Interview with TemplateMonster #1 Affiliate Rachna Kingston, Founder, Owner and CEO of Entheosweb

It’s been almost 13 years that Rachna has joined TemplateMonster Affiliate family. For that time she has made almost 70K sales with TemplateMonster. Let me say it again, seventy thousand affiliates sales. A number every affiliate should aim for.

join templatemonster affiliate programRachna is a web developer and designer with years of experience. Her native town Bangalore is often called the silicon valley of India and that is thanks to people like Rachna. She loves the web and has been in this business for over 13 years. And today she shares her honest opinion about Template Monsters affiliate program.

We asked this passionate entrepreneur about her experience with TemplateMonster, as well as some interesting facts about TemplateMonster's affiliate program that we hope will inspire you to grow your business with us. So, please enjoy an interview with TemplateMonster affiliate Rachna Kingston with

TemplateMonster: Can you tell our readers some words about yourself and your blog?
Rachna Kingston: I started Entheos in the year 2004. We started as a custom web design company and were also selling a few ready-made templates of our own.

TemplateMonster: What was your first experience with TemplateMonster?
Rachna Kingston: TemplateMonster approached us to become affiliates and as I liked the look and quality of their templates I decided to try them out and see how it goes though their products were in direct competition to our own in-house templates and it was my first time in affiliate marketing. They made it really easy as they had ready-made shops and copy-paste code that could be easily used in your site. I started with just one page displaying TemplateMonster templates. As it generated some income, I created categories and sub categories using their simple code and I was able to create many template pages on our site. I tried it out and found that the interest and conversions were good month on month.

To sum up - I have been a TemplateMonster affiliate since 2004 and now I am their number 1 fan. It is easy to sell their templates as I believe in them 100%.

TemplateMonster: We know that you have even made a separate successful project with many Template Monster`s products. How has it affected your life and business?
Rachna Kingston: As we did pretty well with the templates, we then started a separate site for the templates and used their web API system to make the entire site dynamic and customized it according to my requirements. We did amazingly well, it exceeded my wildest dreams and I was able to buy my own house in the year 2007 and go for my dream US trip with my husband in the year 2008.

TemplateMonster: How did you manage to stand out in web design niche?
Rachna Kingston: We also transited from being a primarily custom web design company to a company that sells and customizes templates. We are able to give our clients high-quality websites that are extremely affordable because of excellent templates that are reasonably priced and are loaded with all the latest features and functionality.

TemplateMonster: What exactly have you done to reach success and stand out among others?
Rachna Kingston: I didn't start from scratch because I used one of affiliate ready-made shops that are very easy to integrate. I also created custom content and text descriptions in order to optimize the SEO. My initial goal was to reach 1000 unique customers on daily basis. That's why I worked hard to attract new clients and then made different marketing campaigns, sales and special offers due to the changes on I also used Adwords and BSA promotion.

TemplateMonster: The question that worries most people who decide to try selling as an affiliate – have you ever tried to cooperate with other companies? If to compare TemplateMonster affiliate program with the competitors, what is your honest opinion about its pros and cons?
Rachna Kingston: I have been an affiliate of other companies but none come anywhere close to TemplateMonster. They are simply the best! Times have changed but they have stayed up-to-date, their support is always good and their quality is excellent. Thank you TemplateMonster for staying the best all these years and for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be your affiliates. It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the TemplateMonster affiliate family. We will always be your loyal affiliates.

TemplateMonster: Thanks for your warm words. Can you name some exact features of TM affiliate program that tipped the scale?
Rachna Kingston: Yes, sure, the features that stand out the most to me in the TemplateMonster affiliate program are:
  • a very transparent and easy to use affiliate system. You can log into the admin panel and see how many sales you have made, the day and time that the sale was made and also which product the customer has purchased. You also get an email every time you made a sale and you can access detailed statistics on daily, weekly and monthly sales. I have not found this kind of transparency in any other affiliate system I have signed up for.
  • You can promote the templates under your own brand i.e. templates can be displayed on your site in the format you like and customers do not even need to know that the templates are from TemplateMonster. It is like promoting your own products.
  • The templates can be easily integrated in your site by just copy pasting code or using a ready-made shop under your own brand name. After using the code and ready-made shop for some time, we progressed to using their web API systemwhich allows you to download all the images and template information to your site and format it in the layout and style you want. This has been a great feature for us and we have been using the web API system for many years now.
  • Their templates are excellent. I don't need to worry about the quality of the templates. I can just focus on marketing a product that I really like and that I can 100% vouch for.
  • It is easy to search for templatesaccording to product, category, features etc. They have a wide range of templates to choose from and you will definitely find a template that will suit all your requirements.
  • Their commission structure is very fair and competitive. You get higher commissions according to the number of sales you make.
  • Any problems/concerns with templates are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We have customized many template monster templates and have found the templates easy to work with and they have a wide range of tutorials and other support systems like online chat and ticket submission that gets our queries answered quickly. We also have a personal support team for our affiliate queries as well as template support queries that is very responsive and helpful to get any issues sorted out immediately. Our customers stay happy!
  • Payments are made as and when we affiliates choose to withdraw them and not on a particular day of the month. This gives us greater flexibility.

TemplateMonster: To summarize it all, could you say some words for those who are still thinking whether to give it a try and start working as TemplateMonster's affiliate, or to bugger around and think about other perspectives.
Rachna Kingston: Finally I would like to conclude by saying TemplateMonster has made many of my dreams come true. As I did really well as an affiliate I was able to take my dream trip to the US with my husband for 2 months. I was also able to buy my own house and office space with the commissions I earned from TemplateMonster. I have enjoyed being a part of the Template Monster affiliate community and look forward to seeing new developments in the years to come. Template Monster is an excellent template provider and provides a fantastic affiliate system and I highly recommend them to both customers and affiliates.

Here we go. We you are also a TemplateMonster affiliate or just a regular customer, and you are eager to tell us your own success story, then email [email protected] and will get back to you shortly. May the MonsterPost community know you better!

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