How To Write A Proper Product Manager Resume To Impress Everyone

  1. Writing a successful product manager resume to get the job you want
  2. A product manager resume when you have some experience
  3. A product manager resume when you don’t have any experience
  4. Let’s facilitate product manager resume writing

Product Manager Resume. Writing a perfect resume is always a challenging task, whether you’re just starting your career or you already have more than 5 years of experience. To write an impressive product manager resume, you need to consider numerous factors. However, even if you check dozens of guides and consider all the tips and tricks, you still may not get the job you want. That’s okay. It may happen that you don’t have the necessary experience. Nevertheless, a correctly written product management resume is crucial and it’s your key to success.

First, try to understand what companies expect to see in a product management resume. You need to make sure that you meet the company’s requirements. Of course, if you are an experienced manager, then you already know what you need to do. However, if you are just starting out, then you need to know what you should do. Here are some of the duties:

  • Determining customers’ needs – you need to get the necessary information
  • Understanding the market competition
  • Checking the product market share
  • Working with sales forecasts, etc.

Therefore, your product manager resume has to show that you have the necessary experience or knowledge to perform the required tasks. That’s what an HR manager expects to see. If you don’t have them – the HR manager skips your resume and you lose the chance to get the job.

Moreover, product managers’ resumes have to include skills as well. They may include:

  • People management
  • Pricing
  • Product management
  • Planning
  • Sales planning
  • Customer understanding
  • Product development, etc.

Printable Resume Templates

Write a successful product manager resume to get the job you want

According to researchers, an HR spends around 7 seconds to check a resume. Therefore, creating product management resumes can be a tricky task. You need to make sure that an HR manager sees exactly what they need to be interested in your resume.

There are numerous factors to consider when you write product management resumes. Here are some of the general tips:

It shouldn’t have any mistakes or typos. That should be obvious. Your product manager CV should be perfectly correct. You are required to process large volumes of data and you should be very attentive. A mistake shows that you weren’t thorough enough when reviewing your resume. Don’t ignore online services to help you check grammar. However, you shouldn’t rely on them entirely. You have to check your resume several times to be sure it’s correct.

Avoid too much creativity. A product manager CV is a document after all.

Your skills and knowledge should be at the top of the page. A perfect product manager resume example should follow a certain standard – it has to be easy to read.

It has to be laconic. At the same time, you need to provide an HR manager with the necessary information.

Avoid focusing on personal achievements. A good product manager resume example includes the achievements that help you do your job properly.

Check document formatting several times. Consider adding bulleted lists – they make your resume easy to read and points to the important factors. Moreover, formatting helps to group information visually.

Don’t forget to mention your education as well. Again, you should include some important achievements.

A product manager resume when you have some experience

It’s one of the most important parts. It’s suggested that you write about your experience starting with your current or most recent position. Again, you should include enough information. Writing something like “Company A, product manager, 2018-2020” won’t do. It is okay to start with the company name, your position, and the work period. However, after that section, you should list some of your achievements. Again, it’s important to avoid adding too much information. Consider using numbers – it helps in demonstrating the achievements. For example, “Increased revenue by 20% in 2019 and by 33% in 2020.” Add four or five achievements and your product manager resume will be more impressive and very informative.

A product manager resume when you don’t have any experience

When you write an entry-level product manager resume and you don’t have any experience, you need to focus on objectives. You should mention how you can help a company. Therefore, you need to know what companies do and what they expect from their managers.

However, you can get some experience and that will make your entry-level product manager resume more impressive. Of course, you can’t compete with experienced managers, but you still have an advantage over other competitors.

Your objectives should be clear. Again, it’s important to make sure you don’t include any unnecessary information. You may also include some practical and educational experiences. If you created an app – write about it. If you were part of a research project or mentoring program, talk about it. It’s recommended to start with what you want to achieve and build on that with what you know.

Let’s facilitate product manager resume writing

Writing a truly impressive resume is an extremely challenging task. You need to consider numerous factors. Nevertheless, you still have to compete with other people. The competition can be quite tough (especially, if it’s a popular company). Therefore, you need to use all the available means.

You can try to write it from scratch, but there’s a better option. You can get a high-quality product manager resume template and modify it. The advantages are:

  • You save your time
  • Templates are usually made by experts, who know how to place all the elements correctly.
  • You can choose a product manager resume template and edit it to get the desired look (you can change colors, add some elements or remove them).
  • You may spend some time checking various product manager resumes examples to find the one that you like the most. Here’s a perfect place where you can find first-class product manager resumes examples.

All the product manager resume samples are super flexible – you can change everything about them to make them uniquely yours. Moreover, these product manager resume samples are great if you want to print them. Overall, you just need to spend some time to find the one that you like (there’s a search bar, so it can help you find the template you need) and then modify it. You don’t need to have any special knowledge – it’s all about your artistic taste (keep in mind that it shouldn’t look like a quilt made of different colorful patches).

Here are some of the product manager resume templates:

Product manager resume Description Features Price
Smith Mards Here’s one of the flexible product manager resume templates. It uses the white-gold-dark blue color combination. It uses colors to separate the whole list into several blocks. It has all the necessary parts where you can include personal info, experience, education, etc. A4 sizeThe dark color versionResume + Cover letterCMYK, 300 DPIVector elements – you can resize them without losing qualityGuides, bleedsThe free font is used (the download link is included) From $9
John Modern It doesn’t have many colorful elements. However, it has a place where you can add your photo. It uses the white-grey dark grey color scheme. Again, colors are used to create various blocks where you can add the necessary information. A4 size2-page resume and CV1-page cover letterCMYK, 300 DPIVector elementsMultiple file formats: PSD, AI, EPS, DOCX From $10
Weliyamson This template uses the white-black-gold color combination. It has enough space where you can tell about your education, skills, etc. It has a section where you can add your social media profile links. A41-page resume, CV, cover letterCMYK, 300 DPIVector elements – you can edit them without losing qualityMultiple file formats: PSD, AI, EPS, DOCX From $9
Kedson Smith This is an impressive template that combines white, orange, and light grey colors. It looks quite interesting because it uses some non-standard shapes to divide the page. CMYK, 300 DPIOrange color version1-page resume template1-page cover letter templateBaseline gridVector elements are usedA free font is used (the download link is included) From $10
Smith Bryanhuk Here’s a flexible template that uses black, white, and yellow colors.  You can add the necessary information like education, skills, reference, experience, social media links, etc. It also has a place where you can add your photo. 4 color versions1-page resume template1-page cover letterDocument and baseline gridPrint-ready CMYK, 300 DPIBleeds and guides are includedA free font is used  From $10

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