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First Monstroid Compared to 3 Top-Selling Multipurpose WordPress Themes in the Marketplace

  1. Monstroid WordPress Theme
  2. BeClinic - Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme
  3. Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme
  4. EasyJet - Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  5. The Common Features of the Reviewed Multipurpose WordPress Themes
  6. Skins & Pages
  7. Extensions
  8. WooCommerce
  9. Blogging Functionality
  10. Wrapping Up

The number of multipurpose WordPress themes in the marketplace grows at the tremendous speed. From one point of view - this is great because you are given more freedom to choose ready-made designs that will fit your specific goals ideally. On the other hand, the wide choice of themes makes it more difficult to make the final decision on what design to pick for your own site. So, we have decided to help you with the decision-making. In this post, we'll compare the newly rebooted Monstroid multipurpose WordPress theme to the three top-selling WP solutions. Every theme is unique, featuring exclusive sets of tools and customization options that are intended to appeal to specific categories of users. So, let's take a closer look at the trend-setting WordPress themes and compare their functionality.

Monstroid WordPress Theme

Recently, we have shared a detailed review of the new and updated functionality that's included in Monstroid WordPress theme. It received the major uplift, which turned it in the truly versatile web solution that can match any purpose of yours. One of the greatest improvements of the theme is the integration of Elementor page builder, as well as the availability of a number of premium-quality Jet plugins that are intended to work with the page builder exclusively. Monstroid includes a collection of niche-specific Elementor WordPress themes, each of them is loaded with the unique set of features and tools. Monstroid is an ever-growing theme. The collections of ready-made designs, layouts, extensions, and other theme elements will keep on growing with the release of every next update.

Details | Live Demo

BeClinic - Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

BeClinic is a feature-rich WordPress theme that's intended to be used for a range of medical purposes. In addition to the main theme, it contains a set of additional skins that are suited to be applied for medical purposes. BeClinic is intended to be modified without any coding skills owing to Elementor page builder. It's easy-to-use and customize owing to a bunch of custom plugins and ready-made pages that are available in the download package of the theme.

Details | Live Demo

Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Using Imperion WordPress Theme is the ultimate solution that is intended to deliver business, financial, and corporate projects online in the sleek and stylish manner. No matter what kind of business you'd like to launch, Imperion is the go-for solution to establish a reputable web presence in a couple of days. This is the Elementor-based theme that includes multiple skins and ready-made pages that are suited to be applied to the micro-niche web projects. For example, you will be able to create a stunning showcase of your company's recent projects, introduce the web community to the services that your business provides, showcase user testimonials, and do a whole lot of other things.

Details | Live Demo

EasyJet - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

EasyJet is a multipurpose WordPress theme that's intended to be used for the launch of websites representing different topics. This may be a digital studio, a spa salon, design, construction, etc. Whatever skins you choose as the foundation for your future site, you'll be able to enjoy instant editing experience with Elementor page builder. As the special bonus to the theme, there are several premium-quality Jet plugins being included alongside with the quality images from the live demos.

Details | Live Demo

The Common Features of the Reviewed Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Before we move to the comparison section, let's find out what characteristics the themes have in common.

First of all, all of them are available for purchase from TemplateMonster digital marketplace. This means that every design was examined carefully by the Review Team before it became available for the public access. TemplateMonster pays special attention to the quality of code and the visual aesthetics of the items that are sold on its pages, so working with any of the reviewed multipurpose WordPress themes you'll be provided with the online solution of the top-quality only.

All premium web design items in the marketplace include detailed documentation and 24/7 support provided by the skilled technical support team.

The theme is built with the valid, semantic code. They are SEO-friendly and optimized for the speedy performance in all web environments. It goes without saying that the themes are mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. In order to ensure that your site's content looks stunning on the display of the last-generation devices, the layouts are Retina-ready.

The themes are quick and easy to install due to the 1-click installation feature delivered by the Wizard plugin. All of them are Elementor-based WordPress designs that can be managed without any coding skills. Additionally, every WordPress theme features a specific set of the premium-quality extensions alongside with WordPress Live Customizer.

WordPress has evolved into more than purely blogging platform. Thanks to the availability of the WooCommerce package inside the theme's archive, selling products and services to the web users won't cause you any issues.

If this is the first project that you bring online, then collections of the high-quality bonus images will just come in handy.

Skins & Pages

The availability of extra skins and ready-made pages is the indispensable element of any multipurpose web products. All themes that are under review in this post, feature collections of niche skins that are intended to be applied to multiple topics. Let's take a look at the skins and pages that every theme delivers.

Monstoid is proud to have a growing collection of niche-specific skins that are ready to be installed with a single click. There are 19 variants of the demo content being included in the theme's pack. The skins cover such topics as Audit Consulting, Fashion & Beauty, Sport, Portfolio, Computer Repair, Car Repair, Apps, etc. Every skin is loaded with the exclusive set of theme options and customization features that are intended to fit specific topics specifically. All skins are intended to be modified in the intuitive visual mode of Elementor page builder. Every theme contains collections of pre-designed pages, header and footer layouts.

Monstroid Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BeClinic contains a collection of 8 skins that are suited to be used for the quick start of the healthcare online projects. The skins included in the theme's pack include Clinic, Cosmetology, Kids Clinic, Psychology, Plastic Surgery, Dentist, Family Medicine, and Medical Cosmetics. The theme supports the drag-and-drop functionality, making it possible to tweak the ready-made pages in the visual mode. The themes include pre-designed header and footer layouts that can be adjusted as per your specific needs code-free. The pre-designed pages will introduce your site's visitors to such pieces of information as Contacts, Departments, Gallery, About Story, Appointments, and Timetable.

Monstroid Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Imperion multipurpose WordPress theme is intended to be used for a range of business purposes. Downloading the theme, you are provided with the access to 6 pre-designed skins that are ready to be used for Presentation, Digital, Finance, eCommerce, and other purposes. The user-friendly admin panel of the theme provides you with the quick access to a handful of customization options, layouts, extra page templates, and functional elements that are suited to be used for business-related online projects specifically. All elements of Imperion WordPress theme are intended to be modified in the visual mode, using the full power of Elementor page builder.

Monstroid Multipurpose WordPress Theme

EasyJet is loaded with a collection of 12+ stunning homepage layouts that are ready to be applied for a number of niche-specific web projects. There are Events, Sports, Beauty, Business, Construction, Portfolio, Car Repair, and other niche-specific skins delivered for your free access. Similar to the aforementioned themes, all elements of an EasyJet theme are ready to be customized instantly in the visual mode. Thanks to the availability extra pages and theme layouts that are featured in every skin from the pack, the modification of the design and release of your final web product get so much easier and quicker.

EasyJet demos


Every multipurpose WordPress theme is loaded with the versatile set of tools and extensions that are intended to boost the visual appeal and functionality. Most of the plugins, modules and widgets that can be found inside the reviewed multipurpose designed are custom solutions that cannot be found in the digital items sold by other WordPress themes providers.

Compared to the rest of the chosen multipurpose WordPress themes, Monstroid proud to have one of the most numerous collections of plugins. Generally speaking, there are 30 extensions included into different themes belonging to the Monstroid family. There is a range of Jet plugins that are intended to work with Elementor page builder exclusively; WooCommerce extensions; smart blogging solutions, and a whole lot of other tools that will boost the performance of your personal or business project to the great degree. You can find the complete list of Monstroid plugins listed below. Mind that every Monstroid skin includes its own set of plugins that are intended to be used for the launch of niche-specific sites.

  • Calculated Fields Form
  • Cherry Plugin Wizard
  • Cherry PopUps
  • Cherry Projects
  • Cherry Search
  • Cherry Services List
  • Cherry Sidebars
  • Cherry Socialize
  • Cherry Team Members
  • Cherry Testimonials
  • Cherry Trending Posts
  • Contact Form 7
  • Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget
  • Elementor
    Jet Elements For Elementor
  • JetBlog For Elementor
  • JetMenu
  • Jet Tabs For Elementor
  • Jet Tricks
  • Shortcode Widget
  • Simple File Downloader
  • Smart Slider 3
  • The Events Calendar
  • The Social Links
  • TM Photo Gallery
  • TM Mega Menu
  • TM Timeline
  • TM WooCommerce Ajax Filters
  • TM WooCommerce Compare & Wishlist
  • TM WooCommerce Quick View
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher
  • WooCommerce Category Showcase
  • TM WooCommerce Package
  • TM WooCommerce Quick View
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Social Media Share Buttons
  • Booked

BeDentist includes Elementor page builder and an extensive set of customization tools. The download package contains both exclusive Jet plugins and Cherry extensions and popular solutions that are available for download in the WordPress community. These include:

  • Revolution Slider
  • Cherry Testimonials
  • JetElements
  • Cherry Services List
  • The Events Calendar
  • JetMenu
  • Cherry Wizard Plugin
  • Cherry Projects
  • Cherry Team Members
  • WooCommerce Package

Imperion WordPress theme contains all tools that are needed for the launch of functional and effective business projects. The theme's archive contains Jet plugins, Cherry options, and a number of the premium-quality WordPress extensions that are available for free access.

  • Elementor page builder
  • JetElements
  • JetMenu
  • Revolution Slider
  • WooCommerce Package
  • Cherry Projects
  • Cherry Team Members
  • Cherry PopUps
  • Cherry Services List
  • WordPress Social Login
  • Cherry Socialize
  • TM Timeline
  • Cherry Search

EasyJet contains fewer plugins still, all of them are of the premium-quality, letting you save extra cash on the purchase of extra functionality for your niche-specific WordPress site. The plugins that are included in the theme's pack are:

  • Elementor page builder
  • JetElements
  • Cherry Data Importer
  • Contact Form 7


WooCommerce functionality has become indispensable for all businesses offering products and services to their clients. Online shopping experience reaches new heights, making it possible for the users to discover more details about the preferred offers, feel the texture, and even see their physical size.

The WooCommerce package is included in all WordPress themes from this review. For example, Monstroid contains 3 web store themes for fashion, Computer Repair, and Healthy Food industries.

monstroid WooCommerce

BeClinic contains several pre-designed, ready-to-go web store layouts. The eCommerce pages contain live search and advanced sorting options, which are intended to enhance the online shopping experience for web users. Wishlist, add to compare, star ratings, product badges, and a bunch of other tools are bundled.

BeClinic woocommerce

In addition to the eCommerce functionality that's being supported by all Imperion skins, there is a separate WooCommerce design called Imperion Store. The fully-fledged eCommerce theme is suited to be used for the launch of fashion shops. The theme is loaded with a bunch of eCommerce pages that can represent categories or products and separate items in a luring manner. As per the eCommerce functionality that's included in the theme, you will be able to add pricing tables, progress bars, timelines, pricing details, counters, etc.

imperion shop

EasyJet supports WooCommerce functionality. So, if you decide to sell something on your site's pages, then you can go ahead and install the respective plugin manually.

Blogging Functionality

There's no surprise in the fact that all of the reviewed WordPress themes are loaded with the advanced blogging tools. These allow you to establish better contact with your audience. While updating your blog with new pieces of content regularly, you boost the performance of your web page in the search engines, thus making your venture more findable.


  • Monstroid WordPress theme contains multiple unique blog layouts inside of its skins. Header and footer layouts or the blog section can be adjusted code-free.
  • BeClinic contains 4 blog layouts.
  • Imperion, also, features 4 blog layouts that can be adjusted with no coding routine.
  • All skins that are included in EasyJet theme include ready-made grid, masonry, and justify blog layouts.

Wrapping Up

The choice of the best multipurpose WordPress themes is grounded in your personal preferences and the goals that you'd like your project to achieve on the web. Every theme that we reviewed in this post is unique and absolutely suited to become the fully-featured foundation for your blog, business or eCommerce site. Monstroid WordPress theme is the ultimate solution that can suit literally any niche. Imperion is better suited for business and corporate web projects. BeClinic is the great foundation for any medical and healthcare business of yours. EasyJet, in its turn, can match any websites of 10+ topics.

Summing up all that's been mentioned above, let's compare the specs of the themes in the table.

Feature Monstroid BeClinic Imperion EasyJet
Mobile-friendly + + + +
SEO-friendly + + + +
1-click Installation + + + +
Elementor page builder + + + +
WordPress Live Customizer + + + +
WooCommerce pack + + + compatible
Skins 20+ 8 6 12+
Plugins 30 10 13 4
Bonus Images + + + +
Documentation + + + +
24/7 Support + + + +

What's your preferred multipurpose WordPress theme? What functional and design elements of such ready-made designs do you value the most?

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