How to Remove Animation from a PowerPoint Presentation?

  1. How to easily customize animation in PowerPoint
  2. How to set up some animations in PowerPoint
  3. How to remove a single object animation
  4. How to delete animations in PowerPoint
  5. How to delete all animations from PPT presentation

If there is no animation in your PowerPoint presentation, it may seem a little bit boring! But if you add some kind of animation to a few slides, it becomes much more interesting to watch your presentation and a lot easier to understand the information.

PowerPoint has more than 20 animation schemes for your slides. The combined scheme provides a given combination of animation effects for the appearance and disappearance of slide elements.

In this post, we are going to talk about animation in PowerPoint. We are sure that it will be really useful!

How to easily customize animation in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint, you have an opportunity to use pictures, text, shapes, and slide animation. Slide animation may be used to draw the audience's attention to certain content or to make it easier to read the slides.

So, to make a fantastic animation in the slides, you need to do the following:

  • Choose the desired element.
  • Choose the More arrow on the Animation section.
  • The animation effect will be transferred to the image or other object of your choice. A small number appears next to the picture, showing that it has animation. An animation symbol will appear in the slide bar next to the slide.

powerpoint templates

How to set up some animations in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Animation Guide for Beginners | PowerPoint 2019 Tutorial

First you need to save the animation that was made in the previous step. You must use the Add Animation command to customize more than one animation.

  • Highlight the object.
  • Click on the Animation tab. In the Advanced Animation group, select Add Animation to see the available animations.
  • Pick up the desired effect for the animation.
  • If an object has more than one effect, it will have another number for another effect. Numbers indicate the order in which the effects will appear in the ready variant of presentation.

Some animation effects have parameters that you can change. For example, for an animation effect, you can control in which direction an object will appear. You can access these parameters from the Effect Options command in the Animation group.

How to remove a single object animation

Using the animation in the PowerPoint program may cause a variety of problems and troubles. In many cases, this may lead to the need to refuse this technique and remove the animation. It is really important to do this correctly so as not to disturb the rest of the elements.

There are two ways of removing animation from a PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Change the existing animation if you simply do not like the selected specific action.
  2. Turn off animation in PowerPoint. There may be a number of reasons for this, up to and including no need.

Let's go through the first item.

You need to do the following:

  • Open the Animation area.
  • Select the desired effect from the list and install it.

That's all! Instead of the previous effect, you will have a new one. It is convenient and simple. In case you just need to change the type of effect, it is much easier and faster than removing and reapplying the animation. It can be especially tangible if there are a lot of effects on the slide; all of them are configured and arranged in the appropriate order.

How to delete animations in PowerPoint

Method 1:

  • Here you need to select an icon near the object to which the action is applied.
  • After that, just press Delete or Backspace. The animation will be deleted.

This is the best way to delete any unnecessary elements without making radical changes. However, it is not so easy to do this when the pile-ups of an action are quite extensive, especially if there are others behind this object.

Method 2:

This method is better suited for situations where it is very difficult to select an effect manually, or the user is confused about what action he is performing.

  • In the Animation section you should press the Animation area button in the Advanced animation option.
  • In the window that opens you can see a detailed list of all effects added to this slide. You can select any one and delete it in the same way using Delete or Backspace, or through the menu called by right mouse button.
  • When choosing a variant, its indicator near the appropriate object in the slide will be highlighted, which allows you to select exactly the one you need.

Method 3:

After all, you can completely remove the object on which the animation is overlaid, or even the entire slide. The method is quite controversial, but it is worth mentioning as well. It can be difficult when there are too many effects; everything is complicated and confusing. In this case, you cannot waste time and just delete everything to create anew. The removal process itself does not cause any problems. Only the consequences can be more complicated.

How to delete all animations from PPT presentation

Unfortunately, there is no such function, if you want to remove all animations from PowerPoint. But do not get upset. There is a solution for you! Very quickly: On the Slideshow tab open the Slideshow Setup button and click the No animation option.

It is that easy!

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?What kinds of animation are there when setting up?

Input (green). This is an animation of the appearance of different objects on the presentation slide.
Highlight (yellow). An object that is already present on a slide undergoes some kind of change.
Output (red). The object disappears from the slide before the slide disappears from the screen. It can be done in many different ways.
Motion path (grey). The object moves on the slide along the planned path.

?How do I change the animation order from the animation area?

In Animation areas, press and drag the desired animation effect up or down. Animation effects will change the order of the animation.

?Why do I need to use PowerPoint animation?

Among the main reasons are:
- Animation helps you control the pace of the presentation.
- It makes your slides look better and more interesting.
It is usually achieved by changing the slide itself or some elements of it. The animation should visually match the content of your presentation and should help you control its pace.

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