, Foursquare, National Geographic, Dropbox, UNICEF, etc.

WP Engine is the company that emphasizes research and scientific innovation in IT. This company invests heavily into improving the security and performance of their servers. Currently, WP Engine hosts more than half a million websites and the number of enterprises who trusts them grows steadily.

Moreover, WP Engine is behind the popular web design online magazine - Torque.

6. Rocketgenius


Despite the fact that this company is famous for just one product, this product is so hugely popular that Rocketgenius makes it on the top businesses list. This company is famous for Gravity Forms, the ultimate WordPress plugin when it comes to creating contact forms. If you aren’t using it yet, you’ve definitely heard of it.

The flexibility of Gravity Forms is what makes this solution popular. Its popularity bridges the needs of developers and newcomers. That’s why Gravity Forms is bound to remain a preferable option for forms for a long time.

7. WPMedia


The next example of a successful WordPress enterprise is WPMedia. You probably know one of their more popular products, WP Rocket.

This premium plugin entered the market, which was already filled with competitive free alternatives. However, WPMedia developers managed to craft a truly unique product that quickly rose to fame.

Another popular service created by the WPMedia team is Imagify. It was launched back in 2016, a new option that quickly rose to success. This online service allows you to optimize any imagery you want to use for your website. Slimmer imagery rockets up your website and improves UX.

Any other fun facts about WPMedia?

Currently, the company employs 20 employees from all over the world. This close-knit team has its own powerful corporate ethos. The company is open to the public even to the point of giving unrestricted access to their salary grids online.

8. Wordfence


We don’t argue that there are plenty of good WordPress plugins for security. However, Wordfence is definitely the king among them. Currently, the plugin has more than 3 million installations.

This plugin offers you malware scans for your website, as well as a powerful firewall. The Wordfence team invests heavily into improving their products and bringing you the latest advances in WordPress security.

Thanks to a sound suite of additional features, the Wordfence plugin is the most comprehensive WordPress security solution on the market.

9. SEO by Yoast

SEO by Yoast

Every SEO specialist and copywriter has probably used YoastSEO at least once in their lives. This ingenious plugin has improved search engine rankings of many thankful websites.

With more than 50 employees, SEO by Yoast has currently diversified beyond its plugin into consulting services, online courses, and even a yearly SEO event. Needless to Say, YoastSEO also runs a highly popular online blog on SEO and website optimization.

10. Pippins Plugins

Pippins Plugins

If you look for a single person that managed to earn recognition and support of the whole WordPress community, we should be talking about Pippin Williamson and his well-loved plugins.

For example, Pippin is the person behind such extensions as:

  • Easy Digital Downloads for creating downloadable products
  • Restrict Content Pro lets you lock away your exclusive offers and discounts
  • Affiliate WP allows you to work with your affiliates more effectively
On top of these highly popular extensions, Pippin also offers a handful of high-quality and highly helpful smaller plugins.

In fact, currently, Pippin’s team includes 15 employees from different parts of the globe. Pippin is also a public speaker traveling the world.

11. OnTheGoSystems


OnTheGoSystems may sound unfamiliar to you. However, you’ve definitely come across WPML, one of the most popular translation plugins for WordPress. This plugin has over 20K active installs, which is an impressive score for a translation plugin.

In fact, WPML is not the only ingenious solution by OnTheGoSystems. They’ve also created the popular Toolset, the plugin which lets WordPress beginners design custom websites with its help. With toolset, you get access to the extended collection of post types and taxonomies that are all represented in a comprehensive way.

The company saw its inception back in 2007 and currently employs eighty-five staff members from six continents.

12. One by TemplateMonster

One by TemplateMonster

ONE is a recent subscription service that has earned a cult following of its own. Within ONE subscription, you get access to more than 1K unique WordPress themes. Apart from this, the subscription lets you take advantage of a rich plugin and graphics collection. Moreover, ONE members get access to custom services and round-the-clock customer support that takes no vacations.

ONE has risen to prominence since it meets both the needs of seasoned developers and newcomers. Its themes are offered under a flexible license that lets members go multisite with their favorite templates.

13. WP Ninjas

WP Ninjas

WP Ninjas are the creative gurus behind the popular Ninja Forms plugin. Despite strong niche competition, WP Ninjas currently boasts of 1+ million active installs. At the same time, Ninja Forms remains a freemium solution, with a pleasingly functional free version.

WP Ninjas is a relatively recent business, which doesn’t come to prominence at once. The company didn’t make substantial money with the first two releases of Ninja Forms. However, after rebuilding the plugin, it earned massive recognition, which pushed WP Ninjas to the leagues of fastest-growing WordPress businesses.

14. Flywheel


Flywheel is a solid and well-loved WordPress hosting manager. Flywheel is a reliable platform to free you from all the hassles of hosting.

This provider offers you a sound platform for your WordPress site and pleases you with a simple hosting interface that lets you solve hosting-related tasks within minimal time. On top of high-quality hosting, Flywheel provides present-day workflow solutions for freelancers, agencies, high-traffic websites, and in-house teams.

Needless to say, Flywheel’s success is partly due to the realistic hosting plans that they offer. Moreover, this provider offers you extensible chat support that you can contact any time.

15. Incsub


Not familiar with Incsub? Despite the fact that the name of the company may be not well-known to you, Incsub has sired such popular extensions as:

  • WPMU DEV, which is a membership with access to tons of WordPress products
  • CampusPress, a high-quality WordPress hosting for education-related websites
  • Edublogs, an avid education blogging platform, with over 4 million blogs created since 2005
It’s not hard to guess from WPMU DEV subscription that the Incsub team has created multiple add-ons and themes for WordPress, which they provide to their subscribers.

16. Pagely


Pagely is the most powerful managed hosting you can find out there. Being powered by Amazon Cloud, this hosting provider effectively helps big brands scale WordPress.

Pagely provides reliable hosting to high-demand websites. The company is proud of their tireless support, expert team, and customizable tech stack. Pagely has the honor to provide hosting to such established brands as Disney,, Visa, VirginAtlantic, The Hartford, University of Florida, etc.

17. 10up


10up is one of the most successful WordPress design and consulting companies. They’ve contributed their designs to and are a VIP partner of

10up has developed designs and plugins for such world-famous brands as Google, Microsoft, BBC America, TED, Adobe, Automatic, Reddit, etc. Just judging from these names you can get inspired by how successful and well-reputed this company is.

18. Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is the author of the Events Calendar plugin. They’re an amazing WordPress business, and for good reason.

Modern Tribe is a collaborative organization of around 30 freelancers from all over the world. Modern Tribe has just 7 official employees. All the members of Modern Tribe are high-end specialists from four countries.

19. WebDev Studios

WebDev Studios

This web design and development agency has created such well-known plugins as Custom Post Types UI and Reactor.

WebDev Studios has numerous solutions for small businesses and larger enterprises. Moreover, WebDev team has authored a couple of substantial books on WordPress. They’re tightly connected with the WordPress Community.

Among the respected clients of this business come Microsoft, Time, NBC, and WPEngine.

20. Human Made

Human Made

Human Made is a respected UK-based web design company. They’re serious about services and work with large-stack publishers and enterprise-level clients. Human Made has accomplished projects for such well-known brands as Skype, Airbnb, USA Today, Yell, NewsUK, TechCrunch, etc.

In fact, this is not the end of the story. Human Made has also developed a bunch of useful WordPress plugins including WPRemote, BackupWordPress, and others.

Over to You Now

You’ve just reviewed the businesses that made it to the top with WordPress. Each of them has their own story of success and their own unique value. However, you can trace consistency in the way these companies deliver products of the highest quality to the global audience.

It proves to be true that top WordPress businesses have small expert teams who work remotely and introduce ingenious innovation into what they do. Some other companies in this list are definitely larger. However, it’s not the size of the company, but the quality of its products that translates to the company’s revenue.

Are there some other worthy picks we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the Comments.

Stay tuned for more!

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