A Quick Guide on How to Write a Job-Winning Auditor Resume

  1. Pick the Best Format for an Auditor Resume
  2. Craft an External/Internal Auditor Resume Summary
  3. Write a Flawless Job Description Section
  4. Auditor Resume Education Part
  5. Compose a Skills List for your Top-Notch Auditor Resume
  6. External/Internal Auditor Resume Samples
  7. Auditor Resume Templates
  8. Auditor Resume Templates: A Comparison Table

A lot of people find themselves collecting and analyzing data, writing auditing reports, and investigating business processes of establishments. All of these responsibilities are an integral part of an auditor’s job. Surely, a resume for this position should be written with exceptional attentiveness to the details.

Auditor Resume.

Are you a junior internal auditor with less than one year of experience? Or are you a senior external auditor who is opening new horizons? One way or another you will need this thorough guide on how to write a top-notch auditor resume in no time. After having read this article, you will be a pro at writing a good resume for an auditor position. You will find out what resume format is the best, what should be written in a resume objective, what kind of skills should be mentioned, etc. Of course, you will find helpful auditor resume samples and templates. Let’s dive in!

Pick the Best Format for an Auditor Resume

When it comes to composing a resume, the first thing one has to take into account is its structure. Everything from your contact details to work experience should be well-organized and readable. It’s not that you are applying for a position of an auditor, a person who a priori has to know how to place everything in the correct order. It is that most resume types should be formatted in a proper way. Try to find a happy medium. Highlight the main information, single out the important skills, and emphasize the achievements you have made. After that, spice everything up with a creative approach and voila! – a perfect auditor resume is ready to catch your potential employers’ attention. Last but not least, don’t forget about the chronological order. In most cases, the format of an audit associate resume follows the following structure:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Contact Details
  • Resume Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Key Skills
  • Certifications/Courses

Since you already know well that your resume heading should contain personal details with up-to-date information so that an HR department can reach out to you, we can skip this section and get to the main points of your job-winning auditor resume.

Craft an External/Internal Auditor Resume Summary

A resume summary (or as some call it a resume objective or a resume profile) always comes first. The reason for that is simple. In this short paragraph (3 to 4 sentences as a rule) you have an opportunity to provide general yet catchy information about you as an applicant. It is advised to mention your auditing skills, accounting background and/or achievements, etc. The point is, you need to attract attention to your candidature, thus it is necessary to specify your professional advantages, the career accomplishments you are proud of, and future goals. Of course, if you are new to this field and have little to no auditing experience the resume summary might be a hard nut to crack. However, it isn’t impossible. All you need to do is to put an emphasis on your educational achievements and personal qualities that can help you with building a good candidate portrait.

All in all, the main task of an external/internal auditor resume objective is to present evidence for why you are the best choice for a given position.

Write a Flawless Job Description Section

Are you an external auditor who carries out obligatory audits in a private firm? Or are you an internal IT auditor who works in a small startup company? Despite what your answer is and what kind of auditing work you do, feel free to write an extensive work experience section since it gives valuable information about you as a job seeker. Yes, we are talking about the auditor job description for resumes. And yes, this section is CRUCIAL. Not only do you need to show competence, but you also have to hook a reader with your achievements. As for the latter, pay attention that your potential employer will first notice the results you delivered rather than the job responsibilities you handled. So, make sure you highlight your achievements as an auditor.

The section should include only relevant work experience. Begin with your most recent or current job and then go back in chronological order. Save the time of your potential readers and don’t go into the details too much. Write the job title, the span on the time you worked, the name of a company you worked for, and about 4-6 bullet points that describe your duties and accomplishments.

Auditor Resume Education Part

It goes without saying that you need to show your future employer that you are an educated specialist who possesses the qualifications needed. That is why it is essential to include information about your formal education and additional courses that are related to the profession. The education section isn’t the place to lag behind. Not only should you list such things as your bachelor's degree in Audit, but also name the certificates and awards you received, as well as activities you took part in while studying. If you are attending some courses at the moment, feel free to mention this in your auditor resume. This will show that you keep evolving as a specialist and are open to learning new things.

All in all, the education section should be as informative as the rest of the resume so make sure you do a thorough job on it.

Compose a Skills List for your Top-Notch Auditor Resume

When it comes to composing a resume for auditors, picking the right skills and listing them in the correct order is no less crucial. Since the competition is high, you have to stand out from the crowd and prove you are more skilled than the other candidates. Pay attention that in this section it is required to list all relevant hard and soft skills. You may pick the key skills from the following list and include them in your resume according to their importance.

  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Great planning skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Exceptional attention to details
  • Financial analysis and auditing
  • Data entry
  • IT/ICT tools and frameworks
  • Time management
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Ability to solve problems

Tip! Do not try to overload your resume by including all the possible skills. Besides, it is always recommended to think objectively and decide whether you really possess a certain skill or not. After all, honesty is what every employer appreciates the most.

External/Internal Auditor Resume Samples

As for examples of a resume, auditors should carefully look through the samples and pick the most appropriate ones for composing their own masterpiece. You will have no trouble finding relevant samples of auditing resumes since there are lots of them on the internet. Just type in a suitable inquiry - something like “auditor resume example” or “auditors resume sample” will be fine. Below you will find a well-structured resume sample that covers all the important sections.

Matthew Brown

Address: 1700-1674 Barfield Run NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: 111-111-1111

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: URL


Accurate, detail-oriented and result-driven External Auditor with 5+ years of experience and deep background in analyzing financial records and providing support and recommendations to managers and executives. Possessing an Economics and Finance degree from a top university, with outstanding analytical time management skills. Matthew is looking for an External Auditor position in a forward-moving company.

Work Experience

External Auditor

06/2016 – 06/2019

AIG Auditors, Ltd., Tifton, GA, United States

Reviewed and analyzed financial records to ensure that all data was accurate and everything was in compliance with industry laws and regulations.

Provided beneficial support to various managers and executives on any finance-related issues; identified and communicated with potential clients.

Assisted in the accounts receivable management and conducted detailed risk assessments.

Prepared and maintained audit work papers, pro-actively participated in team meetings with the Board of Directors, completed monthly reports, and performed other duties as required.

Awarded Employee of the Month for significantly increasing client satisfaction with provided services from 85% to 98% within one year.


Economics and Finance


Villanova University, Villanova, PA, United States

GPA: 3.96 (Top 10% of the Program)

The 2015 Academic Excellence Award winner Clubs and Societies: FinTech Society, Karate Club, Swimming Club

High School


Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden

Graduated with Distinction (Grade 1- A/excellent equivalent in all 4 subjects)

The 2012 Best Graduate Award winner


Computer Skills

Microsoft Office

Cygna Auditor

Asset Panda


NetSuite ERP

Interpersonal Skills


Analytical Skills

Communication Skills

Critical Thinking

Good team Player


Time Management

Auditor Resume Templates

Now that you know all the pitfalls when it comes to writing an auditor resume, it is time to sit back and enjoy the best part of the process. We are talking about browsing the TemplateMonster collection of resume templates. All that is left to do is to pick the most suitable template, grab external/internal auditor resume samples, and compose a flawless resume that is going to win you a job. Sounds like a good plan to me. Here are a few awesome examples of what can be found there.

Sylvan Abernathy Resume Template

This A4-size resume template has a strict clean design which makes it a perfect option for auditors. It consists of a resume and cover letter pages that come in PSD, AI and DOCX formats as per your preferences. All parts of the resume template are easy-to-customize by the means of Adobe Photoshop and/or Microsoft Word. The template contains two resume pages that provide you with an opportunity to include all the necessary information.

David Anderson Resume Template

auditor resume template

If you are an auditor who is looking for a way to make his/her resume stand out, pay attention to the modern yet discreet design of this template. It definitely fits the bill. The objects and text sections are fully editable which means you can play with fonts and colors as much as you want. The resume comes in three formats (PSD, DOCX & AI) which allows you to edit and customize this template in MS Word or PSD. In addition to a resume, you receive a cover letter page.

Tomas Alexander Resume Template

thomas auditor resume

This template doesn't look heavy because of unnecessary details, everything is clear and well-structured. All sections of the resume can be tailored to your needs thanks to the fully customizable layout. Use familiar tools like MS Word and PSD to edit the text, play with fonts, etc. The template includes a resume and a cover letter that are ready to be printed.

Willa Resume Template

auditor resume template

Opt for an auditor resume template with a super stylish design. By purchasing this fully-layered template you receive a two-page resume, a cover letter, and a reference page in four file formats. In addition, you get an attached file with instructions and FAQs. The template is 100% customizable and editable.

Bundle Resume Template

bundle of resume templates

Tired of ordinary resume templates? How about this 9-in-1 resume and CV bundle? Nine flawless templates with fully customizable layouts are here to help you get the job of your dreams. You can edit any part quickly and easily.

Auditor Resume Templates: A Comparison Table

Compare all templates and pick the right one for you. In the table below you will find which file formats each template supports and prices for each template.

Template What is included File formats Price
Sylvan Abernathy Resume Template Resume
Cover letter



David Anderson Resume Template Resume
Cover letter



Tomas Alexander Resume Template Resume
Cover letter



Willa Resume Template Resume
Cover letterReference page




Bundle Resume Template 9 Resumes and Cover letters .docx




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Does the font matter on an auditor resume?

Without any doubt, the right font choice does matter in terms of resume writing. It is highly recommended to avoid fonts that imitate handwriting or calligraphy as well as those that are cursive. Give your preference to basic easy-to-read fonts which will be understandable for recruiters. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The classic Times New Roman or Arial are both great options.

How long should my auditor resume be?

Recruiters do not recommend that applicants write a resume that is longer than two pages. You have to include only relevant information that can help you land a job. Try to avoid writing long paragraphs that are heavy on the details.

Is there a demand for auditors?

Yes, and it is quite high, to say the least. The demand for auditors grows rapidly and continuously. The fact that an auditor is quite a versatile occupation, a person can find a job pretty much in any company out there.

How much money do auditors make on average?

The average salary of those who are engaged in auditing ranges between $70,000 and $75,000 a year. Of course, the wage depends on qualifications and experience.

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