ONE by TemplateMonster: Three Whales We Stand On

It was a long road, but it is finally finished. We can now proudly introduce you to ONE – the unique subscription service of TemplateMonster marketplace. What made us start creating it? Oh, that’s simple - we love our clients.

Why do you still have no subscription program?

I like your products and buy them constantly, but it is a little expensive to purchase them separately. Do you do wholesales?

Hey, guys, do the subscription, it is convenient!

Those are some of our clients’ requests. We started to receive such suggestions some time ago and as time passed, the number of similar comments was growing. Ignoring the audience’s desires can be really bad for business, so we monitored the market, analyzed existing subscriptions, and realized that we could offer something really special. In fact, ONE by TemplateMonster combines three unique features that no other subscription gives to its users: tons of templates, useful services, and the best tech support on the market. ONE will be really useful, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional developer. Check it out for yourself.

ONE’s Three Whales

There is a legend that says the Earth is a flat disc, standing on three whales. ONE by TemplateMonster also stands on three whales, or, in other words, three characteristics that define its originality. Commonly a service has only one feature that separates it from others. We went beyond that – ONE has three traits that no one else has.

Themes, templates, and plugins

Themes, templates, and plugins

ONE by TemplateMonster is the only subscription service that concentrates on themes and professional tools for website creation. As WordPress is the most popular content management system, ONE’s membership gives you an opportunity to download WordPress themes in large quantities. Besides that, there are hundreds of themes for other CMS like Shopify, Joomla, or Magento. Subscribers get access to the most popular templates of the marketplace and the range is really huge.

Such top-notch items like Monstroid2 WordPress theme, WooStroid2 WooCommerce theme, Intense HTML theme, Eveprest PrestaShop theme, Multifly Shopify theme, Magetique Magento theme, and StoreFlex OpenCart theme are available for downloading as well as hundreds of other products presented on TemplateMonster marketplace. You don’t need to limit yourself – download as many templates as you want and use them as many times as you need. No other subscription program offers such a large number of high-quality themes for such a modest price. Besides that, ONE will also allow you to download plugins (JET collection, for example), PSD templates, and graphics.


ONE by TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster offers its clients not only products but also a wide variety of services. A reliable hosting proposal, template installation, security improvements, speed patches, and even creating websites from scratch – all that and more is available for ONE subscribers. If you have no skills or time to do something – we will gladly help you. ONE by TemplateMonster is the only subscription that makes both products and services available for clients.

Tech Support

Tech Support ONE

As TemplateMonster is a marketplace, many of the presented products are created by our vendors. However, all the items we offer for ONE subscribers are supported by TemplateMonster Tech Support Team. It is our pride and joy. TemplateMonster provides clients with the best tech support on the market. Any issue you run into will be resolved within 24 hours. You can submit the bug via the ticket system or get some help in a text chat with a specialist. Tech Support works 24/7, so no matter when the problem occurs – you will get help without delay.

Who did we create ONE for, and would it be useful for you?

Actually, we created ONE for two specific groups of users: people who build sites regularly and make a living from web development; and beginners who are going to create their first website. Both of these groups will find some specific advantages in using ONE – let’s look a little closer.

Why beginners will like ONE?

beginners will like ONE

The problem. Every experienced web developer was a beginner once, so everyone knows that feeling. To create a website, you start looking for an ideal template and let`s assume you choose to download a WordPress theme. You go through an enormous number of themes, trying to guess which one will be perfect for you. Choosing a theme is a very complicated task because you can’t try them out, so you have to make a decision evaluating the variants visually based on some screenshot images and descriptions. All of this takes loads of time. In the end, you end up buying some random WordPress theme and find that it doesn’t look exactly as you wanted. You get frustrated because it is too expensive to buy another one.

What will ONE give you? ONE be TemplateMonster membership gives you access to tons of templates (and the number of WordPress themes is really huge) and the opportunity to download them without limitations. You don’t need to intensely compare the visuals of several themes – you can download all of them and try them out to see which one will fit perfectly. Besides that, after installing your dream template, you will need some graphics, plugins, and other features. With ONE subscription you won’t have to pay any extra for them. As your business grows you may eventually feel that it is time to create a landing page for a promotion campaign and it won’t be a problem because you can download it from ONE. Even such details as email templates and PowerPoint presentations are within your reach! By purchasing ONE by TemplateMonster, you are buying everything you’ll need for website creation.

What will you save? Time loads of time that you’d spend choosing the theme and gathering tools for further work with your new website. Besides that, you won’t be left alone - the professional tech support team will be constantly ready to give you a helping hand. And if you get stuck, there are services that will quickly get you out of trouble.

Why pro web developers will like ONE?

web developers will like ONE
The problem. Unique website designs made from scratch without using any CMS and templates are created very rarely. These kinds of websites are a luxury that only super-huge companies can afford. Commonly, web developers ranging from individuals to small agencies use ready-made WordPress themes (or other CMS templates). Typically, they need to buy lots of products for their work and that is rather costly. Most templates are offered with a Single Use license and you need to buy it every time you want to use that theme for a new website. So, you spend huge amounts of money on tools and don’t have the benefit of a really nice profit from your work.

What will ONE give you? I guess it is obvious. The subscription gives you unlimited access to the constantly updated marketplace full of WordPress themes, Shopify, Joomla, Magenta, and other CMS templates, plugins, graphics, and other goodies. You can earn a lot of profit as you don’t need to pay every time you start creating a new website for a client - all you need is already within your reach!

What will you save? Money–for all the paid themes you constantly use in your work. You pay once and forget about the old days of constant loss of resources. ONE by TemplateMonster is a tool to give you pure profit and savings!

Wrapping up

As mentioned previously, before starting to create ONE, we monitored the market. The price we set for the subscription will be competitive and become a nice surprise for you. Right after the launch, the cost of ONE by TemplateMonster will be discounted, so leave your email on the ONE landing page so you don’t miss out on your savings. You will receive a message the same day we start the subscription and you will be able to become one of the first customers. Keep in touch and look out for it. Don’t miss your chance to become more efficient!

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