Ascend with Magetique – New Quality Benchmark for Magento 2 Themes

It’s finally here. The newest, shiniest and most advanced Magento 2 theme that has ever been built. Our team spent thousands of hours creating this eCommerce template for you. It’s time to put your Magento 2 store into overdrive with all of the awesome features and design solutions that Magetique brings to the table. We’re not bragging. You won’t find a more advanced and robust Magento 2 theme.

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What’s in a Name?

A lot actually. Combine your Magento 2 store with impeccable design and amazing functionality, stir it up and voila! A potent potion that turns visitors into buyers, who will keep coming back for more. Now that’s…


This is Magetique in a nutshell. But let’s get serious about this unique template.


The design is not only about shiny pictures and icons. A design is also about the user experience. Magetique masterfully combines superb graphical elements into a very effective mixture that offers a great browsing and shopping experience for your visitors.



Magetique comes pre-loaded with 5 great layouts for a range of eCommerce niches, which ensures that you’ll find a suitable layout for your store.


Each of these layouts represents a fully functioning template that’s ready to take your customers through the sales funnel quickly and without any hustle. All layouts are responsive and feature font icons, which means that your site will look great on any device and display. Please note that the initial package includes layouts for clothing and furniture stores. The other 3 layouts will be added to the theme in the nearest future.

Design Customization

Magetique offers a variety of design customization options right out of the box. You can use the Color Scheme Tool to edit the look of certain pages and elements through an intuitive interface that doesn’t require any knowledge of CSS and its intricacies. The theme comes with 4 color schemes right away.

You also get 5 header design layouts, which allow you to quickly change your site’s appearance. It’s up to you to experiment with them and see what works best for conversions and sales. As you know, above the fold information is crucial for new visitors, as it may persuade them to keep scrolling or explore your categories. That’s why header layout is critical for that initial impression. Magetique includes 2 header layouts, with other 3 being added later on.


The footer also plays its role in user experience, as it contains important site links and contact information. You’ve probably searched for contact details and links within a site’s footer, so you know what we’re talking about.

Our themes comes with 4 great footer themes, which you can switch between and customize. It’s up to you to strategically place any of your important links there for more impact and better usability for your visitors. You’ll get 2 footer options right from the start. The rest of them will come as updates in the nearest future.


Unparalleled Abundance of Extensions

Keep in mind, all of these come with the theme and will be available to you. Most of them are already included in the pack, but a couple of extensions will be added as an update later on.


A pretty much standard for any Magento 2 theme nowadays. But our extension offers additional menu customization options: add images, banners, and other media to your menu; easily mix up your categories and subcategories however you like.


Ajax Catalog Filter

Allow your visitors to seamlessly sort through your products with extensive options of this simple, but a very powerful extension. Your visitors don’t have to waste any time, because pages load instantly, which expedites product discovery.


Parallax & Background Video

If you’re looking for more ways to make your store stand out - this extension is perfect for you. Parallax effect has entered the mainstream of web design and we offer you the opportunity to keep up with the trend. Add parallax scroll to your pages for smoother browsing and enrich your content with dynamic background videos.

Marketing Superpowers

If there was someone on the X-Men team, whose superpowers would constitute an absolute mastery of marketing, their name would be Magetique. Get it?! Like Mistique! Bad analogy? Alright, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is how you would deal with competitors, having all of the marketing tools from Magetique at your disposal:

All jokes aside, Magetique includes a very impressive suite of marketing extensions, designed to give you an edge over your competitors with simple and more advanced marketing techniques. Let’s quickly go over them.

Newsletter Popup

A strategically and properly placed popup will allow you to significantly increase your subscriber base, which you can always work with through a series of trigger emails or frequent newsletters, discounts or other types of promos. The extension is easily customized, so you could start gathering those leads ASAP.

Featured Products

This extension allows you to feature specific products on specific pages throughout your website. This functionality is often overlooked, but it can help you move units. Want to get rid of a product in your warehouse? Feature it! Have a new product to show off? Feature it! Grow exposure for various sorts of products and increase their sales with ease.

Ajax Wishlist

A wishlist extension that allows your customers to create collections of memorable products that they’re interested in. You can use this info to target specific promotions and learn more about your customers.

The extension is easy to install, customize and activate.

Ajax Compare

Allow your customers to compare specific products to make a better, more informed purchasing decision. This will increase their satisfaction rate. This also helps them to make that choice without going away from your website.

Google Map

If you have a localized business, which has brick-and-mortar locations, then you definitely need to have this extension. It pinpoints the locations of your actual stores, so your potential clients could find them in your town. Seamlessly transition your visitors from an online experience to actual offline shopping in your stores.


The Package

But these are not all of the extensions that you’ll see in Magetique. The following awesome modules will be added pretty soon, as part of future updates.

Smart Product Labels

Product labels are essential for marketing, as they allow you to distinguish specific products in your store. Have an item on sale? Add a label to it, so people would know that they’re getting a great deal. Have a new product in the lineup? Show it off with a label. Easily customize, update and change your labels with this great extension.


Social Sharing

Nothing boosts sales as effectively as word of mouth. A strategically shared link can grow your traffic and sales in a matter of hours. That’s why you have to let your customers share your products, using the social sharing extension, which enables link sharing for the biggest social media networks. Let your clients be your advocated by sharing your products through various social media platforms. This extension allows you to easily manage the message that they share, along with the networks, which they can post to.

Countdown Timer

Nothing gets an impulsive shopper’s blood going as fast as the sense of urgency. That’s why you see all of the other stores playing around with ‘limited time’ offers and hot deals that last for a very short period of time. There’s no better way to convey that urgency than with a countdown timer, which lets your visitors know how much time is left until a promotion is over.

And here's the full list of modules that you’ll be able to use with this theme:


Impressive, isn’t it?! All of these extensions come for FREE with the theme. These extensions combined, cost over $1,600, but we’re giving it all away for free with our flagship Magento 2 theme. We want your business to succeed and we provide all of the necessary tools for that to happen.

Flawless Code

A product like this requires special attention on the inside, as well as on the outside. That’s why our professional and highly experienced Magento developers spent thousands of hours creating this masterpiece. The code has been validated by W3C and ran through numerous tests and verifications before being put together within Magetique.

Amazing Performance

Google Page Speed and GMTrix both give this theme the highest scores. This means that your website will run smoothly and offer unparalleled browsing experience for your mobile visitors.

Lifetime Support

We offer unlimited 24/7 lifetime support for customers, who purchased this theme. This means that you can contact us anytime, if you have concerns or requests about the theme or its performance. Not that you’ll have any 🙂

Lifetime Updates

Yes, we plan on updating the theme, until it stays relevant. Possibly forever. These updates will include new layouts, functionality, code optimization and so on - everything to keep this product the best in its class.

Ready to make the next step and leave your competitors behind? Magetique is just a few clicks away!


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