One Step Above the Offtake: Magento One-Step Checkout

In the world of eCommerce, one cannot live without optimizations. Technologies evolve as well as human laziness. Going through several pages at checkout is no longer appropriate, users need things that are simplified greatly, things that allow simply switch off the brain and do everything automatically, pressing the button Continue...

On way of simplifying there appeared One-Step Checkout that allows buy stuff at online stores passing through a single page. Using this extension checkout process for online stores running on Magento platform turns into a one minute action. By simplifying the process, more customers complete the purchase and your revenues increase greatly.

Check out the following graph:

According to the curve line in mid September one step checkout extension was implemented and there was noticed a substantially improved conversion rate. Up from an average of 2% to 3.23% over the next few months. The only thing to consider from this is the fact this clients do cater for a less internet savvy consumer.

Magento community is drooling like a happy dog around one step checkouts, but there is one thing that is all the time forgotten about - testing! If you find something new on the web, breakneck pace installation will not help you increase conversion, it may come out that you'll loose part of your traffic. Start an A/B testing: use completely separate URLs like: and

...plug analytics in and see what will happen.


Let's have a closer look at one step checkout extensions. As always there are dozens of items to consider, but we've picked only the most popular ones. Here they come:

1. One Click Checkout 1.1.2

Eliminate clicks while placing an order and improve checkout speed with the One Click Checkout extension for Magento. Our module allows buying directly from the product page with a single click of a button.

2. OneStepCheckout

OneStepCheckout is a rock-solid, well documented, thoroughly tested extension and we provide support if you run into problems. More than 10000 Magento merchants are already using our module, so it’s safe to say it’s a high quality and proven product. We work exclusively with checkout and conversion, to always bring you the best possible checkout product.

3. Mage Store One Step Checkout

Magento One step checkout makes all checkout steps appear together in a single page for customers to fill information and modify any step at once.

4. 1 Step Checkout

MT One Step Checkout is an innovative way of checkout process of your Magento customers. MT One Step Checkout allows your customers finish their order easily and quickly by filling out a few fields conveniently displayed on one, simple check out page.

5. Mage World One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout Pro extension condenses the standard 6 steps check-out process into one step saving your customers valuable time. This hassle free and fully customizable extension focuses only on the essential fields.

6. IWD One Step Checkout

IWD’s One Step Checkout Module dramatically reduces the steps required in the checkout process. Less steps for your customer to modify means they will more likely complete the full checkout process.

7. FME One Step Checkout

8. MT One Step Checkout Extension

MT One Step Checkout is a Magento extension. MT One Step Checkout is innovative way of checkout process of your mangeto customers. MT One Step Checkout allows your customers finish their order easily and quickly by filling out a few fields conveniently displayed on one, simple check out page.

9. OnlineBiz One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout extension has been released to help your customer from decreasing process time and increasing your sales.

10. One-Page Checkout Booster

Help your customers spend less time while placing an order – this will leave less time for them to change their mind about making the purchase. One-Page Checkout Booster for Magento enables you to simplify the Checkout and merge it with the Shopping Cart step for a better user experience and higher conversion rate.

Now let's talk about price tags. Third-party one page checkout extension costs from $280...Ouch!


And this is how one-page checkout, already embedded into TemplateMonster’s Magento Themes looks like. See any differences? The first and the most important difference is the price tag: Monster’s theme costs $180, which means for this money you’ll get a fully functional online store. In the case of the thing mentioned above, you’ll get only an extension for significantly exceeding sum.



Hello, My name is Alex...I'm Magentoholic...I have a Magento addiction, and I'm using it heavily...recently I've discovered one-page checkout, and this what I've been looking for my whole life...Now You! Tell your story about Your Magento checkout experience.

Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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