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ONE by Template Monster: An Ultimate Subscription Service to Get More Than Expected

Just about everyone in web-development wants to get everything at once but this is very rarely the way the things work. However, on rare occasions, life can surprise us.

Have you ever thought you could get absolutely everything for building a website in one place, with just one subscription? There is no way to predict the range of products one might need for creating a project.

However, TemplateMonster marketplace already provides thousands of themes, templates, plugins, and graphics. Here you can find almost everything you need.

Yet, when it comes to making a choice, you might feel a bit frustrated, especially if your budget pressures you to keep expenses low. Perhaps you should look for discounts and special offers, but what’s the point, if you can get everything you need, and even more, within ONE through the TemplateMonster subscription service?

What is ONE by Template Monster?

This is a totally legitimate question to ask since it is possible that you haven’t heard of it until now. ONE by Template Monster is a totally new subscription service, that will allow you to obtain high-quality products for website building, that you would originally be purchased separately in the TemplateMonster marketplace, within only ONE subscription. Also, the best part of it is that all the products provided within the subscription come with 24/7 support. How does that sound?

Tons of HQ Products

ONE by TemplateMonster

The products provided in the ONE subscription boast off-the-charts quality. Also, all the flagship themes and best-selling items are included. Perhaps you already have some of the popular themes from TemplateMonster, or maybe you’ve heard of some of them. In any case, you will be pleased to know that the well-known Monstroid2 WordPress theme, WooStroid2 WooCommerce theme, Intense HTML theme, Eveprest PrestaShop theme, Multifly Shopify theme, Magetique Magento theme, and StoreFlex OpenCart theme come within ONE subscription service.

The ONE subscription is a true powerpack in the world of website building. It comes with thousands of items, which are diverse WordPress and Ecommerce themes, HTML templates and the templates for the most popular CMS. This actually comprises a huge number that is already difficult even to envision, so you can be sure you’ll definitely find the templates that you need for your projects, no matter how specific your topic is. And this already wide assortment will only grow with time, making the ONE your ultimate service to get everything.

Also, if you’re in love with Elementor page builder, you’ll surely appreciate the templates for Elementor and the famous Jet plugins, that are included as well, to provide the ultimate functionality for any of your projects. And, of course, you’ll enjoy the rich graphics that come as part of the subscription.

The Clear Licensing

With ONE by Template Monster, you get practically everything you might need when creating a website either for yourself or for a client. And you won’t have to repurchase the items you already enjoy to create more projects, as all the products come under an Unlimited Yearly license, that allows their use on unlimited domains during one year.

By the way, even when the year of unlimited usage is over, the site will continue working, and you’ll still get the updates for your plugins, necessary to ensure its best performance in the future.

Just download the products you like the most as many times as you need, and use them for building websites for yourself and your clients. This is just as simple as it seems.

5 Reasons to Join ONE by Template Monster

Join ONE

So much for the true variety of products included in the ONE subscription, there are so many subscription services out there. How is ONE by Template Monster different from all of them? And why should you actually purchase it? Let’s take a look at 5 main reasons that might convince you one way or the other.

24/7 Support adds to your confidence

The ONE is truly beginner-friendly. It comes with 24/7 support provided for all items from the subscription, so you can be sure you will get immediate help any time of day or night. The skilled support team will do their best to solve any questions, and will provide you with much-needed confidence. Even if you’re working with products that are completely new to you, you’ll get all the necessary help promptly.

Powerful services will get you covered

The ONE is more than it seems. With all the products available, you get everything for building websites. However, sometimes powerful high-quality products are still not enough to ensure success.

support Ukraine

We’re talking now about such things as server maintenance, SEO improvement, and other important details that can take your project to new heights. ONE by Template Monster can be of help even if you’ve already created a website. There are plenty of professional services that can aid you through the turmoil of launching a new project. There is a wide range of offers, from template installation to customization and speed optimization. So, even if you feel as though there’s always one more problem below the surface, ONE by Template Monster services will have you covered at all times.

More updates and new items to come

Even if you’re perfectly fine with the gazillions of themes, templates, and lots of plugins in the subscription service, you can count on constant updates.

About a hundred new items are to be added monthly to the service, so the number of products included will only increase with time. With ONE, you will always keep pace with the times, riding along the wave of the latest functionality.

Stay perfectly safe & secure

Once you join ONE by Template Monster, you can access all the items included in the subscription and download them to use on as many projects as you need during one year. However, if you haven’t downloaded anything from the subscription service yet, you can still cancel it within 14 days from the date of purchase. This way you won’t have to pay for the service if you haven’t found the items you want to download within its library.

Will ONE by Template Monster be an affordable service?

affordable service

The answer to this question is a firm “yes”, as it makes total sense to purchase a subscription with multiple products instead of purchasing them separately.

You never know if the single theme you want to purchase is enough for your project unless you have it already. And the extended licenses can definitely take a toll on your project’s budget.

With reference to the ONE service, the subscription lasts one whole year from the date of purchase, and at any time during this period you can use any of the items provided within the service as many times, and on as many projects, as you need.

If you were purchasing the templates separately for each of your projects, you’d have to pay approximately $75 for a theme that can be used only on one installation and to get an extended license you’d have to pay about $145. Compared to these prices, a ONE by Template Monster license wins hands down.

With the ONE subscription service, you have access to thousands of products, and you don’t have to worry that the theme you’ve got won’t be a fit for your project, as there are already dozens of versatile themes, one of which would definitely fit your needs.

You might wonder why the price is so affordable, as the products represented within ONE cost so much when purchased separately.

The answer is pretty simple. As one of many great men once said, “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” This teaches us to be generous when it comes to the essential things.

Within ONE by Template Monster, thousands of products are shared with all the subscribers, so that everyone can find the items to their liking and make a choice. The power of the products won’t become less when shared with many. As the light of the candle, the products will keep fueling thousands of websites, bringing them to new heights!

Besides, ONE also features a free subscription, which lets you access a growing collection of free graphic assets, presentation templates, WordPress & HTML thems, and audio assets at no cost.

website themes

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