The Best Responsive Landing Page Builder – MotoCMS vs Leadpages

So, you want to launch a cool landing page but feel a bit unsure about the right landing page builder. Without a doubt, it happens, but all you need to proceed is just to compare your favs properly. For this reason, I decided to draw your attention to MotoCMS and Leadpages. These builders have shown themselves as the most popular and the most reliable solutions on the market.

What do they have in common and what’s the difference between them? Which builder should you choose? Hopefully, this article will give you all the necessary answers and enable you to make a suitable choice. You will know how they both work and what you get while processing your landing pages with them.

MotoCMS Responsive Landing Page Builder

MotoCMS Responsive Landing Page Builder

MotoCMS is a hassle-free landing page builder, which allows users to enjoy its drag and drop functionality. Being fully responsive, it offers plenty of innovative tools for you to create a professional-looking landing page with no web dev skills required. MotoCMS 3 offers you a top-notch service underpinned by the high-quality support so you can spice up any kind of business you have with a captivating landing page.

The Assortment

MotoCMS offers purchasers a huge variety of templates for every taste. Here you have plenty of categories from which to choose, therefore, it will be pretty easy to find the perfect template for your landing page website.

landing page website assortment

Also, feel free to use proper sorting options to find the best template with just a few clicks. You can mention important features on which your template should be based and look for design styles and colors that meet your preferences. Moreover, you can search for a template by its popularity; just choose top-rated, best-selling templates or themes with zero downloads to get started with your landing page as quickly as possible.

Editing Process

MotoCMS responsive landing page builder has a rich choice of pre-made pages with which you can work. By the way, the number of pages you receive is dependent on the template you select for your landing page project. Feel free to tweak, to delete, to copy them, any way you like. Furthermore, you can easily add new pages, just by clicking the appropriate button in the admin panel. Also, if you are dreaming of having an extraordinary look to your site, you’re very welcome to set any page you wish as the home page.

motocms editing process

Moreover, MotoCMS responsive landing page builder comes with a Block Editor, which really makes the whole customization process as easy as pie. Choose from a variety of blocks and manage and set them up the way you like. Here you are also supplied with such useful tools as widgets. They will help you to spice up the structure, the basic look, galleries, social and media aspects, and even more! If you need to boost the effectiveness of your future landing page, use some advanced options such as Analytics, Code Injection, Redirects, etc.

Customer Assistance

MotoCMS provides you with professional and friendly support 24/7. Feel free to get answers to your questions via online chat, a phone call, Help Center, or professional assistance via e-mail.

motocms Customer Assistance

If you choose a phone call, don’t worry about the cost being added to your phone’s account. Customer support operators from MotoCMS will give you a callback so that you can enjoy first-class assistance absolutely free.

Customer support

Also, these guys can provide you with a wide range of online educational material, which you can use to get the most from your business. Here you can learn from a selection of video tutorials and eBooks prepared by experienced people.

motocms education

All the material has a really clear structure and allows you to follow simple steps to achieve your goals.


In general, the pricing for MotoCMS 3 templates varies from $19 to $200+. For example, this fully responsive Wedding MotoCMS 3 Landing Builder will cost you $19. In fact, you can also purchase some advanced services with this template if necessary.

wedding landing page builder

However, you can easily test a favorite template from every angle for free; just type your email into the required field and enjoy the use of a perfect landing page template from MotoCMs for 14 days. Moreover, while you enjoy your free trial you are also allowed to receive professional assistance whenever you need it. You will be prompted to buy the template after the expiration date of the free trial offer.

Leadpages Responsive Landing Page Builder

Leadpages Responsive Landing Page Builder

Leadpages landing page lead capture is a neat drag-and-drop responsive landing page builder, which allows you to launch good-looking landing pages with no tech skills required. It suggests how you can go live with your projects in 4 different ways. First of all, you can try Leadpages WordPress. It allows you to publish the landing page on your WordPress site with your domain using its WordPress plugin. Also, you can get the HTML of each page you want to host. Additionally, you can host your pages with Leadpages and publish your landing page as a Facebook tab.

The Assortment

Leadpages affiliate responsive landing page builder comes with 100+ customizable landing page templates, which you can use for building your perfect landing page. The sweet bonus here - all templates are free. Here you have a variety of landing page templates to create cool sales and webinar pages and even minisites.

leadpages assortment

You can also find here an appropriate template by choosing a specific industry and the main features relating to it.

Editing Process

Leadpages comes with a neat admin panel, which allows you to change or to add elements to your future landing page in a simple manner. Here you can customize every detail of your page according to your taste. Feel free to delete unnecessary elements and to insert those you really need on the page.

leadpages editing process

Apart from this, you can edit shapes, colors, and styles of each element. For example, you can easily add your own preferences to your landing page by changing the look of call-to-action buttons. Leadpages includes a drag and drop functionality, so no programming skills are required to get started with your landing page.

Customer Assistance

Leadpages has a variety of support options depending on the plan you have. However, there is an online representative there who is always ready to help you. Despite the fact that the representative was offline when I went online to chat, he got in touch with me via email suggesting we continue the conversation. So, if you have a difficult question concerning the template of the builder you need to wait until somebody responds or contacts you via email.

leadpages online chat

Also, Leadpages has multiple educational products that you can use to improve your knowledge. You can choose from landing page tutorials, courses, marketing resources, whatever, to spice up your landing page website.

leadpages education


Leadpages comes with 3 pricing plans from which you can choose the best for your kind of business. Moreover, you can pay monthly, annually, or every 2 years. For example, if you would like to pay annually, a standard plan for home business will cost you $25/mo, while a pro plan for small business allows you to pay $48/mo. Meanwhile, if you have a marketing team or agency, an advanced plan will cost you $199/mo.

leadpages pricing plans

In addition, a 14-day free trial is available. However, you need to insert your billing details in required fields to get the trial. Also, you can request a demo by submitting the form, it will help you to become familiar with the full list of Leadpages’ features.

As we can see, these two landing page monsters have a lot in common. However, their systems have a few differences. MotoCMS allows you to get a template, which is pre-loaded with a responsive landing page builder. On the other hand, Leadpages allows you to pay for the builder’s usage and provides you with access to a variety of free templates.

Anyway, being so similar and different at the same time, these products allow you to create landing pages that rock! It’s entirely up to you what kind of website builder you want to try! What do you think of these builders? Which builder seems better to you? Please, let me know in comments. Create valuable landing pages and enjoy your day!

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