Quality Leads Generation For Web Designers And Developers

  1. What Generates Quality Leads?
  2. How To Create Sales-Ready Leads?
  3. What You Should Remember When Hiring Web Designer?

What Generates Quality Leads?

The question on leads quality or quantity is still open. While arguing they forget about more significant things which make lead a key to business success. A lead is a set of different data like the following ones:

  • It is not just name and phone number. It is a combination of the important information being useful for clients. It consists of demographics, firmographics, buying signals, and contact data. Demographics refer to personal information including name, age and job position. Firmographics say about the company, its annual turnover, number of employees, level of growth, etc. Buying signals are about company’s perfect client characteristics. Contact information makes quality lead if it is provided in as many channels as possible, e.g., email, phone number, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. The more channels you use, the faster you move the client closer to a deal.
  • The data provided in the lead is half the battle. An essential factor is that this information is correct and corresponds to reality. Precise data guarantee time-saving and ending up with sales-ready leads.
  • Everything is evolving, and lead cannot be the same for long. They should continuously be optimized to meet the requirements and expectations of company’s sales reps and clients. Permanent improvements are vital components of a high-quality lead generation.
  • ‘More leads cause more deals’ does not make much sense if the leads are missing vital information. One lead filled with significant data may bring to a deal while hundreds of them are missing the half of the information fail.

High quality leads need more time to spend at yet still increase the productivity and decrease overall costs of the company. There are lead generation programs which are reliable and useful. Do not avoid using them; they are a great help when sales and marketing processes are being optimized.

Tips On How To Create Sales-Ready Leads

As already mentioned, higher quality leads make a company’s overall workflow more productive and help sales reps solve the issues for the future. Below are steps on how to boost better quality leads generation which add more authority to your website.

  • Dedicated sites all have a contact form. The next step the company ought to take is to add one or two qualifying questions to the form. As a result, it will help sales reps better understand the topic they will discuss with the client and set contact order depending on requirements.
  • CTA (call-to-action) link or button. It is usually added to the bottom of the blog post and redirects to the landing page. It seems to be a simple yet powerful way to continue with improved quality lead generation.
  • Share button on landing page works immediately because visitors are pleased to share something they like with their social networks. The more interesting, eye-catching and useful content you have, the faster it is shared.
  • Do not use ‘cookie-cutter’ site templates. Go ahead with the best website you can afford, and make sure the designer tailoring the site for you understands that it is more about marketing rather than good looking. The site built with professionalism makes your visitors trust you and feel confident within online shopping.
  • A/B experiment is the only efficient way to find out what’s working best and increase the conversion rate of your site, and what should be improved. Thanks to tests you will be able to check key design changes before applying them to the website front.
  • It is not highly required, but it is still recommended. Leads form the clients have fun with while filling it in. The experts find such forms lovely and state that making visitors smile is crucial for lead generation.
  • Thank-you pages. When visitors submit a contact form, and the contact information appears in company’s database, a sales rep can send them a kickback emails also called ‘thank-you’ emails. This improves the conversion rate as well because kickback emails are the opportunity to include cta into the email and inspire the potential client to share the data on the social network.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you to stay proactive, increase the quantity of sales-ready leads and conversions consequently.

Leads Generation

What Should You Remember When Hiring Web Designer?

When creating the site from the very beginning and looking for the best web designer, make sure you do not miss some substantial points.

  • Saving money has nothing to do with the highest quality website. By scrimping on the site, you take risks having a middling website that might not bring as much business as you have expected.
  • Using ‘free’ or DIY site builders may cost you more money in the future. Because the site does not look professionally with free builders and brings no audience, you will still need a highly skilled web designer who will be able to correct the situation in the shortest time possible.
  • Hiring designers make sure they understand the primary purpose of the website: to sell something, either service or products, to encourage the visitors to contact you so they can end up giving you money. Designers are sometimes too focused on design and attractive looking. It’s significant if visitors respond to the site ‘Wow! I want this product!’ rather than ‘Wow! What a lovely website!’
  • CMS means Content Management System. It is a program that allows you to update the website by yourself. Without it, you depend on web developer every time the update is required. With CMS you can change the site content, add images and pages whenever you need without having any specific skills. Before signing up a contract make sure your designer will include CMS program, so you will not end up spending more money on developers each time you need changes.
  • One more but not the last point is SEO and Social Media integration to your site. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is responsible for Google search results and how people find you. Social Media including site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is a space where people share their experience. If your designer can help you to integrate SEO and Social Media into full website structure plan, you’ve grabbed success by the tail.

If you have a daily plan on how to improve the website, make more sales-ready leads, if you keep in mind tips and points mentioned above, you will succeed with increased conversion rate.

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