Must-Follow Magento Web Designing Trends For Exceptional Growth

In this tech-savvy world, the eCommerce industry can be considered as the king of the web. It is actually a pillar to run the online stores efficiently and drag out the best business results. Magento is undoubtedly the asset in this context to build alluring website designs that will gain higher conversions and boosted traffic. It can be announced without any dilemma that the Magento platform can gear up your eCommerce store with its high-end features and scalable nature.
Although no one can deny that Magento is the perfect answer to give a top-notch user experience via a robust design and stunning features, but still there is always a scope remains for the improvement. To follow the modern web design trends is the key to success in this ever-changing era.

Follow the below trends to add beauty in your Magento store:

Responsive Design


It is the most crucial aspect of Magento web designing which is leading the market with flexible designs that can be accessed with ease regardless of the devices being used. With the advent of technology, it becomes the necessity that your Magento store must look perfect on every device. It may be either a desktop or any mobile device.

Google has also made a recent update to make a mobile-friendly website in order to gain more outcomes and profits for all kind of businesses. So, it has been suggested to opt a mobile friendly website to gain good search engine ranking.

  • An answer to the new devices like smart TV, smartwatches and much more.
  • A single responsive theme and consistent content.
  • A multi-device support of your eCommerce design.

You can check whether your Magento website is responsive or not with the Responsive checker tool.

Parallax Scrolling Instead of Clicking


The rising trend of smartphones and tablets results in more preference to scrolling as being convenient for the mobile users while accessing Magento theme based websites.

The most important reason is that scrolling will reduce page loading time than clicking. Scrolling also creates more dynamic interactions from users as the users receive all the required data without clicking through multiple pages. Parallax scrolling technique is going to rule the roost in the near future that aims at the slow movement of background images than the foreground images.

For more detail, visit this link.

Card Design

Card design is the best tool for any designer working on responsive Magento websites. It is an intelligent manner of arranging and organizing things in a beautiful order.

With cards, shoppers can easily browse a lot of information because it encourages them to see more with less effort. It will be one of the popular web design trends this year with immense information about the person and business.

Ghost Button

Ghost Button

Ghost Button is another popular Magento eCommerce web design trend. It is very attractive, attention grabbing, classy and minimal aspect of designing at par.

Ghost button is the best tool if you want to attract shoppers’ attention in a subtle way. They are not a call to action but a designer can actual make it become one. There are several types of ghost buttons available. Let’s see few examples of pretty ghost buttons in action.

Background Videos and Images

Background Videos and Images

The background images are turning out as an attractive part of your website. It is advisable to use stunning images in your Magento store to lure more customers.

This trend is the hottest topic in the web designing industry as people prefer to watch videos and images more instead of reading a big wall of text. It is a gateway comprising efficient techniques for image optimization, resizing and color extraction for backgrounds.

A beautiful example of the background images can be seen here.

Hover/Animated Effects

Hover/Animated Effectss

Web pages get relieved with animated effects. They interact with the users and encourage them to see available options for them.Hover effects offers an intuitive feel to a Magento theme website as users mouse over content. The visitors who are unaware of any function, hover them automatically for immediate visual feedback. For some good examples of the Magento theme designs using the hover effects, visit the

Magento theme designs using the hover effects, visit the link.

White Space

White Space

White space or “negative space” refers to any screen space between existing elements. This space is not supposed to be white, or even blank. It creates a vacuum of content that draws excessive attention to the existing content. It can be a powerful tool when being in the hands of an expert designer.

Few Magento theme designs implementing the white spaces can be seen here.

Flat Design

Flat Design

Flat designs are the interface design that emphasizes on minimal stylistic elements usage and more focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, flat colors, and typography.

It gives the illusion of three dimensions. Designers prefer it because it allows more streamlined and efficient interface designs. It is easier to quickly convey information.

It is easier to design a responsive interface that is easy to change in browser size across different devices. With minimal design elements, websites are able to load faster, resize easily, and still look sharp on high-definition screens.

Check out some best examples of the flat designs in the Magento layouts.

Larger Background Images

Larger Background Images

Using large background images creates a deeper impact on users. Such images captivate and drive them to indulge even more into your Magento website.

This design technique ensures the best user experience with a minimal idea design. They often drive eCommerce growth and robustness.

Custom Drawn Illustrations

Custom Drawn Illustrations

The custom drawn illustrations are in great popularity for the websites. A huge number of designers are now making hand drawn icons and other imagery to help create alluring Magento store designs.

It creates a custom feel for the websites. A surprisingly new class of elements to embed innovation and creativity.

Hidden Menus

Hidden Menus

People tend to be diverted because of the multiple menus on the front page. As a result, hidden menus are taking a big place in the recent Magento theme based designs. Avoid pages from getting cluttered. It gives a sense of cleanliness and decency in the designs.

One of the perfect examples of compatible hidden menus can be seen here.

Mix Font Types

Mix Font Types

While experimenting with different styles, you can combine and match all the possible variants to get a unique Magento design. With these fonts, you can use the atmosphere and the necessary online store stylistics. It is efficient to proffer the users with immense variations.

View this link to get more information.

Information Blocks

Information Blocks

Block-view information placement is an interesting technique where you will have an access to the information by clicking the necessary block. It allows you to save some website space of your eCommerce Magento store and make it more concise. It is useful, stylish and practical.

Want to know more about information blocks! Visit here.

Sliders Containing Calls-to-Action

Sliders Containing Calls-to-Action

Sliders have a great use in the Magento designs and one of the latest trends here is to place a call-to-action within any of the sliders in view of text . In major cases online stores are used for ad commercial promotion. A better click is the better view.

See a good example of Magento theme to feel the perfect usage of call-to-actions.

GIF Pictures


The animated GIF picture is taking another form into a refined version called the cinematograph. A GIF is actually a still picture or a photograph with which a small, iterating animation has actually been inserted into your Magento store.

The resultant effect is a mini-video experience which is quite subtle as compared to the general animations.
A refined view of videos.

Material Design

Material Design

Google launched its Material Style motif on Android devices in 2014. It is a good technique to brand Android. Product Design was also a quite intuitive method to work with a mobile app or a Magento eCommerce website.

Most of the e-stores have already embraced card-like layouts and responsive computer animations and shifts as an influence of Material Design.

Bold typography and vibrant colors are the distinct features of the Material concept.



Users are much likely to listen to stories with their design ideas. Effective storytelling allows the Magento designers to implement interface and visual to create engaging content.

Storytelling puts an emotional outpouring of e-store owners. Great stories can be truthful for almost any online audience.

Closing Words

A saturation point is a hazard for any business owner as it limits the productivity and results in lacking the latest trends and technologies. By doing so, you will be restrained to a limited circumference with no further growth. This demands to follow the aforementioned points in order to transform your brand website into a full-fledged Magento store. A sustainable growth is only about implementing what is running hot in the market and to be ahead from niche competitors.

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