Paltirea Magento Theme for Lingerie Stores – TemplateMonster Review

Following the release of iShop and F2, we are pleased to welcome the next Magento 2.0 newcomer to the gallery of TemplateMonster themes. Paltirea Magento Theme is a professionally crafted and feature-rich template for lingerie stores, which captivates with its elegant style and ease of use.

Which exactly shopping features does it have under the hood? Let's review the theme.

Demo | Download Traditionally, we'll start with the design of the new product from TemplateMonster. Paltirea Magento Theme is a multi-language theme built on the basis of a responsive framework.

Texts and images are flexible, so they will be rendered correctly across a variety of screen sizes. Desktops, tablets, and smartphones with their vertical or horizontal page views are supported.

Paltirea Magento Theme features a clean design, which is so easy on the eyes and intuitive to navigate. The front page looks uncluttered. The non-standard positioning of banners and featured items add special charm to the theme's layout.

A promo banner at the very top of the front page draws the users' attention to your hot offers. Right below it, you can find social media icons and sign-in options. A customizable logo occupies the central position in the header, capturing the eye with its bold pink hues.

The template is abundant with quality images featured in the header slider and the body of the main page. When you scroll down to the theme's footer, you'll see a set of direct links guiding the users to the rest of your site's pages.

That's how the theme looks. Now, let's take a look under the hood and discover the key functionality enhancing the online shopping experience.

Unique Catalog & Product Pages

Catalog and product pages feature plenty of the whitespace, they look so airy and well-balanced. On catalog pages, people can manage the number of items that they want to view, their order, and grid or list based organization on the page.

A set of advanced filter options is organized in the left sidebar. With its help, people can specify what particular brand, color, size, fit or style of products they are searching for. Wishlist and Add to compare widgets can also be found in the sidebar. These provide online shoppers with quick access to the respective functionality.

When you open a product page, you will see a gallery of photos and videos demonstrating a specific item in the most favorable light. Right next to it you will find a set of shopping options, pricing details, the possibility to add an item to wishlist or compare it with other offers from your store, etc.

Product pages also include carousel galleries of related items. A newsletter subscription form is placed at the bottom of the page.



Paltirea Magento Theme is pre-loaded with a functional MegaMenu. It remains fixed to the top of the page as a user browses your content. It features a row and column based structure, the support of written and visual content, and the ability to display categories/subcategories/posts. With the help of the MegaMenu you can boost user engagement and enhance your site's SEO.


Category Badges

Promote your online store's merchandise in a more captivating manner by means of product badges featured in the MegaMenu. With the help of these eye-catching UI elements, you can draw the users' attention to new, discounted and hot offers.



If you get back to the theme's front page, you will see a bold, edge-to-edger slider in the header. Featuring your store's hot offers, it works as a great attention-grabber. The slider draws the users' eye to your promos, discounts and a number of other stuff that you would like to emphasize.


Product Carousel

Organize loads of items into user-friendly product carousels on product pages. Thus, you can introduce the web users to a wider selection of products, without cluttering the pages with anything extra.


Product Zoom

When making purchases on the web, we are lacking the physical ability to touch selected items. So, to compensate this just a little bit, Palirea Magento Theme includes a Cloud Zoom feature. With its help people can examine your store's offers in details while enlarging product images with a mouse-over.

Product Video

Lure more interest to your store's products by integrating YouTube videos into galleries on product pages.


Custom TM Modules

It's become our good tradition to integrate Magento themes with custom modules and extensions. Paltirea Magento Theme is not an exception. The pack is pre-loaded with 5 premium modules, which will extend your store's functionality to a great extent. No hidden fees are included. Everyone who acquires Paltirea can use custom TM stuff for free.

  • TM Film Slider includes a host of configuration options, which will help you tweak the home page slider with multiple layers fast and easy.
  • TM MegaMenu. We have already spoken about this element earlier in this post. You can manage its look and feel by adding static blocks, drop-down menus, editing columns and rows, and completing a number of other tasks via a usable admin panel.
  • TM Newsletter Popup is the first thing that people see when reaching the theme. The functionality is completely editable. You can personalize it in a variety of ways so that you attain a design that perfectly matches your brand identity.
  • TM Ajax Search shows suggested search results as user types in a search request.
  • TM Catalog Filter. This is an Ajax-based feature. It lets your customers fine-tune the search results, without waiting for page reloads. It is integrated into category pages. TM Catalog Filter includes grid and list category views, dynamic pagination, product sorting, and the ability to manage the number of items to display on one page.

In addition to a rich set of features, the theme includes a detailed documentation folder, layered PSD files and free 24/7 support. Browse the live demo to see Paltirea - Lingerie Store Magento Theme in action. Feel free to navigate all pages, add items to the wishlist and compare specs of the selected products.

Is there a feature that you enjoyed the most? How do you feel about using this theme in work? Share your thoughts with us below.

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