IT Internship for Students: How To Jump on the IT Bandwagon?

Intrigued by the headline? This post will help you understand how to become an IT newbie and start your career with an IT Internship for Students at TemplateMonster or any other well-known online brand.

For starters, you should know that one of the main TemplateMonster's goals is to share knowledge and educate the younger generation. We regularly organize educational events related to web design, development, marketing, or sales. We always encourage university and college students to learn, practice and even join our team as employees. These internships help strengthen personality, increase IT knowledge, and find a career path. It is a great opportunity, especially when the company`s leading professionals hold the training.

It internship.

Today we are proud to announce the results of such an event, TemplateMonster IT internship, for students. We will also introduce you to the lecturers and the topics students have learned. In the end, we will share the students` feedback about the course. Not to make a short story long, let's jump right to the point and see how it all started.

Which Faculties and Specializations Are IT-Friendly?

Everyone wants to be a part of IT. It is an attractive industry with a looooot of benefits, such as:

  • high salary;
  • fast career growth;
  • the possibility of remote work;
  • interesting tasks and projects.

However, there is a common belief that IT guys are online geeks keen on computer science, programming, and endless code. Indeed, modern informational technologies open horizons to various areas and skill levels. Any company that sells products online requires specialists with marketing, sales, and language skills. You don't necessarily need to have coding skills to be a part of a web agency. All you need is a desire to learn and challenge yourself. A specialist from all kinds of industries can join web development, even: 

  • Non-IT professionals. Try different IT professions like SEO content editor, affiliate marketer, digital marketing assistant, and many more. The list is much wider since IT covers only the coding part. It also includes experts responsible for marketing, promotion, sales, and customer interaction. 
  • Students. See what you like and what you are good at. Is it English? Then you can write quality content. Is it sales? Then you can sell digital items to customers. Is it social media? Then you can promote the project and interact with potential customers via Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Product team members. Understand the daily tasks of other professions. After our internship, you will understand how easy it is to change a job and get into IT.

Are you one of them? Then IT is for you. Don't be scared to jump into something new. Try yourself in IT, and find your place under the sun.  

What Can You Learn During IT Internship for Students?

You can get basic knowledge of the IT sector and possible professions you can master. besides, you will participate in various tasks that will help you to improve: 

  •  Hard Skills

Students learn the basics of business management,  promotion, customer retention techniques, and the available web tools that help do work more efficiently during the practice. 

  • Soft Skills 

One can improve communication skills, teamwork, creativity, punctuality, and responsibility. 

  • Language

Entry-level English is required for employment in IT. The higher the level of language proficiency you have, the greater your prospect is. 

  • Career

It is not enough to have the good technical knowledge to move up the career ladder; you also need to learn how to "sell" yourself. An internship can help you understand how to promote your personal brand and stand out from the crowd. 

Why Did TemplateMonster Decide to Open Student Education Courses and Internships? 

TemplateMonster has been engaged in educational projects for a long time. We have created a certification center to take web design, development, and marketing courses, learn new things, or boost existing skills. We continuously motivate all our employees to improve their professional knowledge and skills through third-party classes, training, webinars, etc.

TemplateMonster certification center.

Team members and their professional development is our priority. The younger generation of students is our future colleagues, potential IT specialists. We organized student internships at universities to prove that working with online products and services is simple and accessible to everyone.

IT Internships for Students: How It Was

Five years ago we invited our first students. They were from the programming faculty. Later we understood that other company's departments have a lack of marketers. That is why we started calling for students who want to try themselves in IT.  In 2021 we had an agreement with a university to make an official practice in TemplateMonster which would be obligatory for 3-year students. 

This year we managed to hold a course with ten IT experts specializing in ten different streams. Thirteen talented students came on board to start their two-week journey and change their opinion about IT forever. Their PhD Svitlana KOT was the one who encouraged them to participate and get a lot of useful information from IT experts:

  1. Allison Reed, an SEO Strategist
  2. Alla Taftai, an Affiliate Marketing & Review Team Manager
  3. Iuliia Tsukanova, Digital Marketing Manager (SMM/Email)
  4. Iryna Striuk, an Affiliate Manager
  5. Olha Bulkina, a Growth Manager & PPC Lead
  6. Marisa Diaz, a Middle SEO Specialist
  7. Holokoz Julia, a Sales and Studio Team Lead
  8. Olexandr Bulat, a Content Editor
  9. Lesya Bochkor, a Digital Marketing Manager 
  10. Ryan DeWitt, Review Team Operator/Manager
  11. And Sampara Kateryna, an SEO Content Editor.

During practice, they have learned how to do the following things.

  1. Create and edit web content.
  2. Build a WordPress website from scratch.
  3. Improve search rankings using SEO best practices.
  4. Effective sell digital products to the customers.
  5. Promote one's brand through social media.
  6. Building a strong brand presence on YouTube.
  7. Run Google Ads and manage PPC campaigns.
  8. Use affiliate marketing for brand promo.
  9. Establish long-term partnership with authors.

As you can see, the list of things students learned is quite impressive. The topics discussed gave them a deeper understanding of IT and how to join it. 

Being a Lecturer for the TemplateMonster Internship

February 2022 has started off strong for me. I prepared and conducted a lecture (for the first in my life) for third-year Foreign Languages and Literature faculty students on content marketing and search engine optimization. I was happy to share my experience with a young Ukrainian generation who can use this valuable knowledge later in their careers.


My story is an example of how finally I settled down in IT. I also finished the Foreign Languages faculty and did not know what to do next. I got a Master's degree in Strategic Events Management at SKEMA Business School, Nice, France, and shortly worked as a flight attendant in Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE. Finally, the pandemic forced me to switch to remote work, and that is how I got to the TemplateMonster friendly team. The moral of the story is it is never too late to find your place in IT. Of course, it is much better to start earlier and look for internship opportunities in university to get a solid experience. But whenever life brings you to the TemplateMonster community, I guarantee it will be fun. 

Feedback about IT Internships from Our Students

Viktoriia Kramarenko


IT internship for students at the Template Monster... "What can be better?" That's what I thought after the announcement that our group will have the practice for 14 days at this company. And I've got the answer to my question after these 14 days. Communication with the best professionals, creative and intelligent people, positive emotions - that's what can be better at this company. Yes, at first, it was hard to get some information and IT knowledge. But day by day it was easier to understand the lecturers. Especially, I liked Day 4 about the SEO Department. My group mates and I wrote the texts of different interesting topics. I enjoyed Day 5; we were taught to sell products to real people. Unfortunately, some technical problems happened during the presentation, and we didn't listen to the end of the presentation. Still, it was possible to read the full info in the Google Doc.

The presentation was so well structured that "not an IT girl" (me) could get everything. That's why I'm so excited to be a participant in this IT adventure that I would recommend that future philologists join it next year as well! I'd like to give only a piece of advice to them - don't worry about your IT skills, because during the practice you can see your inner potential in some things. It's so great, isn't it? And at least, I'd like to add that I wish I had such lecturers/teachers at my university one day. Then studying would be much more interesting! Thank you, TM-family! Our group will remember this practice for a long time! But who knows, maybe for someone, it's not the end of this story...

Tatiana Voronova


As a student, I was interested in how an IT system works. Thanks to TemplateMonster for allowing us to peek into their daily routine. Every lesson was delightful, even if some of them were a little challenging at times. However, owing to the excellent lecturers and their explanations, everything got clearer. Marina was one of these lecturers, and she explained what SEO is and how it works using easy examples. There was also some great article writing tips and tricks. I am sure that I will apply these techniques when writing academic papers! Although learning how to design a website was not easy for me, it was one of the more creative days, and I would like to improve my skills in this area. And I encourage newcomers not to be scared to try their hand at IT and not to be alarmed; this is a friendly team that will always help you and inform you at the right time!❤️?

Iryna Svyrydovska


For a long time, I thought that the IT-sphere was extremely difficult and that I would never master it. Thanks to the practice at TemplateMonster, I got rid of the stereotypical thinking that IT is only for programmers and developers. It became clear that there are many different areas in which I can try to develop my professional skills. I defined content writing and editing as the best direction for myself. The lecture was very interesting and inspiring. Kateryna Sampara is so nice. The most difficult task that took many hours was web planning and creation. But I want to note that Alex is very cool. Now I look at the websites in a new way and analyze how it is developed. There was a lot of information about advertising and promotion. I thought I knew a lot about it, but I didn't.

Thank you for showing me how to make catching ads. The ability to sell the product will be useful to me. At least I know exactly how to sell The Rollton. Special thanks to Victor for the inspiring words and motivation. And, of course, Allison, for organization and patience. I want to wish patience to the students who will take this practice next year. Not everything can be done perfectly from the first time. Sometimes you need to exhale and start again. At first, everything seems difficult, and the thought, why am I doing this? arises. But it is important to remember that this is the knowledge that will not be superfluous. This 2-weeks practice was not only about how to get into IT. It was about self-development.

Viktoria Sharmanska


I will be honest. I thought we would write scary codes, pull hair out of misunderstanding, and be shocked by computer miracles. The rest of my brain was hoping it would be easier and I would have two more weeks off. Haaaa-haha, none of that was true. At first glance at the table, I realized the seriousness of the situation;) Honestly, everything was quite diverse and interesting. Still, I have not created so much advertising, and sometimes I wanted to kill myself with at least one more. The funniest thing is 8 hours on the screen on WordPress, where who knows where the hell control panel is. (I found it by accident, and I had no electricity.

I prayed that the laptop would not turn off. If I came out of that panel - I would look for another 8 hours). It is rare for me to be so happy and angry one day. The most difficult moment in the article. Rewriting is simple, but I have been writing terribly since school. When I did my best in writing lessons at university, I was told, "Well ... it got worse." You understand 🙂 That was a task that I could barely handle. And girls, you are wonderful, but Victor and Sergey are definitely our favorites;) Thank you for the variety, new experience, and unwillingness to see any advertising for at least another month))) You are wonderful, thank you!

Ready to try yourself in IT? Join our team as an affiliate partner or a part of our team. Check out the list of vacancies available. 

IT Internship for Students: Our Final Thoughts

All in all, we had fun. Both lecturers and students enjoyed the internship and had many positive impressions. We want to thank all the involved participants who spent two lovely weeks with us: Viktoriia Sharmanska, Sydorova Valentyna, Iryna Svyrydovska, Veronika Rohova, Nataliia Tsviakh, Viktoriia Karakatsii, Vladyslava Nikolaichuk, Tetiana Voronova, Viktoriia Kramarenko, Arina Pidhurska, Korzhan Oleksandra, Oleksii Kravchenko, and Alina Kovalchuk.  

Do you want to participate in the next set of internships? Write your university name in the comments, and we will get in touch with its representatives. Join us next year, and let's make one more memorable experience together! 

Kateryna Sampara

Ambitious SEO content editor who knows how to effectively boost the rankings of particular content in the search engines. I write original, descriptive, and understandable texts about the web design industry. Follow me on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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