40+ Blogs That Pay Up to $300 per Article [Make a Living Writing]

Are you a talented writer? Are you looking for more opportunities to gain public recognition, share your knowledge, and finally make a living writing?

MonsterPost is here to help you. We've made a list of 40+ web design and online marketing blogging sites paying writers for their contributions.

The niches of blogging sites paying writers that we have covered include:




Pay per post: $45 – $50

They accept success stories from writers sharing practical recommendations on how to earn a living as a writer. The filed articles should fall between 500 and 600 words. The ideas they accept are:

  • unique ways to boost income through words;
  • success stories containing practical ideas for fellow writers;
  • tips on how to break into certain markets;
  • non-standard writing income ideas;
  • unique markets;
  • nonprofit partnerships, etc.


Writers Weekly

Pay per post: $60

They accept articles telling how to earn money on writing, self-publishing, corporate writing, ghost-writing, etc. The length of an article should be 600 words approximately. They accept ideas that are related to the topic of writing only, as well as how to help writers support themselves at the do the job they enjoy. The ideas that you can also file include:

  • corporate writing;
  • writing for markets of specific niches;
  • unique book ideas, etc.


Make a Living Writing

Pay per post: $75-$150 and up

They accept guest post proposals from the current and former members of Freelance Writers Den and students/graduates of Jon Morrow's blog mentoring program. The blog posts they accept should highlight the following topics:

  • list of top 10 or 20 niche-topic sites that pay;
  • market reports and interviews with experts;
  • editor Q&A;
  • social media marketing success stories;
  • self-publishing success stories;
  • productivity, etc.


Write Naked

Pay per post: $50-$200

This is a place where you can submit an article about all the things related to writing. Guest bloggers can earn up to $200 per posts containing 450-650 words. The topics they are most interested in include:

  • publishing trends;
  • interviews;
  • writing essentials;
  • posts describing how varied a writer's life can be, etc.



Pay per post: $25

This is a place where you can not only share a publication as a freelancer but also find a job. The job board is constantly updated with new offerings. Technical writers from all over the US and with different skills are welcome to submit their works. Freelancers can send articles 600-1000 word long on any of such topics as:

  • case studies telling about the most common issues that freelancers face, with the ways to solve then;
  • tricks to find new writing opportunities;
  • guides on how to break into different markets;
  • guides on the creative fiction writing;
  • how to pitch an idea, etc.


Freedom With Writing

Pay per post: $50 and up

This a website and email newsletter that share articles about paid writing opportunities. They also accept eBooks of 10,000 words minimum. The latter are available for free download for the web users. An author, in his turn, can earn $500 and more. The ideas they accept are:

  • lists of publishers that pay writers;
  • how-to articles, essays, and other content.



Pay per post: $5 - $100

As the name implies, the site welcomes coming-back writers. This is a place where authors can create their accounts that will include posts on a variety of topics. Your publications can feature such ideas as:

  • web design;
  • software development;
  • sports;
  • travel;
  • science;
  • healthy lifestyle;
  • art & culture;
  • business, etc.




eCommerce Insiders

Pay per post: $75 – $150

They accept posts that highlight the topics of online retail. Articles can also be accompanied by a bio section containing a link back to the writer's blog. For an article containing 400-600 words, you will get $75. 600 words and more will cost $150. The basic guidelines are:

  • the content must be retail-focused;
  • content must be either educational (how-to tips) or contain a commentary on industry news/trends.


eCommerce Bytes

Pay per post: $20 and up

They are looking for stories about eCommerce and online auctions. The length of publications can vary from 10 to 500 words. What they are looking for in the guest posts is easy-to-follow structure and entertaining style that highlights any of the following topics:

  • software, sites, services reviews;
  • how-to posts;
  • tips and tricks;
  • profiles of successful users;
  • data about research sources, etc.


Online Business

Income Diary

Pay per post: $50 – $200

They accept articles on almost every topic that has any relation to running an online business. The topics they are interested in are related to online business, driving traffic, making money online, etc. Pitch them first and after you receive approval, submit an article about:

  • SEO optimization;
  • expert interviews;
  • driving traffic to websites;
  • content creation;
  • blog design features, etc.



Pay per post: $50

They accept guest publications from freelance writers, bloggers, business owners, and contractors of the topics that relate to running an online business. They accept publications that are at least 1,500 words long and highlight the things that people learned based on their experience. They pay per posts, not the amount o words in articles. On their site, they share two types of publications:

  • blog articles with real advice and experiences of contractors;
  • lists containing 20 items minimum.



Pay per post: $100

If you are eager to share your knowledge and experience about all the things related to running an online business and get paid for each, contribute your unique content to UXBooth. They accept articles that are 1200-1800 words long and highlight such topics as:

  • analytics;
  • business/content strategy;
  • information architecture;
  • interaction design;
  • universal design & accessibility;
  • visual design, etc.



Pay per post: $25-$50

They focus on tips and tricks that will come in handy to an average computer user, thus making it easier for people to learn their PCs better. The maximum length or articles that they accept is 800 words. Longer publications are likely to be bypassed for another. So, the topics that you can write about include:

  • tips and tricks the average computer user can utilize;
  • articles covering any and all aspects of computing.




Web Loggerz

Pay per post: $30 – $100

They accept submissions on anything related to WordPress. These may be posts that are 1,200 words long at least. The topics may vary:

  • WordPress reviews;
  • WordPress plugins;
  • WordPress guides;
  • WordPress tutorials.

Pitch your ideas for WordPress related articles to them and indicate that you want compensation for your articles. They prefer articles to be at least 1,200 words and they usually pay $30 – $100 per article.



Pay per post: $60 – $500

They accept contributions from the authors of all skill levels. Regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate or pro, you are welcome to submit your post on anything that is related to WordPress. Guest writers are welcome to be published 1-4 times per week. The topics that you may consider talking about include:

  • WordPress 3.7+ tutorials;
  • code snippets;
  • theme development tricks and tutorials;
  • plugin development tips and tricks.


The Layout

Pay per post: $50 - $150

This is a daily publication that shares WordPress-related blog posts. The article length should be from 700 to 1,200 words. In case a writer doesn't know what topics to highlight in a post, he/she will be provided with several suggestions from their request list. Topics to consider:

  • how-to WordPress posts;
  • web design and inspiration;
  • WordPress guides;
  • tutorials;
  • lists, etc.



Pay per post: $100

This is a place where you can file articles about WordPress and Genesis Framework. Article length should be 1500-2000 words. The types of content they accept include:

  • tutorials;
  • theme and plugin reviews.


Web Design & Development


Monster Content Challenge

This is an all-new contest launched by TemplateMonster Affiliate team. It works different from the rest of resources mentioned on this list. Participants are not charged for their publications. Instead, everyone who enrolls can earn up to $500 from a single post per week. In order for your posts to start bringing you money, you need to register in TemplateMonster Affiliate Program and upload your content with referral links. The topics that you can write about include:

  • web design and development;
  • SEO;
  • WordPress blogging themes or any other kind of CMS and its purpose of use;
  • email & online marketing.


The Graphic Design School Blog

Pay per post: $100 - $200

They welcome guest writers who are skilled enough to write easy-to-follow beginner tutorials on any of the following topics:

  • Photoshop;
  • Illustrator;
  • InDesign;
  • other open source design or utility software.


Photoshop Tutorials

Pay per post: $25 – $300

They accept post contributions that are related to Photoshop only. You can send:

  • a tutorial ($150-$300);
  • a quick tip ($50);
  • a post ($25-30).


A List Apart

Pay per post: $50-$200

Web designers, web developers, content strategists, and information architects are welcome to share their publications on A List Apart. Before you start working on the article creation, they first request contributors to submit a rough draft. Articles should be in the range of 1,500 to 2,000 words. They publish 3 types of content:

  • features of 1,500-2,500 words ($200);
  • mini-articles of 500-600 words ($50);
  • articles of 600-1,500 words ($100).


Smashing Magazine

Pay per post: $50 – $200

This is a place where you can write about all the things related to web design and development. File a rough draft of an article if it is already written. They share posts about:

  • coding;
  • design;
  • mobile;
  • graphics;
  • UX design;
  • WordPress.



Pay per post: $150 – $300

They accept both articles and tutorials. The topics that you can write about include:

  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • SASS.

Articles cost $150. More comprehensive pieces of work will be priced at as much as $300. For a tutorial, you can earn as much as $200.


Developer Tutorials

Pay per post: depends on the quality of tutorials

As the name implies, this is a place where you can submit tutorials about:

  • CSS;
  • Illustrator;
  • JavaScript;
  • Linux;
  • MySQL;
  • PHP;
  • Photoshop.

The length of articles should be 1,000 words at least.



Pay per post: depends on the topic/length of articles

If you are interested in writing about Java, then you are welcome to contribute your articles to EclipseZone. The types of content they accept are various. These include:

  • long tutorials;
  • marketing papers;
  • OSS product announcements;
  • book reviews. etc.


Crazy Leaf Design

Pay per post: upon agreement

They accept posts that are 500 words long minimum. You can write about anything related to web design, like:

  • inspirational posts;
  • "top 10" articles;
  • tutorials;
  • articles about Flash, Photoshop, programming, vectorial graphics, print design, photography, etc.

You need to discuss payments before your start writing an article.


Killer Directory

Pay per post: $15

You can send articles on any topic that is related to web design and development. Additionally, you are provided with your own Author Bio page.



Pay per post: request your desired rate per article

They accept publications from creative designers who are passionate about expressing themselves. Before your post goes life, you need to send an outline with your experience and examples of your articles to the editors. The topics that you may cover include:

  • web design and development;
  • responsive web design;
  • mobile;
  • WordPress;
  • Blogging;
  • HTML, CSS, etc.



Pay per post: $50 - $75

They accept tutorials on all the things related to working with Adobe, Flash games and apps, inspirational articles and editorials. They give preference to complete, extensive tutorials that should come in handy to web designers and developers. The topics include:

  • Adobe Flash;
  • Adobe Flex;
  • Adobe Air;
  • Adobe Flash Lite;
  • ActionScript 3.



Pay per post: upon agreement

They accept articles from web designers who enjoy writing and blogging. The length of articles should be 800 words minimum. Inspiration and showcase posts are not submitted. The topics that you can write about include:

  • typography;
  • design trends;
  • CSS, HTML;
  • WordPress;
  • jQuery;
  • minimalism and blogging.


Vector Design & Photoshop



Pay per post: rates are discussed after the final check

They accept articles on all the things related to:

  • Photoshop;
  • Vector sets;
  • Icon sets;
  • Brush packs;
  • Textures packs.

Inspirational posts are also welcome. If you need a push on what topic to write about, you can get in touch with the site's reps as per the most regular author slots.



Pay per post: $30-$75

They welcome talented writers and designers to share their experience with readers. If you know how to work with PhotoShop and know more valuable tricks on how to create web designs, you are welcome to send them a request. The topics that you are welcome to write about include Photoshop tutorials about:

  • Photo effects;
  • Text effects;
  • Drawing tutorials;
  • Web layout tutorials;
  • Photo manipulations;
  • Video tutorials.


Vector Tuts+

Pay per post: $50 – $200

They publish content that focuses on such vector apps as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch app, and more. In addition to vector-related data, they welcome drawing tutorials. The topics they are looking for include:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Adobe InDesign;
  • Inkscape;
  • Sketch app;
  • CorelDRAW;
  • Typography focused content.

You are invited to submit articles and tutorials about vector design, drawing, etc. Articles can be about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Inkscape, Sketch app, CorelDRAW and other related apps.

A quick tip tutorial costs about $50 – $75, whereas a regular one will bring you $150 – $200.


Vector Diary

Pay per post: $150

This is a place where illustrators can share they their publications, get back links and traffic to their sites. They accept tutorials that are related to working with an illustrator only. So, if you have something extraordinary to share, you are welcome to submit your text.



Pay per post: up to $150

If you know how to work with Photoshop and want to share your skills with the web community, you are welcome to submit your tutorial to this site. The content they are looking for should be unique. It should be created in an impressively captivating style, talking about effects, designs, and graphics that one can create in:

  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Adobe After Effect;
  • Autodesk Maya;
  • other industry standard CG software.



Pay per post: $150 - $300

They accept Photoshop Design tutorials. Before starting to write a tutorial, you can send them a picture of the result of a Photoshop project that you are going to talk about.



Pay per post: up to $200

They accept only high-quality, well written step-by-step tutorials. Depending on the length, quality, and complexity of your tutorial, you can earn as much a $200 per an accepted publication. The topics that you can highlight include:

  • Photoshop;
  • Illustrator;
  • GIMP;
  • Bryce;
  • Fireworks;
  • Image-Ready;
  • InDesign, and related software.




Pay per post: $60 – $100

When you decide to get published on their site, send them a pitch first. As soon as it's approved, start writing. The types of content that you can provide are Field Notes, Best Practices, Lessons learned, white papers, guidelines, how-to's, technical explanations, etc. You can write about everything including:

  • Windows 2000 Administration;
  • Computer Security;
  • Technical Project Management, etc.

They prefer you to first pitch your article idea for approval before you start writing, and you can write about industry best practices, field notes, how-to’s, etc. You will be paid $60 – $100 per article, or more if you are an industry expert.


Simple Talk

Pay per post: upon agreement

The site is read by professional IT people in businesses who are interested in the latest technological innovations, security, workgroups, ethical considerations, etc. They accept articles related to:

  • everything IT-related;
  • SQL;
  • .NET;
  • SysAdmin.



Pay per post: $200

They accept article related to database programming. You can write about everything starting from the database usage and development and ending with its optimization. Writers who have experience of database in production are welcome to submit their ideas via email.


Software Development



Pay per post: upon agreement

This is a community of more than 70,000 web developers who keep a hand on the pulse of the latest innovations in the software development industry. The articles they are looking for include:

  • posts about mobile design;
  • testing;
  • software development.



Pay per post: $60

If you want to share your knowledge and skills about working with iPad app, then you can submit your article to AppStorm. They accept the following queries:

  • reviews;
  • how-to articles;
  • and roundups.


Here we go. We hope that this round-up of blogging sites paying writers was helpful to you and you found a couple of resources where you'd like to share your publications. Do you know other blogs that pay good money to guest writers? You are welcome to share your experience in comments.

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copywriter reporting on tech news and all aspects of the web design industry. Anyone looking for more inspirational posts, tips and advice or simply the latest industry news, meet her in person on Quora and Twitter.

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