How To Increase Revenue From Your Product Review Website

Product review sites exist for just about any type of product you can think of, including toys, mattresses, coffee, computer software, and tech gadgets.

Thanks to affiliate marketing programs, product review websites are a popular way to earn some extra cash. Many people even turn their sites into a full-time income.

Although the potential to generate decent revenue exists, it takes hard work to generate a steady stream of income from a product review website. Success isn’t so much about tactics and strategies as it is about content creation.

High-quality content becomes visible in Google, specifically, because of personalization. The more popular your site is, the more it will show up in the search results of people you’re connected to. To prevent your site from getting buried in the search engines, your reviews need to be factual and entertaining at the same time.

If you’re considering launching your product review website, or if you already have one, here are some tips to help you make it a financial success:

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Let Your Personality Shine

Product Review Website

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The first point of leverage you have with a review WordPress theme is your personality. Whether you’re blogging or vlogging, let your personality shine through your reviews. Nobody wants to listen to a robot describe the mechanics of how a mail order mattress works. Be a human being and share your emotional responses and reactions while reviewing products. Speak to your audience as if you’re conversing with a close friend.

Also, do what you can to make people laugh. Humor is the biggest reason content goes viral. Carson Ward from Moz says:

Humor isn’t always the answer, but it’s essentially a pre-requisite for a viral ad. Small companies win more than their share of attention because they’re willing to be a little more interesting and less sterile.

If you are reviewing mattresses, splice in a few seconds of a pillow fight, or your kids jumping on the bed. Jokes and laughter trigger a positive psychological response from people. It releases endorphins and reduces stress. If you can make people laugh, they’ll associate their good feeling with your product.

Review all Products Thoroughly and Transparently

Most businesses understand the value of authentic product reviews and aren’t going to end their relationship with you because their product doesn’t work for you. Publishing objective views gives people the information needed to make an informed purchase. For example, say you’re reviewing a carpet broom and the telescoping handle isn’t long enough for you. Don’t just say the handle is too short. Provide context. By mentioning that you’re 6’3”, visitors much shorter than you will know the handle won’t be too short for them.

Cover Expanded Topics Related to Your Products

Think about your chosen niche and come up with a list of “side conversations” people have about the products you review. For example, if you review vacuum cleaners, some “side conversations” include allergies, controlling dust and pet dander, and using chemicals to clean the carpet. All of these topics make great content for a blog that reviews vacuum cleaners.

As an example of side conversations in action, Security Baron reviews home security products and also reports on security-related topics like the privacy concerns around Amazon’s products. The security review blog dives deep with information about Alexa’s hidden commands masked by white noise, as well as other incidents of concern. The side conversation about privacy is always a hot topic that accompanies security.

Target Visitors Who are Ready to Buy with Your PPC Ads

Half of the users who click on paid ads are ready to buy. These visitors are past the research phase and need to be given more than just a product review when they click on your ad. They need the directive to make a purchase.

According to Search Engine Journal’s Ultimate Guide to Paid Search, paid visitors should be treated differently than visitors who found your site organically.

These users are in a completely different phase of the buying cycle, are more valuable from a ‘convertability’ [sic] standpoint, and have a shorter shelf life for nurture since they’re prepared to make a purchase decision.

While you don’t want to ask for the sale in your objective reviews, you should be asking for the sale on your PPC landing pages. If you’ve advertised a product or service, half your visitors are already considering buying it. These landing pages should let your visitors know where and how to make the purchase, and don’t be afraid to directly ask for the sale.

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