Mobile App Landing Page Template Collection 2019

Let`s explain why you might be interested in an app landing page template. Mobile apps are extremely popular today since people use their smartphones and other portable devices every day. According to Think with Google study, an average smartphone user has 36 apps on his or her device. However, the same study claims that only 26% of those apps are used on a daily basis. People often download apps occasionally, due to friends recommendations or promos and may lose their interest in some of those apps with time.

There is still hope for mobile app developers: modern users interact with apps more often. Google’s study shows that people, in general, spend 30 hours a month using apps. So, app developers and brands can still win their audiences with a help of a perfectly crafted mobile app landing page template and some promo across the web.

The most apps are downloaded from the AppStore, Google Play Store or iTunes pages.

The mobile application landing page will be a good starting point to gather leads and potential customers.

How to build a mobile app landing page

With a help of an app landing page template, everyone can easily craft a nice place for driving traffic, inform potential customers and then lead them to download the application.

Modern users avoid promos. They look for value and specific answers to their questions. Thus, any info that you post on your landing page should answer users questions in terms of how they can benefit from your app.

1. Choose an app landing page template that will help you to post the detailed info about your application in a way users can easily perceive it. Don’t overwhelm the page with too much design gimmicks. Keep it clean and to the point. Carefully select the information you wish to display on a page.

It should contain:

  • Main characteristics of a product;
  • Some peculiarities that make your application better than similar ones;
  • Benefits that the app users may get.

2. Make the mobile app landing page emotionally appealing. This level is not least important than the detailed info about the product. Emotions are a strong purchase trigger, so don’t be afraid of appealing to your potential clients’ dreams, desires and wishes.

Use nice background images, add screenshots that show the people the desired results they may get from using your application. Don’t sell the product, sell the emotions and lifestyle it offers.

3. Gently guide your visitors to the purchase. The app landing page template should be the route with the informative stops to take a look around and stiffen the purchase decision. Place your CTA across the page in the prominent places that may intercept the visitors in the decision process and take them on the app download page at the right moment.

4. Take care of the perfect screenshots that show how your app performs on mobile devices. Display various screenshots that help understand how the app works and the final result.

And the entire app landing page template should be responsive, of course. Users will install the application on their smartphones or tablets, so no wonder they will browse your mobile application landing page from their portable devices.

App Landing Page Template Collection

Now let’s check out the coolest mobile app landing page templates you can get right away and set up for your needs in a couple of days without any third-party help.

Lintense - All-in-one Landing Page Template

Lintense - All-in-one Landing Page Template

Lintense is an all-in-one landing page solution which you can adjust to your needs with no coding skills. The template is perfect for any corporate needs, SEO agency, one product presentation, mobile presentation, promotion, and etc. Designed by the best Zemez specialists, Lintense will help you to get your business to the new quality level. Increase your conversion rate in the most affordable and profitable way for you, thanks to the great set of features the product comes with. In-built Novi Builder will make sure you will craft a powerful web page with a few clicks. In case you have any questions or concerns, 24/7 support team will be more than happy to help you.

More features:

  • 5 perfectly designed templates
  • Cross-browser compatible 
  • Complete SEO-optimization
  • Regular updates
  • Cutting-edge technologies and plugins

App Mobile MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

This landing page template will fit many technology-oriented mobile apps developers. The sophisticated design that combines dark and light backgrounds for different sections makes it very attractive. Ready-made design blocks help with the customization process. Pricing plans, counters, testimonials and other sections are easily set up and adjusted to different topics. Collection of cool widgets adds more power and resources to this template.

App Mobile MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

Evolution - Web Design MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

This landing page is a part of the Evolution MotoCMS template. It means that this page is loaded with amazing functions and powerful widgets. Users can customize the design to the full extent inside the built-in admin panel with drag-and-drop functionality. Each section includes tons of design blocks that can be tweaked a bit to fill the landing page goals. Developers can benefit from the template’s advanced mode that allows embedding widgets, add code lines and any more.

Evolution Web Design MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

Details | Demo

ReMobile MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

A nice-looking landing page has the design that will be a perfect solution for mobile applications promotion. Social integration helps in establishing close connections with influencers. Black-and-white color palette can be easily changed to any other combinations with the help of a handy Color picker widget. Other widgets include parallax effect, video and audio players, MailChimp integration, etc.

ReMobile MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

Details | Demo

Softmaso MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

Eye-candy design if this landing page template is based on the pure blue and white colors. Huge background photo attracts attention to the info that placed at the center of the template. Cool content blocks ease the process of customization even to those who know nothing and development and coding. One can just add the necessary content to the block, write the promo text and drop the block anywhere on the page. The landing page template is SEO-friendly that ensures you will get the maximum exposure in search.

Softmaso MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder

Details | Demo

RubikApp - Mobile App Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

This 100% responsive design will be a great base for the fully functional mobile app website. Perfectly-crafted pages for the app gallery, contact page or team page are absolutely ready for use and need only small customization with your own brand colors or content. Blog integration help in the promotion of the app helps you to gather traffic and tell your story to the potential customers.

RubikApp Mobile App Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Software Company Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Another cool solution for those who need not just a landing page but a full-fledged design with various pages and powerful functions. No coding skills or design knowledge is needed to create a wonderful website for your application. Installation, customization, and content adding take about 3 days. Built-in interactive tutorials make this process even easier and content blocks help tweaking any element fast. Email subscription and contact form help you engaging and building a great community of potential clients.

Software Company Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Details | Demo

Be it a small app or a huge service project, landing page or a website is your main focus in its promotion. Gathering leads and traffic and then leading them to the download page is easier with these little points of attraction. So try to choose the best-fitting design to start gathering your target audience now.

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