How to Create a Gorgeous Online Invitation for Your Special Event

The wedding is a very special event for most people. But a special event is not called “special” in vain. The very word emphasizes the important role this particular event plays in your life. So, it is quite obvious that you are eager to share your happiness with friends and relatives. In this case, an urgent question arises – how do you spread the news about your wedding ceremony among your dearest ones in the most efficient way? The old and well-known method is to send wedding invitation cards. This effective means of informing everyone about the special date has been used for centuries. But just think of all the problems connected with choosing the design, printing the cards and then sending them out. Is there a possible way to avoid the entire hustle and bustle in this era of high-tech technologies? The answer is extremely simple – create a wedding invitation card online!

Do not worry – it is not as difficult as it may sound! Let me show you how to make a stunning online wedding invitation with a very little extra effort involved!

Step 1 - Choose An Online Wedding Invitation Design

First of all, choose a suitable wedding landing page template to create your invitation card online. MotoCMS offers several breathtaking options from which to choose. You can customize any of them effortlessly and make them as unique as your special day will be.

Wedding Planner Landing Page Template

The stylish and elegant design of the Kate and Alex template is a wonderful choice for any online wedding invitation. The bright colors and spectacular background of this theme will make your online marriage invitation card unforgettable for all your guests.

onilne marriage invitation picture

Demo | Download | Hosting

Wedding Planner Landing Page Template

If you are looking for something a little more tender, the Jennifer and Robin theme is exactly what you need to create your invitation card online. Light and airy design together with sunny colors is perfect for transmitting your happiness and cloudless mood.

online wedding invitation image

Demo | Download | Hosting

Wedding Invite Moto CMS Website Template

Wedding Invite Moto CMS Website Template.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Lovespring Wedding Planner Landing Page Template

Lovespring Wedding Planner Landing Page Template.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Generous - Wedding Planning One Page Theme

Generous - Wedding Planning One Page Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Step 2 - Online Wedding Invitation Counter

First and foremost, the key function of an online marriage invitation is to inform people about the date when this wonderful event will take place. This means that the date itself should occupy the central position on the page. Choose a clear and distinct font for the date.

wedding counter image

Using contrasting colors for the letters and the background is also a wise decision. That way you will attract more attention to this piece of information.

Starting a wedding counter is also a great idea. Your guests-to-be will always know how many days they still have to get ready for your wedding.

Step 3 - Introduce Yourself Block

You will invite people from the side of the bride and the groom. That is why, there is no guarantee, that the bride’s relations know the groom and vice versa. Introduce yourself to avoid awkward situations before they arise. There is no need to go into detail.

Introduce yourself wedding invitation picture

The name will be quite enough. Instead of telling more consider adding your social network links. By doing this, people can learn everything in which they are interested by checking out your personal pages. Uploading your picture taken by a professional into the profile is always a good idea as well. It will make the introduction more true to life.

Step 4 - Online Wedding Invitation Gallery

Show how charming the bride is and how handsome the groom is by creating your own picture gallery and uploading beautiful photos. You are welcome to choose from three types of galleries. The visitors to your online wedding invitation will enjoy looking at them for sure. Provide them with this additional pleasure!

wedding invitation galleries

You can also upload your video. The templates give you the capability to use this option for describing your special day as well.

Step 5 - Online Wedding R.S.V.P.

In order to plan the celebration of your wedding, you need to know how many guests are going to accept your invitation and to show up at the wedding ceremony and reception. Your online marriage invitation card makes this process extremely convenient for both you and your guests.

wedding rsvp design image

To inform you about their intentions your guests need only to fill out the form. This will enable your guest list to be created with the help of your handy online wedding invitation as well. Great, isn’t it?

Step 6 - Google Maps Integration

When you create your invitation card online, do not forget to include the information about the time and venues where your wedding ceremony and reception will take place. Adding maps of the locations and detailed directions will ensure that no guest will be lost in the process!

Adding maps to marriage invitation image

As you see, to create an invitation card online is a very easy task, especially if you have one of MotoCMS landing page templates with its convenient admin panel at hand. Just drag and drop your choice of content blocks to make an amazing online wedding invitation of your own. Change the colors and fonts according to your taste with one click. The whole process of customizing an online wedding invitation will take you only a few hours!

Moreover, your online marriage invitation will be responsive and look great on any device. On top of that, the price of these templates is really reasonable, and there are some valuable additional things to choose from if you want a refined version (such as a collection of stock images, adding your logo or fast and reliable hosting), though, you will have to pay a little more.

Are you still not sure? Give any template a try with a completely free 14 day trial period. Without any doubt, your wedding will be perfect if you purchase one!

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