The Sky’s Limit: How an iOS Developer Launched a Site in 1 Month

TemplateMonster's themes are fit-it-all solutions that can be handled by everyone. In our new episode of customer case studies, we are happy to introduce you to an iOS developer who has never had an experience of site creation. However, he set himself the aim of getting his project live, and in 1,5 months his brainchild saw the light of the day.

The more time you wait, the more time you waste.

Mirko Babic

Name: Mirko Babic
Occupation: iOS Developer
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
iOS or Android: both
Smartphone: iPhone 6
TemplateMonster: Tell us a couple of words about yourself. How many sites have you already launched? Was this your first experience of the site creation?
Mirko Babic: I'm Mirko Babic, an iOS Developer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m currently working at "Oroundo GmbH," and I’m also the founder of a small development company "Happy Boar." This was the first website I've launched. We, my colleague Milica and I, were looking for a website template that would be one-page, lightweight and informative for our business. Milica suggested me several solutions that could work for us and when she showed me "Software Responsive Landing Page Template" I knew that was the one. It had everything we needed, even more. A couple of months later was born (Yay!).


TemplateMonster: Please tell us a little bit more about your background. Where did you study? How did you decide to become a software developer?
Mirko Babic: I fell in love with programming while studying on Faculty of Electrical Engineering. There I learned C, C++, Java, Shell... My friend from High School was developing at the time and offered me a position of an iOS developer. Even though I had no clue how iPhone or iOS looked like, and never heard of the Objective-C programming language, I've taken the offer.

Even though it was a hard ride (lack of resources, no one to talk to.) I'm grateful for what I've achieved so far. Besides 40h/w job, I teach iOS Programming and host CocoaHeads Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

TemplateMonster: Tell us about your projects. What products/services do you provide? What is your audience?
Mirko Babic: We are a small development company, designing and developing iOS apps. We've created a dozen of apps for domestic and international clients, but we haven't worked on marketing related to our company or our products. We needed a place to connect with people and potential customers, so building a website was a natural decision.

TemplateMonster: How did the launch of a website influence your business? Did you start receiving more orders? Did it bring you more clients?
Mirko Babic: We've launched the site several weeks ago, so it's hard to say. Anyhow, it has his place on the web, and that was my primary goal for now. In a couple of months, I'm planning to make a marketing campaign, and it will play a great role.


TemplateMonster: What templates did you purchase? What were the key factors that influenced your decision-making?
Mirko Babic: We've purchased Mercury's "Software Responsive Landing Page Template". Factors that influenced our decision-making were: an appealing look and that it was easy-handling for visitors. Also, it shows a couple of iPhones, so it was easy to integrate screenshots with our apps.

TemplateMonster: Do you consider using other ready-made themes for your work? Maybe you would like to boost earnings from providing your clients with suggestions on cool web design stuff?
Mirko Babic: For my work, no. But I plan on making a website for iOS Development in the native language to help starters learn. There are a lot of small companies that have requests for iOS apps, but their developers have a hard time finding resources and people to get started or to get any references. My plan is to find and set up a ready-made WordPress theme, and from time-to-time, I will publish some tutorials there. The site will be (lazy variable, lazy loading)


TemplateMonster: What features of the chosen templates do you value the most? What should be changed/enhanced?
Mirko Babic: Personally, I've liked that iPhone slide in animation. When a user opens our website, he/she will see our logo, visit App Store button and then slide in animation which will give them a glimpse of who we are. Scrolling down will reveal the rest: our projects, screenshots, generally us... One big PLUS was documentation that came with the website. It was well written and easy to follow.

TemplateMonster: What gadgets do you think are indispensable for a web developer? Which ones do you use?
Mirko Babic: Good IDE (i.e. Sublime Text) and Google.

TemplateMonster: How much time did it take you to create and make your site live? What aspect of the site's creation was the most time-consuming for you (customization of the theme, content editing/creation, etc.)?
Mirko Babic: It took about a month and a half. Milica did most of the work. I believe most of the time took displaying content in responsive. We've done a lot of changes, tweaking, removing, and it works for us now. We're planning on tweaking and improving it over time.


TemplateMonster: What are your recommendations for other users who are just planning to launch their site?
Mirko Babic: DO IT! More time you wait, more time you waste. Like any person, when you want to find something about someone or some business, you'll google it first. No one can spot you if you are not on the radar. And not being there, someone who needs someone like you, or your business, won’t be able to connect. So don't waste your time.

TemplateMonster: Are you an active social media user? Don't you mind providing links to your social media profiles that our readers could follow?
Mirko Babic: Privately I use Facebook and professionally LinkedIn.

What ready-made website templates do you prefer using for building sites? Do you need them for work or personal purposes? Have you ever launched your own website? Are you eager to share your story with us? Please email [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.

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