Promote Your Travel Site Efficiently: Analyze and Segment

Research house eMarketer estimates that worldwide digital travel sales will have risen to nearly $817 billion by 2020.

The travel market is full of potential, and its opportunities are head-spinning. The same applies to the level of competition, though. Therefore, your success solely depends on your visibility to potential clients.

Promote Travel Site

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Types of Tourist Sites – What Do You Need to Know?

A type of a website depends on the travel agency WordPress themes offering.

A large multi-page site is suitable for a big travel agency that offers a bunch of different tours around the world as well as flight and hotel booking services. Such travel sites are for those who contact travel agents regardless of the chosen destination.

A small multi-landing page or separate sites for different countries/leisure activities with the same design are used for small agencies that sell tours to 3-5 locations. For example, a site about Austria with the landing pages dedicated to different leisure activities: skiing, thermal bath, and spas visits, budget tours to different towns. Niche sites are much easier to promote due to the lower competition.

A single landing page is a low-cost sales channel for small agencies or independent agents. It is almost impossible for such a page to reach the TOP just because it won’t have enough content. However, if you narrow the query (for example, "bicycle tours in France"), you can get a single page site to the TOP. For this purpose, try the keyword suggestion/research tool to narrow the target query and to expand semantics.


How come? Why?

Also, be aware that search engines give preferences to the sites that meet all the user requirements. If somebody is looking for a tour in France, goes to your site, scrolls down, does not find what’s needed and then comes back to the search window with the same query – it’s a bad sign for the search engine, and so it won't give it a top position.

Vital Features of Diverse Types of Websites

Type of website



Multi-page catalog of countries, hotels, and resorts
  1. Convenient search form
  2. Plenty of the unique content: descriptions of countries, tours, hotels, photos, videos, customer reviews.
  3. Competent structure and inner-linking: country -> resort -> hotels -> TOP hotels -> neighboring resorts, etc.
  4. Usability: a clear menu or a filter for countries, resorts, hotels, promotions, online support, contacts.
Multi-landing page
  1. Illustrative design.
  2. Short texts that highlight all the benefits of the tour.
  3. More content: photos, videos, reviews that potentially increase visitors' time on spent on the site.
  4. Usability: the user should easily navigate the site.
Georgia and Travel
Single page site
  1. Illustrative design.
  2. Tour benefits and clear CTA.
  3. Reviews.
  4. Tour selection form.
Bali Agung Tours

TA Segmentation

If you do not identify the target audience before the promotion, you will lose your budget as your website visitors won't become your customers.


Robert is so sad; don't let him cry.

So, we are dealing with the two different target audience groups – online and offline tourists.

Online tourists

Offline tourists

  1. Advanced users who don't need consulting with managers, read reviews and blogs, watch video reviews, photos, various ratings of resorts and hotels.
  2. Book flights and hotels only online.
  3. Rarely buy the package tours.
  4. Low loyalty: they won't come to you again just because they have received excellent service for the first time.
  1. Inexperienced PC users who don't trust online purchases.
  2. Prefer to buy a package tour.
  3. Afraid to book flights and hotels themselves.
  4. High loyalty: if they like everything for the first time, they will come to you again and bring relatives and friends.

What do they want to see on the site?

  1. Online flight and hotel booking.
  2. Added non-local chips: shopping tours, medical tours, individual excursions, inexpensive group tours.
  1. Convenient tour selection form.
  2. Very detailed tour description with a price.

website themes

How to Promote

Do online and offline promo while carefully segmenting your audience. Regional promotion is aimed at reaching offline customers who want to visit the travel office and take the hard copies of the tickets themselves. The division into regions can be vast (when the company has several offices in different regional centers) and local (when the company is in a particular district of the city). For example, it is unlikely that customers in London will go from Kingston to Newham for the sake of a travel agency.

Therefore, it's better to promote your services within your district.


Keep calm; everyone stays put.

To ensure that every client can find you in their own region, use the local SEO methods, and track positions via SE Ranking tool down to the city district.

More here


To promote any thematic resource, you need to know the specifics of a particular subject, delve into the sphere and not to paint everyone with the same brush. The promotion of a travel site incorporates the general SEO rules and the features you've read about in this article.

Consider the seasonality, follow the preferences of tourists, choose the right query, and top the travel sites’ list.

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