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Top 10 Order Confirmation Campaigns for Ecommerce

  1. Mandatory information an email order confirmation campaign should provide customers with
  2. Order confirmation campaigns for ecommerce
    1. Urban Outfitters
    2. The Moo
    3. The Cotton Bureau
    4. The Firebox
    5. The Everlane company
    6. The Harry’s
    7. The Chipotle
    8. The Chewy
    9. The Beardbrand
    10. The Fitbit company
  3. Sequence of order confirmation emails
  4. How to create a performing order confirmation email sequence
  5. Follow-up
  6. Wrap up

Order confirmation emails are meant to let your customers know you are proceeding with their order, to notify them whether the items they want to purchase are in stock, and to inform them regarding the expected delivery date.

In other words, order confirmation emails perform a very important job — they help you keep customers updated and, consequently, loyal to you.

Order confirmation

Mandatory information an email order confirmation campaign should provide customers with:

  • name of your brand
  • order date
  • order number
  • photos of the items ordered
  • their quantity and price
  • total sum including taxes and delivery
  • payment method
  • delivery method
  • delivery date

Other elements are optional, but they are to enliven your event-trigger emails of this kind and to bring more details.

Order confirmation campaigns for e-commerce

Let’s see the best examples provided by the world’s top companies:

1. Urban Outfitters

This is a big corporation with over than 245 locations all over the world. No wonder they are experienced in shipping pieces of their apparel worldwide.

urban outfitters

The trick they implemented to stand out: updating customers. The Urban Outfitters keep their prospects informed regarding every step it has taken. Isn’t it great to know that your order is being processed or has been shipped, or that the payment for the garments has been withdrawn?

In fact, this is not an order confirmation email. Urban Outfitters sends confirmation-notification that they are going to proceed with the order. It’s not even packed yet, and they do not know whether all items are in stock. Yet, they notify the customer that they are going to be working on it.

Why would companies use such emails? Because they do not pack parcels 24/7, and this email is meant to ease the customer’s mind about the order they placed.
Wouldn’t it be nice if all companies did the same?

2. Moo

The Moo knows how to design an email as their main activity is designing business cards.
This is another example of how to notify customers that you are aware of the order but have not started proceeding on it yet:


The trick they implemented to stand out: gratitude. When customers are buying from you, you do them a favor — by delivering the items they need and saving their precious time. But these people chose your company among others. Why not thank them for doing this and for shopping at your online store?

Note: it does not matter if you provide your services for B2C or B2B companies. Every client likes to feel appreciated and treated with respect.

3. Cotton Bureau

This order confirmation email is pretty simple and does not contain any excessive element yet it is pretty informative.

cotton bureau

The trick they implemented to stand out: notification. They not only include the company logo, item images, and description but also notify the customers that they are going to withdraw the money. This kind of confirmation email is the most common one.

4. Firebox

Who said that order confirmation emails are supposed to be formal? Certainly, you discuss numbers, but life itself is a pretty serious thing.


The trick they implemented to stand out: detailed instruction. The Firebox informs their customers about how the delivery is done. It is really essential to include the “missed deliveries” paragraph.

Seriously, how many times have you missed a parcel delivery only because you were in the shower or because the doorbell did not work that day? By including this instruction and by providing the “we leave a note” option, you guarantee your prospects that they will get their order no matter what.

5. Everlane

Everlane makes sophisticated classy newsletters. And normally just one little detail in their emails catches your eye and makes them look friendlier.


The trick they implemented to stand out: personalization. The fact that Everlane is calling somebody by name means they are aware of the entire situation and who is about to buy from them. Besides, your order confirmation emails look polite.
Specifying the exact delivery date is another kind of personalization provided by Everlane and some other companies.

6. Harry’s

No matter what this brand does, it stays loyal to their exclusive manner — it always amuses recipients with the copy.


The trick they implemented to stand out: making fun. This is a great idea to put a smile on customers’ faces even with an order confirmation email.

7. Chipotle Mexican Grill

I must confess that I love the email marketing campaigns created by this company. Their design is simple, always the same colors, without big bright banners. Yet they are highly informative. Every symbol in their emails matters.

chipotle mexican grill

The trick they implemented to stand out: specifying the time. Throughout all email newsletters, Chipotle remains descriptive. They gave the exact time for in-store pick-up, mentioned where to pick it up and as a bonus, they added a map of how to find them.

Note: make sure to use interactive maps in emails. Due to this feature, you prevent your guests from needing to Google and search to see what the restaurant neighborhood looks like. With Stripo.email builder, you can insert all kinds of interactive elements into your email newsletters.

8. Chewy

Who would care about pets? Only loving people with warm hearts. This pet food company shows its care with every move they make or with every email they send.


The trick they implemented to stand out: tracking number for each package separately. This is a brilliant idea to inform customers that you had to split the parcel into two packages and to provide them with two separate numbers.

9. Beardbrand

You don’t have to wear a beard to love their emails. They are full of useful information, delivered in a humorous way.

beard brand

The trick they implemented to stand out: a promotion of additional items. Order confirmation is to confirm that an order is ready to be sent or has shipped the customers’ way. But you may also show some care by reminding them of the items they might have forgotten to buy or the most popular ones that go along well with the items they did order.

Some companies are afraid to include any additional information in email order confirmation campaigns or any other event-triggered emails so as not to overwhelm the messages. But on the other hand, many customers would love to be reminded they might have forgotten to add a shaving razor to their order.

10. Fitbit

In order confirmation emails, Fitbit pays close attention to the design. It’s really structured, contains all the details and all blocks are visually separated from each other for customers to easily find the needed paragraph.


The trick they implemented to stand out: the sequence. Apart from the design, Fitbit makes a sequence of order confirmation emails. It not only informs them if the items are in stock and if they are packed, but also gives information regarding the shipping and approximate delivery date and provides this with the order number to easily track it.

Sequence of order confirmation emails

In fact, the sequence of order confirmation emails may contain up to five messages:

  1. with the first one you acknowledge that you received the order;
  2. with the second to notify that the order has been processed and the items are in stock/out of stock;
  3. the third message says the order has been sent the customer’s way;
  4. the parcel has arrived at the customer’s address; and
  5. the parcel is about to be delivered at some definite time.

How to create a performing order confirmation email sequence

Once you create or customize an order confirmation email template, you need to choose which elements are crucial for you. You import your designed order confirmation email template to your ESP. Then the email service will insert dynamic variables like descriptions, price, total sum, etc., and will generate an order number and delivery date. You don’t need to worry about implementation — any modern ESP should be able to handle it. You only need to focus on the design.

Note: when choosing the editor, make sure it has integration with your email service. Thus, your emails will be editable after export.


A few days after the order delivery day, send a follow-up message to your customers to find out whether they liked the items they purchased.


Also, it is pretty reasonable to ask whether the order was delivered on time.

Wrap up

  • It is vital to include the mandatory elements in all order confirmation campaigns.
  • Pay close attention to the design — make it simple in order not to distract from the details and copy.
  • Be supportive. Make sure to use interactive elements (which are a trend of 2018) where it is necessary.
  • Stay polite and show your sincere gratitude to your customers.
  • Create a sequence of order confirmation emails even if you provide customers with tracking numbers.
  • Send a follow-up email to ask customers for feedback.

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