How to Use Modern Moon Illustration for Your Next Project

  1. Why Moon Illustration Is a Good Choice
  2. How and Where to Use Moon Illustration
  3. How to Draw a Crescent Moon in Adobe Illustrator
  4. Moon Designs and Themes for Inspiration
  5. Wrapping Up

When crafting a website, you want to make its design memorable, unique, and stylish. You want it to go in line with modern web design trends. Space-inspired and cosmic web design is one of the major trends on the web in 2019.

Many cosmic websites are already creating a unique experience for their users. Today, I suggest that you embrace the cosmic design trend with the hand-crafted Moon illustration.

Why Moon Illustration Is a Good Choice

The full moon is a trendy symbol of modern culture, often associated with minimalism and black and white aesthetics. You can often see moon illustration used for clothes printing, tattoo designs, accessories, etc. At the same time, if you look at Pinterest and do an image search for something like “crescent moon illustration,” “vintage moon illustration,” and “sun and moon illustration,” you’re bound to see hundreds of attractive moon graphics and designs.

moon illustration stats

Source: Google Trends

Look at Google Trends, and you’ll see that searches like “moon image” and “moon print” both peaked this September and are currently growing in popularity again.

So, full and crescent moon illustration is currently on the rise. Fortunately, you don’t have to run an astronomy blog to include this imagery on your website. There are many types of websites that will benefit from moon-inspired design. The full moon illustration would be a good match for your website in the following cases:

  • You’re creating a website for web design, creative agency, or startup website. These niches benefit from minimalist, conceptual, and high-contrast designs. Your website will be more memorable and engaging with hi-res full moon illustration used for website elements or backgrounds.
  • If your website is minimalist and is designed in a black and white theme (which is often the case), the crescent moon illustration will add conceptual depth to it and highlight the abundance of the negative space you have.
  • If you create a modern space-themed website, moon illustration will be a nice element to incorporate. You can freely experiment with moon coloring and style to match it with the identity of your website. Combine sun and moon illustration with animated particle backgrounds for higher user engagement and better aftertaste.
  • Of course, if your website has any relation to astrology, it’s very smart to use moon and stars illustration to modernize your website design with it.

Full moon illustration is magnetic thanks to its circular shape and transformability. You can choose the style and appearance of the moon that matches the style of your website and energizes it with its engaging power.

moon illustration

Source: Moonfarmer

Moreover, moon illustration doesn’t lose its attractive look on mobile devices. Moon imagery, when used smartly, creates an advanced and futuristic website interface, which turns browsing your website on mobile into a true cosmic journey.

moon illustrations

Source: Explore the Moon Project on Behance

How and Where to Use Moon Illustration

Be it modern or vintage moon illustration, you can find a hundred ways to use these elements on your website. Here are some of the ideas that may get you interested:

  • Use high-resolution moon illustration as the hero image of the minimalist website. Add a large caption on top, and you get an awesome-looking “above the fold” website section.

moon illustrations


  • Next, you can use moon imagery as a website background. Find the image of pleasant coloring that ensures that your content remains readable.
  • Alternatively, you can use moon-shaped elements for captions and other website elements.

moon image

Source: View from a Blue Moon

  • Additionally, you can use sun moon illustrations to create an event, conference, or hackathon website banners. With such banners, you’ll get more people learning about your upcoming event and attending it.

moon picture

Source: Adler Planetarium

  • You can also add an interactive moon calendar to the sidebar of your website. For this purpose, you can find a number of widgets on the web.
  • Finally, you can enhance the moon and stars illustration on your website with moon-themed round typefaces.

moon typeface

Source: BEfonts (free font)

How to Draw a Crescent Moon in Adobe Illustrator

So, using moon illustration is an awesome way to boost the attractiveness of your modern website and make it more trendy. In fact, creating a drawing of a moon in Adobe Illustrator is not difficult. I’ll teach you how you can draw an attractive crescent moon that you can use for the purposes of your website.

Step #1: Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document by pressing “Go to File -> New” and choose the horizontal letter-sized canvas. Use the Rectangle tool to create a guide-shape. Then, move the guides to the centers of the bounding boxes. Finally, click over the Ruler to switch to pixels.

drawing moon illustration

Step #2: To draw the moon, use the Ellipse tool. Click over the canvas and start creating a circle. It should be something like 500px by 500px to have a nice look.

draw moon illustration

Step #3: Now, you’ve got to create two circles and form a crescent. Select the circle you created previously, and drag the shape to the right holding Alt keyboard button. Place the circles one over another so that only a part of one of the circles is visible. Finally, go to Window -> Pathfinder and click on “Subtract” there.

crescent moon illustration

Step #4: Now you get a crescent moon illustration that you can now color and rotate. To rotate the crescent, right-click over the shape. Select Transform and rotate the crescent.

how to draw a crescent moon

Now, you know how to draw a crescent moon using Adobe Illustrator. You can further work with the drawing of a moon that you’ve created to turn it into an accomplished moon and stars illustration.

how to draw moon illustration

Source: Urban Brush

Moon Designs and Themes for Inspiration

Well, you don’t have to create your perfect moon illustration all on your own. You can find multiple awesome moon and related illustrations on the web. I’ve selected some of the best moon and related illustrations for you below:

14 Watercolor Moon Phases Illustrations

moon illustrations

This bundle incorporates 14 extremely cool and cute watercolor drawings of a moon. These drawings were initially hand-crafted by an artist and later scanned and turned into a package of vector images. All the moon depictions are available in three most-wanted formats: PNG, AI, and EPS.

Halloween Full Moon Free Banner

Halloween moon illustration

This is an extremely cool free Halloween banner design. With it, you don’t have to wait for the next website redesign to incorporate moon illustration to your website. This free banner is easy to customize using any vector graphics editing software, e.g. Adobe Illustrator.

Night - Creative Typography Illustration Set

night moon illustrations

The Night is an awesome set of creative typography that lets you create a memorable caption. This illustrated typography set was inspired by the sight of the night sky. It looks extremely trendy and engaging. Each letter and symbol of this awesome night sky typography set is embellished with planets, moons, stars, and asteroids.

Space Design Elements Pack Illustration

space moon illustrations

Do you want to take your site users to the moon and back? Get them excited with the cool Space Flat Design illustrations pack. This package includes 30 illustrations in total, all available in EPS and PNG formats for your convenience. You also get examples of these elements arranged into three-space scenes.

30 Space Iconset Template

space icons moon illustration

This awesome package of vector icons contains 30 space-related outline icons. All of them deal with the topics of space travel and exploration. Among the icons, you’ll see different astronauts, spaceships, moons, planets, and stars. Moreover, you’ll see the icons of fun extraterrestrial life forms and robots. You can customize these icons using any vector graphics editing software.

Geminiz - Astrology Blog WordPress Theme

moon illustrations

Geminiz is an awesome WordPress theme that incorporates multiple-planet and moon illustrations to craft an immersive design. Using this theme, you can create an astrology blog. Moreover, Geminiz will be ideal for other blogs and websites that need a space-inspired design. Geminiz WordPress theme is easy to customize thanks to the pre-built WordPress Live Customizer. Moreover, you can turn this theme into an e-store with Ecwid in 5 minutes.

Loonar PowerPoint Template

lunar moon illustrations

Use Loonar template to create an awesome modern PowerPoint presentation with moon illustrations and related imagery. The theme incorporates 150 slides in total, which let you present every project or topic within appealing slides. Moreover, Loonar template is available in five color variations, so you can pick the color scheme that best meets the needs of the project. Finally, all graphics and shapes included in the Loonar template are fully editable.

Wrapping Up

Now you know why using moon illustration on your website is a good idea. A moon drawing really turns out to be a powerful and engaging hero image, logo, or background element. Moreover, moon elements highlight the minimalism and trendiness of your website.

Have you ever created a moon drawing in Adobe Illustrator? Was it easy to get a nice-looking illustration? Share your thoughts and questions in the Comments section below.

Stay tuned for more!

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