Join The 2nd TemplateMonster Marathon to Launch Your Own Web Studio!

We’ve been looking forward to this day since the last Marathon finished! Long hours of work, hundreds of cups of coffee and a slam of creative ideas led to the launch of TemplateMonster’s 2nd Marathon “Your Own Web Studio”. This project will help you to start your own web design studio over a short period of time for free.

It doesn’t matter who you are, experienced IT-specialist or enthusiastic teenager, everybody is welcome to enroll and build their own online web design business. Are you wondering how? We will guide you through all the steps of the Marathon.

Have you ever thought how much money you should invest in this business and whom you should find for your team? Actually, the only thing you need is a strong desire to start your own project, determination and creativity to aid you on your way to success. Online business has numerous advantages and we will teach you all you need to know!

The main aim of this Marathon is to teach you how to find clients and sell your services productively. Over a period of several weeks you will receive a number of lessons and practice tasks attached to them. As a rule, the tasks are assigned for weekends, the most suitable time for creative thinking.

Important: if you do not fulfill the task in time, you will be disqualified from the Marathon automatically. You must follow deadlines which is also a very significant part of your future business.


At the end of the Marathon each participant will be able to:

  • Create websites on their own.
  • Supervise and motivate teamwork.
  • Perfect the working schedule.
  • Be aware of the legal aspects of running one’s own business.
  • Sell, sell and sell.

During the Marathon, participants learn how to:

  • find good freelancers and work with them
  • search for new clients and resolve problems correctly
  • plan the budget and get great deals

The Marathon officially launches on March 7th 2017. Everyone who wants to join can start to enroll right now until March 6th 2017.

Who can participate in this Marathon?

Anyone who wants to broaden his/her horizons and is ready to learn something new. If you already run your own business and do not know how to get it online, you are welcome to sign up! If you are only at the beginning stage of your enterprise we will show you how to get it started.

Pay attention! This is not a simple guide that you can find anywhere on the Internet. It is a restricted free project, consisting of step-by-step lessons and tasks, which will lead to a particular result. The Marathon is intended for those who are sure of their own abilities, patience and diligence.

Guarantees & Rewards

We guarantee to provide you with a free educational course, which covers all aspects of running an online business. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your own web design studio in just a few weeks! All we need from you is the desire to discover new things and the ability to complete tasks on time. From our side, we promise to unlock the secrets of creating top websites and selling products/services online.

Are you aware of the advantages of running your own web studio? Firstly, you do not have not to be located in any particular place as you can work from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you can work with foreign users and make your project international. Providing people with quality products/services, you can gain trust and prosper. If you cannot figure out how to get everything done right now, do not worry. We will teach you how to plan a budget and take profitable orders.

Those who reach the final stage will be rewarded with valuable prizes from TemplateMonster. Have we piqued your interest? Sign up now! Only participants will know what they may possibly get.

So, are you ready to test yourself and step out from the box? Welcome to TemplateMonster’s 2nd Marathon! Improve your skills, follow your dreams and move forward with us!

No pain, no gain. Start now and soon you will see the results of your efforts!

Join the Marathon!

Brenda Hills

Hi! I'm Brenda writing for the TemplateMonster blog. Once responsible for the launch of the first TM marathon, I also enjoy writing about web design.

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