Microsoft Azure Makes Scaling WordPress Website a Hassle-Free Experience

The undeniable fact remains that WordPress dominates the CMS market and is used by top 10 million websites around the world. Initially designed as a blogging platform it has now evolved into a CMS system that is widely-used for building all types of small and large-scale websites.

Though WordPress has proven to be a great content management system ideal for building start-up and small-size business sites, it's not the perfect CMS for constructing website driving huge traffic (such as enterprise-level sites).

Usually we prefer to use WordPress cache plugins to heighten WordPress site performance, but even such plugins might not work for enterprise-level sites. And so, in order to manage a high-traffic site using WordPress, you will need to look out for some cheap virtual private server that fits within your development budget.

microsoft scale wordpress website

Microsoft Azure is a high-recognized cloud platform that has been offering the ability to easily manage large-scale WP powered sites, and now, it has introduced a more scalable solution for creating enterprise-grade WordPress sites. Wouldn't it be much better if you can build WordPress sites with minimal turnaround time in a hassle-free manner! Well, certainly you'll want to optimize your WP site quickly which is now possible with the new added feature in the Azure’s App Gallery, called as “Scalable WordPress”.

manage wordpress with microsoft azure

With the new added functionality, scaling your WP site on Azure will become a breeze. You can set-up Azure Storage to store all your media attributes and facilitate users access to a curated set of optimized plugins such as Jetpack, etc. to maximize your site's performance on Microsoft Azure. What's more? Unlike earlier, rather than just creating standard WordPress installs on Azure, you will also be able to use MySQL database.

The latest service that Microsoft is offering is ideal for web developers, business organizations and creative agencies. But it is ideally developed for enterprises. WP Engine and Pantheon have been offering remarkable hosting services for the WordPress platform, which can also be used by enterprises. In addition, these platforms also offer a completely managed service in comparison to Azure.

But, Microsoft with its newly launched service for the WordPress platform hopes to bring in good business from a few companies that are interested in running their own WordPress installs with the ability to set-up a scalable version of their site on the WordPress platform.

To conclude, Microsoft Azure offers excellent infrastructure to host websites securely, which has been a major concern among WordPress site owners. And thus, it has helped to set-up highly secured WP sites that could easily handle dozens of requests on a daily basis. However, using the new service released by Azure you'll also be able to improve the performance of your site as described in this post.

So, if you want to bolster the performance of your WP powered site that drives huge traffic, then it is recommended that you should give a try to “Scalable WordPress” – a great service offered by Microsoft Azure to scale large-scale WP sites effortlessly.

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