MotoCMS VS Wix: Pick Your Website Creator with Drag & Drop

The e-market is constantly growing, offering its clients new website builders. In order not to get lost in this abundance of online instruments, we will try to demonstrate the difference between two popular drag and drop website builders on the Web. These two are MotoCMS and Wix. Hopefully, having read our article, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • How the collection of templates from MotoCMS differs from the corresponding Wix assortment;
  • How the website builders from MotoCMS and Wix function;
  • How you can use the e-commerce functionality with MotoCMS and Wix;
  • Why it makes sense to start a blog with MotoCMS and Wix;
  • What the difference is between the pricing policy of the web builders under the analysis;
  • What tech support MotoCMS and Wix can provide their customers with.

As you understand, this article is worth a read, especially if you are planning to launch your first website!


MotoCMS is a website builder that is aimed for businesses of different sizes and budgets. It helps you create a website, no matter who you are - a professional developer or a beginner who knows next to nothing about the web development and the web design. Based on the drag-and-drop functionality, MotoCMS represents the whole new approach to creating online projects like landing pages, online stores, portfolios, business websites etc.

Collection of Templates

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS templates

The assortment of MotoCMS templates is rich. You can start your search with the thematic categories. Each of them is aimed at creating a website for a certain business niche, like cars & motorcycles or design & photography etc. Then you can use the advanced search features. They include popularity (zero downloads or top rated), styles (e.g. minimalist or retro), and date range (for instance, last year templates) etc. In short, with MotoCMS, you will not have to spend much time when looking for a specific template!

The Block Editor

The first thing you notice in the admin panel from MotoCMS is the Block Editor. Thanks to this editor, you can customize your template quickly. For example, you can add an eye-catching pricing table to the Homepage of Travel Premium Moto CMS 3 Template just by dragging it from the right panel.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS admin panel

You should also visit the Design tab. This is where you will be given a complete freedom to change the text properties and the color palette, as well as add widgets.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS design tab


To start an online store with MotoCMS, you can either use one of eCommerce MotoCMS templates or buy an eCommerce plugin for any other template you like.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS eCommerce Plugin

As this Zoe Fashion Responsive MotoCMS eCommerce Template proves, the eCommerce functionality of MotoCMS templates is rich. You can launch your online store within hours thanks to the ready-to-go templates for all the most eCommerce common features, like authorization, registration, shopping cart etc.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS eCommerce dashboard

The Settings tab is also full of handy options you can customize. This is where you can specify your currency, provide shipping calculations, and enable payment gateways (a manual payment, 2Checkout, PayPal Express, PostFinance, iDeal, Skrill, Payone, QuickPay, and YandexMoney). What is more, with MotoCMS, you can choose presets for buttons and store forms styles easily.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS eCommerce settings

Blogging Functionality

The best part about starting a blog with MotoCMS is that it is already pre-populated. Click on Blog - Templates - Main Page to experience what your prospective clients will see when visiting your blog.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS blog

The Posts tab can be used to see the initial structure of your blog units. They all can contain the date of publication, the author (in case, you have a few people writing for your website), the social media bar, comments, the subscription etc. Of course, every detail you see on the screen is customizable due to the user-friendly admin panel.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS blog post template

Pricing Policy

To have a better vision of what MotoCMS is capable of, it makes sense to register for a free14-day trial MotoCMS offers. Registering requires a few seconds because the only detail MotoCMS asks for is your email.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS trial version

After you test a template you like for 14 days, you will be offered to buy it. The prices start at $119 for a basic package and can go up to $200+ for more advanced services.

Customer Support

MotoCMS offers multifunctional tech support for its customers. For starters, you can always call your personal assistant to get the full picture about the launch of your first website. Just choose the country you are calling from, wait for an operator to call you back and enjoy the live conversation at no charge!

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS call back service

Moreover, every time you click on a new tab in the admin panel, you will be given instructions (including short video tutorials) about this tab’s functionality.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS admin panel tips

In addition, MotoCMS gives you several communication channels to use in case of emergency. Start a chat, make a phone call, visit the Help Center, or click on a question mark next to an unknown element - the MotoCMS support team will help you gladly.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - MotoCMS support


Wix is a popular website builder platform used by more than 103 million registered users all over the world. People choose Wix because it is manageable and, relatively speaking, cheap. With ready-to-go web designs from Wix, anyone can launch a successful website. The interface of Wix is user-friendly and it does not take much time to get to know its basic functions.

Collection of Templates

After signing up for Wix, you are asked: “What kind of website do you want to create?”. Then you are given a choice between 8 thematic categories (like music, designer, and photography) and 3 functional ones (business, online store, and a blog) all in one list. It all looks a bit simplified at first.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix templates

After you express your wish to launch a website of a certain type, you will be redirected to the collection of web themes. The advanced search of a web template from Wix contains such options as Categories (with quite a choice of subcategories!), New, Most Popular, and Blank Templates.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix collection of templates

The good news is that you can create as many websites as you need once you are a registered user. To do so, you will need to press the “plus” icon in the top right corner. There is bad news though. Wix does not allow you to save your content in case you want to try another web theme.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix new website

Wix Website Editor

The Wix Website Editor looks pretty convenient. With such buttons as Background, Add, Wix App Market, Uploads, and Blog on the left, you can customize practically everything on your page.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix editor

For instance, when pressing the Add button, you can fill your website with beautiful galleries, social bars, events lists etc. What beginning website owners will appreciate is Lightboxes from Wix - the attention-grabbers, like welcome forms, contacts etc.


To create your online store, you will have a choice to use either Wix ADI (Wix Artificial Design Intelligence) or Wix Editor. Both of them offer outstanding user experience when editing the ready web designs from Wix.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix admin panels

The online store from Wix looks well-organized. You are given the full control over your products and collections. What is more, Wix offers you to become a guru of email marketing with four marketing campaigns.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix email marketing

From what I have experienced, there are only two obvious disadvantages of the eCommerce with Wix. The first is that you will need to upgrade to an eCommerce plan in order to accept online orders from your prospective clients. The second one is the payment methods. There are only three of them, i.e. credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Offline payment.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix payments

Blogging Functionality

A blog is usually one of the pages that most Wix web themes contain. Just like MotoCMS, Wix immediately gives you a chance to see a typical layout and design of your future blog.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix blog main

What distinguishes Wix from MotoCMS in blogging is the way they deal with the statistics concerning the posts you publish. Once your website is online, you will be able to find out how popular your writing is thanks to the numbers in the Insights tab. Wix also helps you to organize your blog via adding categories and tags to your posts.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix blog categories

Pricing Policy

The Wix homepage claims that Wix is a platform that allows creating a website for free. However, the Subscriptions page of Wix states otherwise. In short, you will need to pay monthly subscriptions from $4.5 to $24.5 in case:

  • You long for more storage place for the heavy content (like videos);
  • You want to connect your own domain;
  • You want to have Google Analytics tools for your website;
  • You simply do not want to see Wix Ads banners.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix pricing

Customer Support

The help you can get from Wix is either an article in the Wix Help Center or a video tutorial. The poor tech support from Wix may be explained by the factor that this website builder is maximally simple and intuitive. Be it as it may, the live support team can be a great addition to the functionality of Wix.

The MotoCMS vs Wix Website Creator Review - Wix support

What Conclusions Can We Draw?

  • The template collections from both MotoCMS and Wix look quite impressive. They are both well systematized and facilitate the choice of web themes.
  • With MotoCMS, you will need to register for every template in case you want to test it out. Wix allows you to create as many websites as you want after registration.
  • Both MotoCMS and Wix offer the amazing customization spectrum to their users inside the web editors.
  • The eCommerce potential of both web builders is quite impressive. MotoCMS looks more advanced thanks to its templates, eCommerce plugin, payment methods, and presets.
  • Whereas you can successfully start a blog with both MotoCMS and Wix, the latter seems to boast a richer blogging functionality with its statistics per post and the categorization tools.
  • You pay once if you choose MotoCMS. As for Wix, you can subscribe to it (for more advanced options) or use it free of charge.
  • MotoCMS tech support is provided via a live chat, a phone call, the Help Center, and various (video) tutorials. What Wix offers in terms of the tech support are video tutorials and its Help Center.

Ian Byrd

Ian Byrd is a freelance writer, inspired by photography, web design and new technologies. Being passionate about art, reading, music, he likes meeting new people and discovering new things every day. Ian lives the present day, keeping an eye on future prospects. Please, follow him on Twitter.

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