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Stunning Printable Daily Planner Templates (Free and Premium)

  1. What Daily Planner Templates Are and Why You Might Need One
  2. Top 3 Premium Daily Planner Templates from TemplateMonster
  3. Our Choice of Free Printable Daily Planner Templates

Daily Planner Template. Are you an organized and meticulous person? Do you prefer everything to be planned out in advance? That's a great character trait, to be honest, especially in the realities of the modern world full of hassle, stress, and distractions. But here's the thing. It is kind of difficult to keep track of all your tasks without a properly organized daily planner. While you are busy running your errands, you can forget about something really important simply because you haven't written it down on your calendar. Well, some of you might argue that now there are a great variety of digital devices with planners and reminders built in. However, even in a highly digitalized world, there are people who give their preference to analog tools. If you are one of these people and you want to manage your time and life more efficiently, printable daily planner templates are exactly what you need. We have rounded up the best daily planners, both free and premium, in this post. Read on.

What Daily Planner Template is and Why You Might Need One

Daily planner.

A daily planner template is a kind of template that allows you to organize your work or school schedules, make a list of to-do things, manage your appointments, keep track of your meals and exercise, etc. The template usually comes in the form of a printable spreadsheet that consists of columns and sections with timings of the day. In case the hard-copy format isn't your thing, there are quite a few daily planner apps that can be downloaded for free.

Whether you are a business owner or a housewife, a student or a teacher, you need to manage your time effectively in order to get all the tasks done on time. Fine-detailed strategic planning can be reached with the help of such a simple thing as a daily planner template. Your busy schedule is no longer a source of headaches. Thanks to the multifunctionality of daily planner templates, it is easy to stay on track of all chores and errands. Moreover, a lot of templates are equipped with address books and calendar details in addition to the main sections. Thus, you won't forget about important meetings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Once you learn how to maintain a daily planner, life will get a lot easier and less stressful.

Here are a few examples of why you might need a daily planner template:

  • Organize your daily routine
  • Make a list of things to buy
  • Plan out a list of things to do
  • Keep track of appointments
  • Write down meals, calculate calories, etc.
  • Write a daily list of things you are grateful for
  • Map out future goals
  • Pen an important event on your schedule
  • Enhance time management in general
  • Make a habit or vice versa to get rid of a habit
  • Manage finances
  • Make sure you will do exercise, take meds, etc.

Even if planning is among your key strengths, there are tons of distractions that can get in the way of achieving your goals. That is why it is crucial to maintain a daily planner. Not only will it add up to your overall productivity, but also help you take control over your life while keeping the focus on the most important things.

Top 3 Premium Daily Planner Templates from TemplateMonster

Weekly planner.

Organize all your records, tasks, meetings, and goals in a clear-cut way with the help of the best premium daily planner templates from our collection. There's no way you will forget about an important event or checking your kid's homework because everything will be penned down on your schedule.

Calendar Planner Layout with Red Accents Planner

Calendar Planner Layout with Red Accents Planner

We know how difficult it is sometimes for a modern person to keep their finger on the pulse of life. A number of tasks, meetings, and errands each of us has to maintain on a daily basis are overwhelming and some of them can be forgotten. To avoid this, we suggest that you use this awesome calendar planner template. You can customize it to meet your needs: change a company's logo, edit dates, etc. The template is super easy to work with. And the best thing is, you can now share your schedule with your colleagues and employees by attaching this printable daily planner template to your office whiteboard.

Navy Note - Taking Digital Planner

Navy Note - Taking Digital Planner

Here comes your best friend and helper - the new digital day designer daily planner called Navy Note. If you are used to planning things by means of sticking paper notes on your fridge, monitor, mirrors, etc., then this cool daily planner template in the Buju style will become a great replacement. And the good news is, it is a more eco-friendly option. The planner comes in a PDF format and will be compatible with any PDF annotation app that supports imported files. A couple of examples are GoodNotes and Notability. Keep track of your goals, meetings, habits, and expenses in a convenient way with this awesome monthly, weekly, and daily planner template.

Sistec Daily Planner Calendar Design Planner

Sistec Daily Planner Calendar Design Planner

If you like everything to be straightforward and clear, the Sistec Daily Planner template fits the bill. It consists of printable A4-sized planner sheets such as 'Meal Planner', 'Today's Agenda', and 'Week as a Glance' that are easy to follow and functional. In addition, you get calendar planner sheets for each month to write down all important events in one place. The template can be customized in Photoshop and printed right away.

Our Choice of Free Printable Daily Planner Templates

Printable Daily Planner.

Is your daily planner running out of dates? It is time to pick a new one. The best free 2020 daily planner templates are waiting for you below:

Light Purple General Daily Planner Template

Light Purple General Daily Planner Template

This free daily planner template is simple yet functional. It is divided into several sections such as the To-do list, Goals, Urgent, Notes, and Menu timetable. With this template by your side, you will be able to manage your time more efficiently and enjoyably. Besides, Canva allows you to customize any template by providing you with a bunch of color schemes and fonts.

Pink and Blue Simple Daily Planner

Pink and Blue Simple Daily Planner

What we like about this daily planner template most is the inspiring title "Let's get things done today!" But, of course, there are a lot of other cool features apart from the title. The template comes with a number of useful sections among which are appointments, chores, things to buy, etc. It is impressively informative taking into account the limited space of one A4-sized sheet. On top of that, you get to choose from a number of beautiful layout colors.

Simple Daily Planner with Ocean Background.

Simple Daily Planner with Ocean Background.

Simple yet informative. That's how we can describe the following daily planner template. It consists of three white boxes for your notes regarding Daily Tasks, Progress Report, and Workout Schedule complemented by a beautiful background depicting the ocean. The template won't let you forget what needs to be done during the day.

FAQ: Daily Planner Templates

?How do I maintain a daily planner?

To be successful with maintaining a daily planner, you need to:
- keep one planner for both work and personal use
- write all the tasks carefully
- double-check whether or not you have written everything down
- set realistic goals in order to achieve them
- reward yourself for completing the set tasks
- be consistent

?What is the best daily planner?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. You have to pick a daily planner template that meets your needs and lifestyle. Thus, before choosing one, it is a good idea to make a full list of requirements such as sections you wish your planner would have, etc.

?Do daily planner templates really help?

A daily planner, whether it is hard-copy or electronic, is a great way to keep all the tasks and errands in mind: they serve as reminders. Besides, they help with a clearer vision of goals which is also quite a helpful thing in life.

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