15 Reasons to Say: “I’m a King of the Web” [Online Courses February Edition]

Want to write your own book or learn a new language? Do you dream of becoming a successful business owner? We all want to feel the power of self-development progress, don’t we? Furthermore, we should understand that no one will serve up all of our dreams on a silver platter.

Never stop dreaming, acting, and, of course, working hard. Every career implies serious investment of time and effort, and every employer is looking for a professional. See, life shows us that big achievements can be the reward people who are ready to make a concerted effort. The Web development industry has lots of innovative ideas, so, why don’t we pursue them? We’ve already posted an article about the best online courses for web professionals, but is that enough? I usually tell people that there is always something new to learn!

Educate yourself more and cash in on the rewards! Our TemplateMonster team adores all educational products, so we decided to create one more online course list suitable for every age and level of experience! By the way, all courses in this bundle are absolutely free!

Coding for Designers

Learn how to showcase graphic design on the web with Jim Webb! Get the basics about JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and discover how they work together! 6 lessons = 6 easy steps to success!

How to Create Your First Website

Do you think that building a site is as complex as reaching for the stars? Chris Farrell will prove that you are wrong! Learn how to build websites without digital vocabulary overload and get a certificate at the end of the course! By the way, TemplateMonster promises to create a perfect website for you within 24 hours! Check TM Service Center for details.

Responsive Web Design

Jeremy Osborn can’t wait to teach you the full power of responsiveness. Learn everything about exible grids, valuable layouts, responsive typography, CSS, and more! Be inspired by our fully responsive web design templates and build a responsive website that fits any type of device!

Web Page Design Using HTML5 and CSS3

Channel 9 allows you to learn everything about creating a fully responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3. Get your certificate after achieving 80% or more in your test!

JavaScript Foundations

Unnerved because of the word JavaScript? Come on and join Keith Peters in his online course! Learn how to change CSS styles and HTML elements on a page and discover how to use JavaScript for communicating with a server.

Introduction to Games Development with HTML5 and JavaScript

Ever dreamed of associating your career with games development? Join this course from Channel 9 and learn how to set up a professional Windows games workflow. Free and fun course with game maps, load sprites, playable characters, their statistics, collision, and more! Complete the course and get a certificate!

HTML5 Game Development - Working with Inventory System, NPCs and Battle System

Channel 9 wants to make you a gaming master, and that’s why they suggest you consider one more online course! Learn about inventory systems, NPC interaction, battle system, video games shops, and more! Learn how to add attacks and fights with enemies to your own video game and get certified at the end of the course!

HTML5 Game Development - Lessons and Development Planning

Enhance your game development knowledge base with this final course from Channel 9! Work with Apache Cordova, learn how to build a master plan and create professional documentation for your game! Become a certified game development boss and do not forget to take a look at our games templates collection!

Designing Highly Scalable Web Apps on Google Cloud Platform

Learn how to create stunning applications with Google Cloud Platform and for free! Google will teach you to configure Instance Groups using Compute Engine and to create high availability architecture. Start your course on 27th of February 2017 and invest 1 week in exciting learning! You are also allowed to buy a paid certificate at the end of the course.

Web Application Development: Basic Concepts

Spend 5 weeks discovering the apps development process with the University of New Mexico! Start learning the background, terminology, and foundation of full-stack web apps on 13th of March 2017! Learn by practicing and get a paid certificate if necessary.

UX Fundamentals

Jim Webb will help you to discover the main points of information covering approaches to design. Learn wireframing, prototyping, and conduct user testing! Explore all UI principles for stunning site design & development!

Writing for Web & Mobile

Stephanie Hay will show you how to make the right content decisions with her online course. Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner will help you to learn Content-First UX Design for any device.

Jquery Building Blocks

Dave Porter is ready to tell you everything about jQuery. Learn how to use it for creating cool visual effects, adding cool widgets, and more! Discover jQuery plugins customization and learn how to add data to the app or web page in the correct way! 6 enjoyable lessons to make you a seasoned professional!

Graphic Design - Visual and Graphic Design

Explore design space as a pro with a free online course from XSIQ! Create an outstanding design with lines, shapes, forms, tones, textures, letters and colors and get a certificate at the end of the course!

Modern Web Design

Aaron Gustafson can’t wait to involve you in the front-end development world. Learn how to use CSS for a stunning design, to mark up media with HTML, to improve pages with JavaScript, and more! Join Aaron on your way to a modern and fully responsive design!

How do you like this list? I hope that you will find your perfect course here! Check the blog updates to find more courses! Please, rate and share this post with your friends and thanks for being involved! 🙂

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