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Full Control of Your PrestaShop Website: One Module to Rule Them All

Three layout parts that dwell at the heart of customization work,
Seven versions of a module that was constantly evolving,
Eight (sorry, there should be nine, but we have eight) parts of the page, doomed to be customized,
One module for the web designer in his comfortable swivel chair;
In the Land of Website Building where the software lies.

I’m not a really good poet and hope that you would recognize the most popular poem from Lord of the Rings book even after my customization.

PrestaShop is a great CMS that makes your life sufficiently easier (if you are an internet business person, of course). With its help you don’t need to hire a web developer to create a super-efficient online store – you can build it by yourself. However, some of the website owners complain that ready-made templates have a very tight design that doesn’t allow to customize header or footer layout. Even the homepage organization is often strictly pre-designed. Those who can understand this pain will be happy to hear there is a solution to the problem - JX Mega Layout module.

Yeah, that’s a real One Ring to rule them all! Or at least take a full control of your website’s layout.

Three Layout Parts

If to dig really deep, to the bottom of the layout granularity, there will be only three parts – row, column, and wrapper. I’m sure you know what’s column and row are, so only the wrapper needs explanations.

The wrapper is a layout element that contains rows and columns, in other words, it is a block, that could be saved and then used as a solid construction.

At the basics of JX Mega Layout module also lay those three parts. All the customization tools are perfectly visible, so there’s no need to describe it in details (however, if you need some – go through this article, it describes everything in tiniest details). Buttons to add rows, columns and wrappers are placed obviously, you will find them without issues. Styling and editing options are located in the drop-down menu, but that is quite obvious (menu icon is three dots, just like in smartphones, so I assume it is obvious).

prestashop theme

For example, this is how the wrapper with one row and three columns will look like. Quite simple to understand, isn’t it?

prestashop theme

One Point Seven Version

In the previous version of this PrestaShop addon, the user was able to customize only four parts of the page. However, the software is constantly developed and updates expand the number of tools and options. Users who got the 1.6 JX Mega Layout version will receive the latest version for free. Version 1.7 JX Mega Layout module allows you not only to customize general layout but also to place additional content items to the page.

Eight Parts of the Page

Basically, PrestaShop page (in fact it is also true for any website page) has three main parts: header, footer and the main body of the page. JX Mega Layout module allows you to play with eight parts – besides header, footer, and body you can style top column and place additional HTML, banner, video, and slider to any part of the page. The availability of additional content was added in the last update. You now can place any of those four options to the place it is needed just inserting it to the proper wrapper, row, and column.

The process of creating additional content is described in this tutorial, but you might not need it at all – the algorithm is fairly simple. First of all, you create the content you want to add and save it to the proper “Extra content” tab and then use it anywhere on the page you would like to. Content creation windows are intuitively understandable, so you won’t miss anything. Any of saved files are completely editable and if you’d make a mistake it will be easy to fix it.

add content
create html block

And here’s an example of how the added slider will look like on your website. As you can see, sharp pictures are not the only content you can place to a slider. JX Mega Layout module allows you to add products sliders too.

products sliders

Ideal PrestaShop Tool – Vente Template

Vente template

Demo | Download | Hosting

This short PrestaShop JX Mega Layout module review won’t be full without some good example. Those colorful and attractive screenshots I’ve added previously were made from Vente PrestaShop template.

With this theme, you not only get the professionally built design, but also the latest version of JX Mega Layout module. You won’t need to search for it and waste time installing it – you just download the template and start working with it immediately.

And that is not the only advantage of this template. Vente includes 6 different pre-made homepages, 3 variants of the product page, 3 types of quick view tile and a huge products listing. It sufficiently expands the number of instruments the user gets.

comparison functionality

Besides the JX Mega Layout, with Vente template user gets a lot of other PrestaShop addons. In fact, a huge number of available modules us Vente’s main advantage. With this theme, you will be able to add a blog, comparison functionality, Google map, parallax effect, mega menu and about a dozen other features to your PrestaShop website. If you ask me, I consider Security Pack and Products Manager modules to be the most useful of all set.

support Ukraine

From the title of the Security Pack, it’s obvious that this module increases website security. It prevents the possibility of copying the content from pages, allows you to monitor and block users and add watermarks to your images. This module protects the most vulnerable parts of your PrestaShop website.

The Product Manager is a module that replaces your private assistant. If you have a big store with a huge amount of products, it could be complicated to find something. The Product Manager helps you to filter the products and then work with them in groups.


Vente PrestaShop template is completely GDPR ready. The personal data of your clients are safe, so they will feel more comfortable and have some more trust for you. This template goes with full 24/7 tech support, has detailed documentation and a few useful video tutorials. As every modern software, this theme will be improved constantly and every owner will get all the updates completely free.

Wrapping Up

Despite JX Mega Layout module and Vente PrestaShop template are something like the One Ring – don’t throw it into the volcano, please. I wish you to create a marvelous online store and build a profitable business. I will be really interested and happy if you would like to share some hints about PrestaShop usage you discovered. What tools have you used for your PrestaShop shop and were they convenient? Looking forward to hearing some comments from you.

website themes

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