Introduction to The Easiest Form Builder

JotForm is the easiest form builder that lets you create your own web forms and customize them to a great extent. In this post we decided to show the most important features of this advanced form builder and let you know what you can do with it.

Forms used to be complicated. They required knowing how to code, hours of precious time, and bottles of Advil.

But that’s not the case now. Setting up an online form today and embedding it onto your website is simple. Like, really simple. Like knock-this-out-in-10-minutes-and-take-the-rest-the-afternoon-off simple.

That’s because there’s JotForm-form-builder, the world’s easiest form builder. JotForm lets users create their own custom web forms without requiring a single line of code. Whether you’re collecting new leads, surveying coworkers, quizzing students, gathering applications, or registering event guests, an online form can sure make life easier. But what makes this form builder so amazing?

Get familiar with all the time-saving tools
And I’m not just talking about your time. You can also save the time of your form visitor. Drop-downs, radio buttons, and checkboxes are a great way to reduce effort. The less work you ask of your site’s visitors, the more likely they’ll actually fill out the form, and the more data that you’ll receive.

Design your form’s theme to match your site’s
What’s the good in using one of a fantastic TemplateMonster themes if you’re just going to wreck the page with an ugly form? There’s a simple solution for this. JotForm’s Form Designer lets you create gorgeous, custom forms without requiring any technical expertise. Pick custom fonts, colors, and sizes that best fit your site’s look and feel.

Notifications and Data Storage
If you want, you’ll get notifications sent to your email, phone, or even Apple Watch when someone responds to one of your forms- (currently running an Apple Watch giveaway!). Also, when you log into JotForm all the response data is neatly organized for you. Recently JotForm even added the option of Encrypted Forms for extra security, making form responses only accessible via encryption key.


You can’t find a greater collection of widgets than with JotForm. There’s a whole mess of ‘em; over 380 and counting. Whether you’re looking for image sliders, signature fields, voice recording, video embedding, and more, JotForm widgets have you covered. The first widget was created in December 2013, and they’ve collectively been used over a million times.

Analyze performance
Leave the guessing to trivia night. With Form Analytics, you can determine how well your forms are performing with a beautiful dashboard that shows responses, views, and conversion rates over custom dates.


Payments have never been easier
Want to sell goods on your site or collect donations for a cause? Set up a snazzy form and choose from one of JotForm’s eleven payment processing partners to make money collection easier than ever. Popular choices include PayPal, Stripe, and

No matter the website, online forms make it easy to gather the important information you need.

Have you used JotForm with your site? Any additional tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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