Creating a Delicious Food Website with MotoCMS [Under The Influence of Maslow Hierarchy]

It is in human nature to enjoy tasty food. Basic needs always go first, as Maslow stated in his hierarchy. How can you benefit from this? Quite easy - you start your own food & restaurant business and back it up with the eye-catching and appetizing website.

Whereas there are many website templates on the Internet, only a few can help you build a truly beneficial website like MotoCMS can. Get ready to see how amazing functionality that MotoCMS website builder offers corresponds with five levels of the Maslow hierarchy!

Level 1. Psychological Needs

According to Maslow, people primarily care about psychological needs. These needs include food, water, warmth, and rest. How can you satisfy these needs with MotoCMS? MotoCMS offers you a unique chance to save a considerable amount of time that you can later use to have a rest! How so? All the food and restaurant website templates that MotoCMS develops are professionally designed.

Firstly, the team of MotoCMS developers guarantees that the product you buy is written in a clear and well-documented code. Believe it or not, in the long run, this matters greatly. You should not worry that you buy a food template for your cafe today and start having complaints about your website tomorrow.

Secondly, the layouts of food & restaurant templates from MotoCMS are created to suit this particular market niche. In the MotoCMS collection, you can choose among templates for bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants that represent various cuisines, catering companies, cocktail bars etc. Just have a look how well these two templates -  Italian Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template and Bakery Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template - are designed to suit their prospective owners and customers!

All this means that your chances to find a suitable template for your future website are much higher with MotoCMS.

Level 2. Safety Needs

The words “safety needs” speak for themselves. How can MotoCMS contribute to these needs of yours? Simple - you always feel protected when choosing food and restaurant templates from MotoCMS. At first, you are encouraged to use any template you like during a free 14-day trial. For instance, you want to test this Cocktail Bar Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template out.

All you do is clicking on the “Launch FREE 14-day trial”. It all looks very safe. And it is safe, indeed.

After you find the template you really enjoy, you buy it. Do you think this is where all the safety gets lost? Not really, no. In fact, MotoCMS offers you 1-year free updates and free professional tech. support. During this time, you can rely on the best quality live tips from the customer care experts! Experience the feeling of being safe with this сute Sweet Shop Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template!

Level 3. Love and Belongingness Needs

This level is all about being happy as a member of a certain social group. MotoCMS can definitely help you to feel it thanks to its rich blog functionality. Let’s take this stunning BBQ Restaurant Premium Moto CMS 3 Template as an example.

When choosing this attention-grabbing website template, you are already given a functioning blog. You can use it to:

  • establish personal contacts with your clientele,
  • share your experience in the food and restaurant business,
  • attract the public attention to the current events of your business.

Level 4. Esteem Needs

According to Maslow, after you feel well-fed / rested, safe, and accepted, you long for achievement and independence. When choosing MotoCMS, you get both. With the powerful website builder from MotoCMS, the process of creating a website turns into an online game of drag-and-dropping.

Let’s imagine that at the certain point you decide to change a few details in the layout of your website. How do you inform your customers about the oncoming changes? You find the appropriate content block and drag it to the page you need. Do you feel powerful enough already?

Moreover, you do not need to rely on outsourcing every time you want to completely redesign your website. You can do everything yourself at ease. You will not any external help even with the technical details that may seem far too complicated for non-programmers.

Let’s take responsiveness as an example. Your customers expect to get the smoothest experience when browsing your website via every possible device. Usually, it means that a web programmer has to manually test several versions of the same page to suit different devices.

With MotoCMS, it is much easier because all the food and restaurant templates are 100% responsive. Look how great these Chinese Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template and Cafe and Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template look on different devices.

Level 5. Self-Actualization Needs

Only MotoCMS offers the amazing customization options that can turn any template into your brainchild. It is up to you to decide how you combine the one-of-the-kind layout, the unique color palette, and powerful widgets. Believe it or not, but with MotoCMS design options you can modify any detail the way you want!

Let’s see what is hidden behind the Design Tab in this fresh Fast Food Restaurant Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template.

A closer look at the Design Tab reveals that you can modify text styles, colors, the background, the sizes and values, as well as add different widgets to any page.

For example, to modify the background, you simply click on it. You are immediately redirected to the tab where you are free to choose a preset, color, or even add a new background image. So, you can get as creative as want with your online project!

Check out what you can change in this fascinating Grocery Store Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template too!

As you can see, MotoCMS cares about its customers and their needs. What is more, with MotoCMS food and restaurant templates the needs of their prospective clients are also satisfied. So, let MotoCMS motivate you to cook more and better for your clientele today!

Ian Byrd

Ian Byrd is a freelance writer, inspired by photography, web design and new technologies. Being passionate about art, reading, music, he likes meeting new people and discovering new things every day. Ian lives the present day, keeping an eye on future prospects. Please, follow him on Twitter.

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