Premium WordPress Plugins for Bloggers and Marketers

Looking for ways to get your challenges out of the way? Here is a bunch of WordPress plugins that fulfill most of your needs when you turn from a businessman or a blogger into a marketer.

So if you’d like to check out some tools that tend to get your blogs and offers viral in the audience and get your things sold out, below is a real treat for you.

Let’s take a look!

Create a great powerpoint presentation themes? presentation of the eCommerce or business idea.

Ink-Video Optin

Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

A plugin that converts more visitors into you leads. InkVideo Optin gets you rid of the wasteful old school practice of collecting emails using a simple sign-up form. If your lead generation forms never worked, all was due to lack of visibility and lack of presentation. So to fast build an audience whom you can send newsletters/marketing emails, you need to go an extra mile. This plugin is to help you in that by creating lead generation landing pages, with an email optin form containing lots of information for users, and a video background uploaded by you. What all is so different about this email optin plugin is:

  • You can show the list of benefits you're offering to subscribers.
  • Reflect your brand so that users get more influenced.
  • Show your own text and images, use attractive headings and subheadings.
  • Use styling options for effective presentation.
  • Set an auto message to be delivered at a new subscriber’s inbox.
  • Embed from YouTube or upload your own video show in the background.
  • Create unlimited number of lead generation pages.

Check Out InkVideo

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Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

You want Twitter to give you traffic.. So you must be creating the best possible content, and must be using twitter icon for sharing... But what if still it doesn’t drive results? Actually real challenge is not to create content that visitors feel like sharing, but it is to get them to action.

There are several obvious reasons for ‘why people don’t tweet your content?’ Like - readers don’t pay attention to the twitter icon, it’s away from the area where readers pay attention, readers don’t realize that it’s important for you, and so on...

InkTweet is a cure to all those faults.

With InkTweet you can place the “call to tweet” at the most relevant places within the text body of your blog. You can add a “call to tweet” at as many places you want. Just make sure the text you are asking a visitor to tweet is really worth it. Apart from bringing direct traffic from twitter, this also helps in driving more social referrals to your site which is supposed to boost your search rankings.

Check Out InkTweet

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Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

If you are running any online business for which you need to provide customer support, this plugin is everything you need. InkTicketing is a customer service software for WordPress. You can easily assist your customers and handle their support related queries with the help of a ticket based support system this plugin provides.

It has a well organized backend system through which a user can login and submit his ticket. Further you can retrieve those submitted queries and give solutions. Moreover, plugin has an inbuilt knowledge base and troubleshooter so that users can also find any information or solutions by themselves.

Check Out InkTicketing

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Ink Social Locker

Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

Ink Social Locker is a social sharing WordPress plugin. It makes easier for you to get social shares. You can ask your visitors to share your content on any of the social networks out of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google+. In return, your visitors will be get access to your content.

Moreover, if you don’t want to make sharing compulsory, you can use a bit softer method to evoke them for sharing. Just delay the content to appear for a specific time period if a user happens to mind sharing a lot. “Share it and get instant access OR wait for 20 seconds”

This is how it will work.

Visitors who want instant access and also don’t mind sharing a lot, they can share and get instant access. Another suggested use of the plugin is - if you are giving away any freebies, you can in return ask users to pay you in terms of a like, a share or a tweet and help you make that offer more widespread.

Check Out InkSocial Locker

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Ink Ad Creator

Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

InkAd Creator WordPress plugin easily creates ad banners and allows you to start your promotional ad campaign just in a matter of few min’s. You can showcase ads on your website homepage and other pages as well as insert ad banners inside your blog posts. Moreover you get freedom to display ads in the sidebar widget/on top/bottom bar/or as pop up window.

In addition to that, you can track and analyze ads performance (number of clicks, number of impressions) and conversions. This will help you know the way ads are working better. Ad banners created with InkAd are responsive so that ad banner size can adjust according to a viewer’s device screen. There are various pre-defined ad templates to help you create your desired ad in a few clicks.

Check Out InkAd

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Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

Landing page plays a crucial role in promoting anything on your website. It brings your visitors’ attention to your offerings. If you are launching products on your site but concerned about the design of your landing page, forget your worries now. This landing page builder WordPress plugin has arena of features to create desired landing pages to make your presentation as effective as you want. You can attract users and engage them with your products and services, grab leads’ data with its integrated lead generation form, showcase your entities, and thereby get more conversions.

Check Out InkPage

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Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

InkStyler is focused on styling your WordPress blog posts and pages and making it overall more attractive and easy to grasp. It easily adds buttons, testimonials, checkmarks, and bullets to your content.

Now without touching any code you can...

  • Display “call to action” buttons on your pages or posts.
  • Add Redirect Buttons, Call to Action for SignUp, Subscribe, Download, Purchase, Like, Share Buttons.
  • Highlight main points with colorful check marks, pointers, etc.
  • Showcase beautifully styled testimonials with images.

It provides complete customization of your buttons from styling, color selection, modification, and position adjustments.

Check Out InkStyler

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Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

InkExit takes down the bouncing rate of visitors, and generates more chances of conversions and sales via exit time popup. It is a light box popup plugin that allows displaying special offers, direct response ads, or a Sign-Up form, to people who are getting off your website. A popup appearing at a user’s exit time (when he moves the cursor with an intention to turn off your website window) will give you another chance to retain him when he’s probably running out.

At the time when a user tends to go off, you can...

  • Grab visitors attention on most attractive stuff, offers, they might like instead.
  • Offer mailing list subscription.
  • Ask for feedback as part of survey.
  • Offer a help desk to answer questions.

This plugin helps in harvesting maximum of the traffic you receive. It’s easy, and if you ever used any such things before, you’ll wonder why you ever struggled with other Popup forms before.

Check Out InkExit

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Best premium wordpress plugins for blogs

InkMember is a plugin that converts your generic site into a membership site where paid users enjoy access to your password protected content. Free users only access the content that you’ve kept available for free. In more clear words, you sell your content and make money. What kind of content? Like any kind of video or text content. Whether it be in the form of training course, blogs, ebook, or anything. It has PayPal integrated so that you can collect payments via PayPal. This the most reliable and powerful membership plugin that comes with a comprehensive backend.

Check Out InkMember

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