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  1. Creative photographer resume: balance of creativity and professionalism
  2. How to highlight the best projects from your photographer CV portfolio?
  3. Professional photographer resume: capturing the HR with your experience
  4. Resume for photographer that will increase your chances to be hired
  5. Photographer resume templates
  6. Wrapping up

Capturing the surrounding world in attractive or unusual way demands from a person lots of creativity, skill and hard work. Shooting photos is not just a mechanical process – it is an art and a photographer, therefore, is an artist.

Photographer resume can’t look just like a listing of his skills – it should be more like an artist’s portfolio with examples of photos made in different styles. If you are seeking ways to make your photography skills resume really attractive and compelling – this article will help you. In it, I will describe how to make your photographer resume step out of the line and attract the potential employer’s attention.

Creative photographer resume: balance of creativity and professionalism

As I said previously, the photographer is an artist. The employer who wants to hire a photographer will more likely give a job to a creative and interesting person. However, it is quite easy to overdo with creativity and make the resume too messy and shockingly diverse. There has to be some balance between creative design and a laconic list of skills that could explain the HR what professional experience you have.

What are the advantages of a creative photographer resume:

  • Original design will attract attention to your CV
  • It will allow you to show some part of your designing skills
  • The well-thought-out design could help you to make the resume for photographer more illustrative and understandable

The reasons to balance creativity with strict listings:

  • It is simpler for HR to read some text about your experience than going through tones of pictures.
  • Photographer resume without any strict parts will look childish and unprofessional.
  • Your goal is to make the viewer want to hire you, not to amuse him with your art.

How to highlight the best projects from your photographer CV portfolio?

By this time, I’m sure, you already realized that the portfolio is a must in the resume for a photographer. It is the only way to show that you have some skills and can make professional photos. Despite you pick only the best pictures for your portfolio, there still will be photos you consider to be better than others. It will be really great if your potential employer notices them, which is not guaranteed if there are lots of shots in the portfolio. To assure your best picture will be seen by the client you can use a few tricks:

  • Do the portfolio on some specialized websites like Behance, on Instagram or on your own little portfolio website. It will be easier to navigate and more visually appealing.
  • Create a specialized section for your best works and call it simple “Best projects”. I bet the client would like to see what you consider to be your best pictures.
  • Emphasize the best images visually. It will automatically attract attention.
    • Make them bigger.
    • Add a frame to them.
    • Use bright color in the surrounding design.

Professional photographer resume: capturing the HR with your experience

It could sound strange but not every person writing a CV knows how to list her experience right. On the other hand, it only seems obvious. So, before listing some advice on how to show your experience in the most attractive way I will briefly explain how does the work experience section have to be done right.

  • List the places you work at in reverse chronological order – the latest work experience should go first. Your potential employer will be more interested in your freshest skills, so don’t make him seek for them.
  • Be laconic and concrete. The ideal resume is a one-page resume, so don’t give all the unnecessary details. Only the job position, dates, company mane and details of your work on that position.
  • If there are gaps in your employment – list them too. It is better to explain what have you been doing at that time and why you needed some vacation.

That is not much but it is completely enough to make the “work experience” section of your photographer resume nice and understandable. But how to make it capture the recruiter’s attention? Here are two simple tips.

  1. Instead of describing the actions you performed on your position – write what important achievements you got and what important skills mastered. That information will be much more useful for the employer.
  2. Customize your work experience for the photographer's resume. Every job position can give you skills and knowledge useful for the job you are applying for now. Think about it a little and mention only the facts, relevant to what you would like to achieve in this job position.

Resume for photographer that will increase your chances to be hired

If to be sincere, there’s no strategy that guarantees you’ll get the job. Every HR has his own approach to hiring the employees and it will be really hard to guess in each case. However, there is a number of tricks you can use to make your photography resume stand out from the competition.

  • Don’t hesitate to create a personal website. If you are an experienced photographer and have a huge bunch of complete projects – it will be really convenient to put them to the website. A personal portfolio site could make you look cooler and show what you are capable of in more detail. Creating a website is not a very complicated thing. Take a look at this tutorial about how to build a professional portfolio website.
  • Use numbers to make your photographer resume more concrete. How many personal photo sessions have you made? How many different locations did you work in? What types of the photo have you made? Concrete data makes your CV is more convincing.
  • Some of the HRs prefer to check the CV with a specialized soft, so you should use keywords to pass “the barrier”. For the photographer resume, those words will probably be “photography” and the titles of different software apps that you use in your work.
  • Include the continuing education, as well as finished online courses which are relevant to the job. It will show that you constantly grow and do your best to become even more skillful professional.
  • It is very important to proofread your resume. There can’t be mistakes in the CV – the recruiter could think you haven’t paid much attention to it. You can use some software to check the grammar (like GrammarCheck).
  • Save the resume as a PDF file. The formatting and general design are quite fragile, so it will be better to avoid problems and send the photographer resume that can’t be harmed by the absence of some software or font.

Photographer resume templates

Martin Williams - Photographer & Web Designer Resume Template

A nice example of a minimalistic but still original photography skills resume. The design is quite simple, with lots of space and all the necessary blocks. This photographer resume template package contains also a ready-made design for a cover letter, printable portfolio, and business cards. It will look really stylish to have all those paper stuff in one style. I really like that background effect used for skills section – it makes the whole CV look very professional. The resume template is offered in different formats, so you will be able to customize it with the software app you prefer most.

Smith Jkdonal Modern Resume Template

Just look at those gradient design details – they make the photographer CV look so bright and eye-catching. The template allows you to mix different colors there, just choose the two you like the most. As you can see – it is a one-page resume, which is an ideal solution (recruiters don’t like CVs that have more than one page). All the parts of the resume template are fully customizable so you will be able to add some sections or delete the ones you don’t need. This great photography resume template package includes the AI, PSD, DOCX and EPS files to make the editing process more convenient for you.

Johnson Graphic Designer Resume Template

This awesomely designed template allows you to add your best photo to the header background. That option completely changes the look of the page and make it look more creative. The main background color is light-gray and on it, the white lines look really cool, highlighting the important information and don’t create a “messy” feeling. The template includes not only the CV page but also a cover letter page too that are provided in DOCX, PSD and EPS formats. All the used fonts are completely free, so you won’t have problems with editing the CV.

Crep Modern CV Resume Template

I bet you will love the clean and accurate structure of this photographer resume template. All the information is placed on the blocks that are easy to define and understandably organized. The pages of the template have a standard US size and A4 format, so it will be easy to print. You will be able to customize it with Photoshop, MS Word or Adobe Illustrator and then send to the employer. The set is nice icons go with the template, which allows you to replace in the “Hobbies” section the words with pictures.

Smith Williamson Resume Template

This freelance photographer resume is the most minimalistic and laconic among the listed here. White & black color scheme is great for printing – no matter what printer the recruiter use, your CV will look excellent. Despite the fonts used for this resume are free – they look gorgeous and the links on downloading them are in the file. The template includes a file with detailed instructions about how to customize the template and where to take all the supplies used in it. A simple design is also very versatile, so this resume template could be used for different job offers.

Kedson Smith Word Resume Template

A few bright details could make even simple layout very original and eye-catching. You don’t need to transform your CV into a rainbow to show your creativity – one color will be quite enough. The well-thought-out structure will help you to keep the balance between creativity and professionalism as I mentioned before. The resume is almost ready for printing – you just have to type in your own information. All the elements are resizable and if you would like to change something – there will be no problems with that.

Wrapping up

Now, when you have all the necessary information it is time to start and create your outstanding photographer resume. Gather your best photos, describe all your work experience and send it to the recruiter. Good luck with getting a job position you always dreamed of!

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