Product Hunt Collections: Bits & Pieces of Everything Related to Online Entrepreneurship

Do you visit Product Hunt regularly? Personally, I do. So, this blog post showcases website’s collections that might catch the attention of all MonsterPost readers.

Why did I choose Product Hunt?

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

That’s the truth.

Here're what other respected resources say about Product Hunt.

[...] Product Hunt has become a must-read site in Silicon Valley.

The Verge

[...] Product Hunt is an online community that caters to the tech product fanatics.

VB Venture Beat

[Product Hunt] ballooned in popularity since its humble beginnings and has since become a destination site where folks could submit and vote on their favorite tech products.

TC Tech Crunch

[...] Product Hunt has evolved from a small email list into a must-read for those in the tech and startup space to discover the next great product.

Business Insider

Besides, the variety of topics Product Hunt covers is really impressive (from Wearables to Software engineering)!

They have a simple interface, clean design, and user-friendly navigation. Multiple filters by topics and a comfy search will help you find exactly what you are looking for p.d.q. (pretty damn quick!).

Read on and you’ll find the following info compactly bundled into Product Hunt collections for IT guys:

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Have I sparked your interest? Geat! Have a good time, I bet you’ll get to know a heap of new things you are excited about.

Collections for startuppers

  • Best Startup Growth Books - An ultimate reading list that includes Design, Growth Hacking, Education, Startup, etc. books for anyone looking to grow a startup.
  • Scifi for Startups - Who wants to live in the future? These books are absolutely chock full of startup ideas. All collected by Eric Ries having 32,286 followers on Product Hunt. Eric Ries is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup, a book on the lean startup movement.
  • Lean Startup Tools - Here you will find tools to help you validate, build, and launch your startup. The collection contains Email, Marketing, Public Relations, Developer, Design, Analytics, Productivity, Growth Hacking, Payment, SEO, Education, eCommerce, CSM and other tools.
  • Launching Your Startup - Here's everything you'll need / want when releasing your startup to the world. For instance: email copy from great companies, articles you need to read before launching a startup, your website launch checklist, your Instagram marketing toolkit and so on.
  • Videos For Your Startup - This collection will teach you how to create a video fast and easy to show off your startup.
  • Free Stuff For Startups - Free stuff, tools, and products with free plans to help you get started collected by Hiten Shah. The guy is a real celebrity on Product Hunt - 29,057 followers! Hiten is an American entrepreneur and startup advisor. He is the co-founder and president of the analytics companies KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.
  • The Ultimate Marketing Stack for Startups - All the tools you need to build your best startup marketing strategy like Pexels 2.0, Marketing Stack, Primer 2.0 by Google, Statsbot and many others are on this list.
  • Sales for Startups - A collection of tools to help you build the right connections and sell your product like Clearbit Connect, Bounce Bar, FullContact for Gmail, Sell One Thing, etc.
  • Startup Design Tools - Your one-stop-shop for start-up design tools and resources.
  • Track Your Startup - Tools to help you stay up to date on your metrics (and what people are saying). Notify, Mattermark, App Review Monitor and so on.

Collections of books

  • Naval's Book Recommendations - Books collected by Naval Ravikant - 25,315 followers on PH. Naval is the CEO and a co-founder of AngelList. He previously co-founded Epinions (which went public as part of and He is an active Angel investor and has invested in dozens of companies, including Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Stack Overflow and Wanelo. Would you like to know what’s going on in his head?
  • Guess whose favorite books these are? - This is a great collection of books on web design and development.
  • Coffee Table Books - If you want to be the heart of the party or make an impression at the friendly or business meet up, look through these books collected by Ryan Hoover - 31,456 followers. They really inspire conversation! Ryan is a product guy with a passion for startups, product design, and personal growth. He’s the Founder of Product Hunt (YC S14), created Startup Edition, worked as an EIR at Tradecraft, and was the Director of Product at PlayHaven. He’s also a contributing writer to Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal. Additionally, he’s written over 150 essays, many of which are featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, Pando, Fast Company, and The Next Web.
  • Books for Founders - Building a startup is tough. These books might help, curated by industry veterans.
  • 21 Books by Billionaires - These books will teach you how to run the world via @BusinessInsider. They are collected by Ben Tossell who has 4,987 followers on PH. Ben is the Community Manager at Product.
  • Bill Gates' Best Books of 2015 - Here is a collection of the best books Bill Gates' read in 2015. Everybody knows who is Henry "Bill" Gates III. He is an American business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and programmer. Bill and Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft in 1975. The corp became the world's largest PC software company. During his career at Microsoft, Gates held the positions of chairman, CEO and chief software architect, and was the largest individual shareholder until May 2014. Gates has authored and co-authored several books. Starting in 1987, Gates was included in the Forbes list of the world's wealthiest people. Between 2009 and 2014, his wealth doubled from US$40 billion to more than US$82 billion. Between 2013 and 2014, his wealth increased by US$15 billion. Gates is currently the wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of US$78.3 billion as of August 2016. But do you know what people like Bill read? Check out this list!
  • Favorite Books - These are favorite books across management, leadership, design, product, investing and more collected by Ryan Sarver - 7,058 followers. Ryan blogs about some topics that he cares about: technology, travel, food + wine, and photography. He’s spent the past 10+ years working at startups of various sizes and most recently he worked at Twitter where he was an early employee and ran the Twitter Platform for four years.
  • Great Books for Entrepreneurs - These are Mark Cuban's - 34,372 followers must-reads for founders. Mark is an American businessman and investor. He is the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, and Magnolia Pictures, and is the chairman of the HDTV cable network AXS TV. He is also a "shark" investor on the television series, Shark Tank. In 2011, Cuban wrote an e-book, How to Win at the Sport of Business, in which he chronicles his life experiences in business and sports.
  • Product Design Books Not About Product Design - The books were collected by Hunter Walk - 22,280 followers. He is 99% humble, 1% brag, as he tells about himself. Currently Hunter is a Partner @Homebrew. Previously he led consumer product management at YouTube, delivering billions of playbacks a day across computers, phones, tablets and TVs. Joined Google in 2003 managing product and sales efforts for Google’s contextual advertising business. He is also a founding member of the product and marketing team at Linden Lab, the creators of online virtual world Second Life. Earlier, a management consultant and also spent a year at Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, broadcasting to an audience of insomniacs, truckers and college students.
  • Most Upvoted in Books - 22 awesome books on Startup, Freelance, Science, Productivity, etc. in celebration of Product Hunt 2-year anniversary.
  • Books WordPress Themes - A collection of books WP themes from TemplateMonster.

Collections of podcasts

  • Podcasts for Entrepreneurs - The best podcasts for startup advice, founder stories, and insights from VCs.
  • Podcast tech - New resources for making, sharing, & listening to audio stories collected by Emily Saltz, a Content Strategist.
  • Podcast Apps for iOS - A brief collection of some compelling apps to find and listen to podcasts on the iPhone.
  • Podcast Apps for Android - A small collection of some of the most popular Android podcast apps.
  • Great Entrepreneurial Podcast Episodes - A sampling of powerful conversations, interviews, and insights from the most interesting people in the startup world collected by Alex Carter - nerd, feminist, humanist, making podcasts social. Alex co-founded @getKnomad and launched podcasts for @ProductHunt.

Tools for designers and developers

  • Design Productivity Tools - Collected by Laura Busche. Laura has mentored over 90 startups in lean brand development to generate conversion and growth. She was a digital marketing mentor for the Colombian government’s program for two years, where over 300 entrepreneurs learned ways to acquire customers while reducing waste. Her areas of expertise include consumer research, digital marketing and lean branding principles. She is the author of O’Reilly’s Lean Branding book, which came out in 2014. Laura regularly writes about branding and business at She has worked in Groupon, National Geographic and co-founded a digital agency called Ozone Group ( in 2008. In 2013 she was invited by the World Economic Forum to make part of its Global Shapers community. In 2015, Laura started working with the team at Creative Market (acquired by Autodesk) as a Brand Content Strategist.
  • Color Palette - A collection by Alexis Hebert-Ruiz. Alexis is a global Xbox Marketing Influencer and eSports Manager. Gamer, food lover, Mom, and immature humor specialist.
  • Top resources for Web Developers - Collected by Jamie Peak. Jamie is a Designer & Front-end developer at Podmedics. He has worked for Podmedics for over 3 years and they focus on improving healthcare related applications. It has been his passion to work as a web designer and front-end developer for a total of 10 years, creating well-written, structured and scalable HTML, CSS and Javascript. As well as working full time he also enjoys creating side projects - in 2013 he created CodePad which was designed for its members to save and share code snippets. CodePad gained 8000+ members before it was acquired in 2015 by Andrian Valeanu — the founder of DesignModo. In addition to working within Podmedics and creating side projects, he is enthusiastic about designing iOS and android apps as well as premium design assets. H has created and sold over 2500 premium design assets such as templates, UI kits, icon sets etc.
  • Alternatives to Google Calendar - Google Calendar is down... It's time to find the alternatives! Ben Tossell - 5,003 followers has collected them for us. Ben is a Community Manager at Product Hunt.
  • Tools to Build Your Next Website - This set of tools will help you build your next website faster and cheaper. It was collected by Kevin William David - 3,188 followers. Kevin characterizes himself as a lunatic hustler & gladiator in the startup arena. Learning to be a human, fit-man, classical pianist, percussionist & electronic music producer. He loves EDM. He is one of the founders of WalletKit Inc. They are funded by 500Startups. He is also a hyperactive Product Hunter. Been a user from day 1, currently among the top 3 on the Product Hunt leaderboard.
  • Tools for Designers - Get inspired and design like a pro with these handy tools.
  • Tools for Freelancers - Find work, get paid, and manage your freelance career like a boss with these tools.
  • Sketch tools and resources - Collected by Milos Milikic. Milos is a UI designer from Serbia. He’s passionate about designing pixel-perfect user interfaces (for mobile and web) and websites. He also codes HTML/CSS and WordPress sites. He is a co-founder of Monkey Bits digital agency. They created Beat Music Player for iPhone. They are also working on a couple of new projects at the moment. He also created, a website for all kind of resources and things related to Sketch app.
  • Design Tools for Non-Designers - Not a designer? No problem. These tools can help. The collection was gathered by Garrett Jestice. Garrett is the Product Marketing Manager for Lucidpress. When he’s not thinking about new ways to grow the Lucidpress business, he enjoys watching sports, playing Uno, and showing off his mad barbecuing skills.
  • Great tools for making an app - Collected by Nico Mage. Nico is a UX / UI enthusiast, Skateboard lover, co-creator & designer @ItRocksStudio, Happy Genius @iAdvize.
  • Design Tools for Beginners - Start learning now, it will be fun with these tools.
  • Prototyping Tools - Bring your ideas to life with these prototyping tools collected by Matt Hartman. Matt manages seed investing at betaworks. Previously, he worked at Hot Potato and Trammell Crow Company and founded ReferBoost and JustBecause.
  • Best Stock Photography Tools - Finding great images is hard. These tools make it (a lot) easier.
  • WordPress Themes for Designers - Premium WP themes for designers & developers from TemplateMonster.

Collections of useful apps

  • Apps for Product Managers - Tools, books and other stuff that you might find yourself using frequently as a PM. Collected by Adam Kazwell. Adam is an observer, collector, opportunity recognizer. It all started in with Notepad, MS Paint, and a 2400 baud connection...his first site was officially live and he was hooked. Since then, he's loved trying to make sense of what's next and help make the web (and now apps) better. A lot of people in San Francisco identify him as a "product person" and he is one of em 😉 but it's a broad term. For Adam, it means always being on the lookout for what's new, noticing ways to create additional value, and thinking about how to improve the process of getting things built.
  • Smart Money Apps - Manage and invest your cash like a boss with these apps.
  • Twitter Apps - Apps to analyse, sort and grow your Twitter account.
  • Personal Assistant Apps - Offload your to-do list and save time with these helpful products.
  • Rad GIF Apps - Make the Internet smile with GIFs.
  • Productivity Apps - Products to help you be more productive in life and work.
  • Apps for Gmail - Email like a pro with these handy tools and extensions.
  • Mac App of the Year - Nominees for the Golden Kitty Awards.

Collections for marketers

  • Tools for Marketers & Growth Hackers - A collection of products to grow your business or side project.
  • Growth / Marketing Tools - Here's what the pros use to grow their business.
  • Product Marketing - A collection of books, resources and tools for product marketers Collected by David Cancel - 4,892 followers. David is Chief Product Officer at HubSpot following HubSpot's acquisition of Performable, where he was previously former CEO & Founder. Until recently David was the CTO & co-founder of Lookery. Before starting Lookery David started Compete where he was the CTO, acquired by Taylor Nelson Sofres. Prior to Compete David was the CTO of BuyerZone, acquired by Reed Elsevier.In the late 90's he was a part of the founding team of & part of Lycos. In addition to HubSpot, David is on the advisory boards of Spark Capital, Visible Measures, Sonian Networks, Yotta and Shareaholic.
  • Content Marketing Must-Haves - From writing to analytics to social media management: all things necessary for content marketing - besides the quality of content 🙂 by Rachel Vanier, who is interested in startup + web + content marketing.
  • Full Stack Marketing for Startups - A collection of wide-ranging marketing tools for startups.
  • Marketing WordPress Themes - Here you will find a collection of pre-designed themes from TemplateMonster.

Collections of awesome freebies

  • Mockups on Mockups - Prepare for your next presentation in seconds.
  • Free Swift Stuff - Starting to code in Swift is made even easier! Collected by Brandon Lucas Green. Product builder & tinkerer. Music composer & producer. Aspiring writer. Caffeine addict.
  • Free Mac Utilities - Fantastic (and free!) utilities for your Macbook.
  • Tools for Freelancers - Find work, get paid, and manage your freelance career like a boss.
  • Time Tracking for Freelancers - Never lose track of your worked hours with this useful collection.

Collections of fun stuff

  • GIF Everything - Tools of the trade for creating the most GIFable tweets by Niv Dror - 3,679 followers. Niv Dror is part of the community team at Product Hunt, a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. He was previously the first community manager at Meerkat.
  • Simulator Games - Your real life is boring. Step into someone else's shoes!
  • Classic Games Reimagined - Same great games with a brand new twist.
  • Minimalist Games - Do you like to play games built with "Less is more" principle in mind?
  • Get Out More - Products that make it fun to get up and out of the house.
  • Comedy Tech - Products that make your life a little less serious by Tristan Pollock - 2,096 followers. Tristan is an Entrepreneur in Residence and Venture Partner at 500 Startups, the world's most active seed fund and startup accelerator. Tristan is also empowering the most creative people in the world as co-founder of Storefront. Hailed as 'Airbnb for Retail' by The New York Times, Storefront is backed by leading Silicon Valley investors, hip-hop artist Nas, author Gary Vaynerchuk, and former Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter. His last company, SocialEarth, the Huffington Post for social entrepreneurship won multiple awards for impact journalism and was acquired by 3BL Media in 2012. Tristan has also been named to the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 list, exhibited his street art in a TEDx talk on creative cities, cameoed in NBC Universal's Bazillion Dollar Club, and crafted the most read email of all time reaching over 23 million customers.
  • Fun iOS Apps - Try them out and you'll understand why having an iPhone leads to procrastination.
  • Have Fun in Slack - Do you like to have fun in Slack? What about having more fun there?
  • 2016 Election Fun - Apps, games, and products that make the 2016 election great again!
  • Sci-Fi Fun - A buttonhole of games with Sci-Fi settings that rock.

Collections that inspire

  • NSFW - Handle with care! Do NOT open these at your place of work. Time-predators inside!
  • Make Beautiful Presentations - Tools collected by Chikodi Chima. Chikodi is the West Coast editor of The Next Web, a multimedia producer and entrepreneur who travels the world in search of innovative foods and spicy tech. Asked to choose a favorite, he would answer "both." Chikodi loves apps, does Twitter, Linkedin and has a thing for Tumblr.
  • Create a beautiful resume - Stand out from the crowd with a top-notch resume to bag that dream job.
  • Products for Artists & Art Enthusiasts - Collection by Nichole Elizabeth - 9,712 followers. She is a founder at Authentic Curation, Moderator at Product Hunt &

We hope our collections from Product Hunt were useful / helpful / interesting / fun for you. If you frequently visit this resource, you, probably, have some points to add to our list. Your comments / feedback / additions are welcome at the comment section below.

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