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Raising Brand Awareness: 5 Proven Ways To Get Your Company Noticed Across Social Media

Hey Guys, how’s your summer going?

I hope you are having some real fun! Going out for walks, spending time with friends and dreaming about your upcoming vacation.

Oh, wait...Who are we trying to fool around here...Let’s face it. You probably spend all of your free time on social media.

And I am no different. Despite trying to get back on a fitness and self-development track, I am definitely guilty of procrastinating on social media. We all love cat gifs and enthralling posts with real life lessons in them.

Would you mind conducting an experiment? Grab your phone and open the stats, let’s check how much of a procrastinator you are. What is it saying? How much time do you spend on social apps?

I bet it’s a huge chunk of time, that could be spent on something useful. For example on boosting your products across social media. So, what do you think about killing two birds with one stone? Let’s find out how you can turn the time spent on social media into a great investment for your business.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that your target audience acts in a similar way to you. They also take advantage of every free minute to scroll the feed and kill time while waiting for something to happen. Taking that into account, here are 5 ways to spread the word about your business using the power of social media.

Facebook Advertising

What are the 4 secrets of a successful Facebook ad?

Which format is the most efficient for this type of advertising?

What are the examples of mind-blowing Facebook ads?

These and a handful of other tried and true suggestions can be found in the following tutorial.

Instagram Advertising

Think that you need a talent or to be a magician in order to make your business account popular on Instagram? Think again, because this book will prove the opposite to you . It contains only helpful tips to promote your goods like a pro!

Already have an Instagram account and it’s not generating enough leads or the quality of your photos are not on point? This is the opportunity for you to become a photo guru!

support Ukraine

Join the Marathon

Pinterest Advertising

On Pinterest, less means more, because the rules are strict. No direct calls-to-action and only short descriptions....But there are so many brilliant ways to promote your brand on this social network. Want to know how? We present you with a guide to the world of shareable boards, relevant hashtags, and visual calls-to-action.

Download the book

Twitter Advertising

Forget your previous experience or everything that others say you have to do for your Twitter account to be known worldwide. “How to Gain 1000 Twitter Followers” is a book of no B.S. tips to grow a faithful audience within the framework of 140 characters.

Download the book

Your Dessert

Just one more bit of golden knowledge is left. Oh, no actually, our team has prepared for you 2 “must haves” for top-notch social media marketing. Have we piqued your curiosity? Well, you should have, because these books will make your copy shine brightly, just like a diamond.

Skillful social media marketing, despite the platform, is built on engaging content.

Of, course, each social media site has its own concepts and specialties. Usually, business owners aim to raise brand awareness and attract traffic to their site by means of SMM.

Mind you, you can attract a target audience by posting relevant content on a regular basis. It has to be spiced up with calls-to-action and compelling copy.

Start by learning content marketing essentials and move on to upgrading your writing skills.

How was that, guys? Do you know now how to get your brand noticed on social media? All of these tips were carefully collected by marketing pros from TemplateMonster with the intention of helping you promote your business.

I think you have already enjoyed your slice of educational material, so let’s not be selfish. Come on, think about other people!

Feel free to share this post with your friends so that they can spice up their feed with some useful information. Who knows? Maybe they will be somewhat grateful that you introduced this post to them.

Mary Cosmo

A bookworm, Mary is passionate about literature and posting book reviews. You can find an impressive collection of Mary's reviews here at MonsterPost.

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4 responses to “Raising Brand Awareness: 5 Proven Ways To Get Your Company Noticed Across Social Media”

  1. Artem health says:

    Thank to share with us.. I am reading your post very useful information to share in this blog.. Really thanks

  2. ritik says:

    instagram is a best and in Instagram have a targeted audience

  3. I have seen Instagram has become first priority for many business owners as they have millions of users now and everything on Instagram is very targeted.

    • Mary Kosmo says:

      Yes, you are right. Instagram has become the best way to spread a word about your business and raise loyalty to your brand:)

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