Proper Understanding of Marketing is Essential to Improve SEO Performance

Earning high ranks is the ultimate objective of SEO, but it does not have much value in marketing unless products or services are sold. If we look at SEO from the marketing perspective, which is the way one should do, you will discover that the very reason for search engine optimization is to make marketing initiatives more forceful. Looking from the marketing perspective, there is more to it than just earning high ranks in search results. You must not only measure the worth of search engine optimization regarding search rankings but should take into account how it has helped improve the marketing results. The most important aspect of SEO is to integrate it with your overall marketing efforts with the purpose of using it to meet the marketing goals.


SEOs that perform marketing activities are the ones that have the highest value. They not only drive more traffic to websites but also aid the overall marketing efforts and provide good ranking businesses in a metropolitan area. Bringing more people to the website is the primary function of search engine optimization that thrives on user satisfaction and user engagement. As SEO is now part of the overall marketing process, it becomes evident that good marketing will push up search rankings and drive more traffic to websites. In this article, we will discuss how the traditional marketing pillars of a product, price, place, and promotion that together form a potent marketing tool can improve both SEO and marketing.

The close link between marketing and SEO

To understand what brings SEO so close to marketing, you have to turn to the classical definition of marketing – presenting the right product, at the right place, at the right time and the right price. Interestingly, the SEO structure is such that by default it achieves some of the marketing aspects without any effort. This brings it closer to the marketing fold. Since buyers fall back on search engines to search products and services, it is, of course, the right place. When they search, it means it is the right time for them. Now, if the product and price are right, it becomes easy to achieve the sales. Let us have a closer look at the elements of marketing that can aid SEO and vice versa.

Product or Service

From the perspective of marketing and SEO, you must know what your customers want so that you can present them the product or service of their choice. The information you gather would serve both the purpose of marketing and search engines, and it will lend clarity about the product ultimately. You must know who your customers are, what their goals are, how you could help them do their job better, what their pain areas are, and finally how they could benefit from the product. The better you can ascertain how your product meets their requirements, the better you will be able to understand your customer. This, in turn, will influence the pricing and promotion of the product or service.


Although the value of a product determines its price, you must always consider the market forces that drive it. The price must have a relation to the existing price levels in your industry. Being on the higher side will render the product unviable while lower price can affect profits. Pricing is a tricky subject, because although you earn revenues whether the price is low or high but low price increases sales whereas high price increases profits. The art of right pricing is in striking the right balance between the two. Another aspect to consider in pricing is the brand value of your product that can help to earn a higher price. However, building brands and reputation is an exercise in itself and takes time. Pay attention to pricing that at the end must ensure you make profits.

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By researching your customers, you will come to know the places they frequent most for buying. Since the majority of clients perform a search on the internet before making any purchase, you must have an online presence. However, the most important aspect is to ascertain what would be the offline channels to explore in case your marketing is a mix of online and off line efforts.

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For the best promotion, that can maximize results you must strategically integrate the marketing channels. You must select the most desired places to highlight your product or service and select promotional campaigns that create the best connect with users. Once again, turn to the customer to know what they like.

In the end, everything depends on the market you operate and the competition. The better you can align the above factors, higher are the chances of success in marketing. If conversions of SEO are a measure of its success, making changes in pricing can help improve SEO results that point to the close link between marketing and SEO.

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