How To Put Digital Products On Sale Through Shopify

  1. How to Understand That Trading Digital Products Is What You Need
  2. The Pros That the Digital Products Commercial Model Brings
  3. Start Selling Shopify Digital Products
  4. The List of Independent Applications Overcoming the Digital Download Gap
    1. SendOwl
    2. Sky Pilot
    3. Fetch
  5. Review of Top 3 Electronic Shopify Themes
    1. SuitUP
    2. Tronex
    3. Soundking
  6. The Last Word

If you have digital products to sell but do not know where to start, this publication will help you understand how to start trading with Shopify.

How to Understand That Trading Digital Products Is What You Need

Let’s say you have a hobby creating something or you are a professional in any kind of business. In both cases, it is possible to sell what you create in digital form.

Even if you do not create anything on your own yet want to run online trading, you may easily become a dealer with your own trademark rights.

For a little inspiration, we recommend checking out the story about the couple who’s made over 600 thousand dollars/year by trading Shopify digital products using Shopify themes and SendOwl.

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The Pros That the Digital Products Commercial Model Brings

The trading of digital products brings more profit to the economy than ever. PWC Global Media and Entertainment has shown that digital products brought about a hundred billion dollars to the market by 2015.

For instance, in 2014, downloads of musical albums reached about 7 billion dollars, which matches the value of physical purchases. Meanwhile, e-book auctions have brought about 6 billion dollars to the economy.

If you still do not believe that selling digital products has advantages, go over a shortlist of benefits below:

  • The endless range of products.
  • World market with no transport costs.
  • Increased rate of profit because of low manufacturing cost.
  • Automatic shipping system and much more.

In the era of technological progress, digital production has become so widespread so you must offer a variety of digital products on the web market.

Start Selling Shopify Digital Products

If you’ve finally decided on selling Shopify digital products, you will have to install a Digital Downloads application on your Shopify account. Once done, you may begin to apply digital files in the form of products. When web store visitors proceed to checkout, they automatically get a download link, and while completing the order they receive a link sent to their email address.

When starting to trade with Shopify, you get an opportunity to arrange the entire process in two different ways corresponding to the sort of products you offer and your personal choice. You may want to implement automation so that the files get promptly sent to the consumers, or carry out the order and forward the files manually.

With the first option, you are still able to make money even if you sleep. Besides, you get a chance to mix physical and digital products, e.g.:

  • A physical disk copy without digital duplicate.
  • A digital duplicate without a physical copy.
  • Physical and digital disc copy including both digital file and the physical item.

Prior to introducing your goods with Shopify, make sure they are 5Gb or less. To stay within dimension limits, go ahead and compact the items into zip files or make use of third-party applications like Dropbox, which give you more space for file size.

The List of Independent Applications Overcoming the Digital Download Gap

Besides the previously-mentioned Digital Downloads applications, there are a few ultimate apps that can help you cope with the delivery of digital products. They can easily be installed directly from the Shopify App Store. Yet, consider the features list of every application to pick the one that best suits your needs.



This application belongs to the outside WE organization and enables trading of any digital product using Shopify. The biggest advantage of this app is that it hosts the goods for you. All you have to do is transfer the file to their servers and pick out the good you want to link it to, and SendOwl will look after the other things.

This app features an automated process for sending a link to a consumer each time the product is fulfilled with SendOwl. You do not have to take full control of the process and may spend this time on something that will bring you even more money.

Sky Pilot

sky pilot

With Sky Pilot, you have a chance to sell media files, such as music, videos, photos, and more, through your Shopify account. The application allows you to establish user pages where your clients can load, browse, or send data related to all their purchases. Sky Pilot also lets the clients enter their accounts to get to their last orders.



One of the first Shopify applications was FetchApp. The developers of Fetch can be proud of impeccable delivery, and a great number of Shopify store owners trust this application and use it for their business. FetchApp hosts the files and automatically sends the download links to the customers.

Review of Top 3 Electronic Shopify Themes

If you want to save some time on developing a website for your project, pre-designed Shopify templates are right for you. Today, we’ve picked top-3 electronic themes to cover.


SuitUP - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | BlueHost

Being quite universal, SuitUP is perfect for putting different products on sale. Thanks to a responsive essence, the template works perfectly on any modern gadget with any screen size. 15 included homepage layouts that are developed for fashion, electronics, furniture, food online stores, and other websites. The installation will take no time, while further customization won’t need any coding skills. Built-in shortcodes will let you apply YouTube and Facebook elements, Ajax buttons, etc. More features included in the package can be found in the list below:

  • 7 ready-made stores with a full range of functions.
  • Numerous listing, blog, and product page layouts.
  • New Pages like FAQs, 404, and Services included.
  • Ajax Filter and Search.
  • Banners, Collection List, Featured Products, Instagram Feed, Lookbook Section, Countdown Banners, and Logolist options.
  • The communication section lets you place all the required info for visitors about your web store. It comes with 6 blocks including Advantages, Blog post carousel, Facebook block, Twitter block, Newsletter, and CLogo grid.
  • Divider helps you create indents between the sections.


Tronex Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Download | BlueHost

Tronex is a multipurpose Shopify theme specifically developed for online stores to make them stand out in a crowd. Thanks to the flexible design of the template, you will be able to activate or disable the features you need to use Tronex to its full extent. In case any issues with installing or using the theme occur, you may communicate them to a professional support team at any time and get high-class assistance. Among the features available out of the box are the following:

  • 3 stunning demos included.
  • 30+ drag-n-drop sections enable codeless customization.
  • The responsive and optimized design makes the site flawlessly work on all devices and screen sizes.
  • Megamenu with 5 various styles.
  • Endless Product Filters.
  • Ajax Autocomplete Search.
  • Ajax Cart Drawer lets your consumers add the product right from the homepage or collection page.
  • Product Switches Style.
  • Image or Color swatch on the collection page.
  • Product Notification Popup allows you to advertise your products.
  • Auto Currency Switcher.
  • Product Infinite Scrolling.
  • Instagram Gallery, etc.


Soundking - Electronics Online Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | BlueHost

Even though Soundking has been specifically developed for headphone web stores, it can also be used for any electronic webshop. After purchasing this theme, you will get groups with large images, quick product view options, multi-currency support, social media integration, and other features that can be found further:

  • Parallax animation gives your visitors an illusion of depth in the 2D environments of your website.
  • Contact Form lets your customer stay in touch with you, request optional details about the goods you offer, and leave feedback on using them.
  • Theme Color Switcher allows you to edit the color palette according to the corporate style.
  • Shopify Visual Builder lets you get as many various layouts as possible.
  • Wishlist option available.
  • Ability to sell the goods on Amazon.


website themes

The Last Word

Since you already know the basics of how to sell digital products using Shopify, you can start trading right away. If you have any kind of products you want to market, do not postpone doing it. In case you already use Shopify for trading, feel free to share your experience in the comments below. We will be glad to learn more about your project and successes in selling your digital goods.

Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Are you going to create a website for your eCommerce business, but the services of graphic designers are still expensive? Maybe you do not want to overpay for something that you can do yourself? Apparelix is an excellent solution to create a fully-fledged website with no programming skills required. Clean and non-loading design, 100% adaptation to various mobile devices, cross-browser compatibility - this is all about minimalism, and Apparelix. The theme is in the green zone in both Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. No doubt, your website will have a perfect perforce and a beautiful modern look, regardless of the products you are going to sell. 

More features:

  • 60+ sections
  • Unlimited color options
  • Customizable layout
  • SEO-friendly design
  • Free updates
  • Lifetime support

Multifly - Multipurpose Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | BlueHost

Printanet - Accessories Online Store Shopify Theme

Printanet - Accessories Online Store Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | BlueHost

Garden Furniture - Furniture & Interior Design Shopify Theme

Garden Furniture - Furniture & Interior Design Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | BlueHost

KarDone - Auto Parts Shop Shopify Theme

KarDone - Auto Parts Shop Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | BlueHost

Meeow - Cute Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Meeow - Cute Pet Shop Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | BlueHost

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