Why Sales Automation Is Important?

Sales automation is for people who want to spend more time on profitable trading and avoid movements that steal precious hours or even days. Let’s discover how it works.

When it comes to sales, the first thing every marketing team should do is attract the best target audience - an audience which is not afraid of changes and is ready to spend money on new trendy things.

So, can you name the most active buying demographic group? Of course, millennials! From year to year, they keep the leading position and proudly form the largest part of the US workforce.

This “digital native” generation has a special place for their gadgets and believes that technology is a perfect way to be more efficient and productive. Due to technology, millennials have 24/7 access to their business and private life. No matter, if they are searching for a new dose of useful information or more smartphone apps for eating and exercising right, their affinity to the digital world is apparent. And it also shows the way they shop. These hardworking, ambitious people are used to immediate admission to price comparisons, product information, and peer reviews, tending to buy only worthy things. Brands that can offer maximum convenience at the lowest cost are those who can get an interest from selective millennials.

So, don’t hesitate to provide your business with sales automation at the time of highly-competitive business templates environment. And let’s look at this process more precisely.

What Is Sales Automation?

If you want to enhance your target audience with new clients, be open to changes and innovation. And who knows, maybe today is a good day to move your selling routine from the old-fashioned cold-calling to new-fashioned email marketing.

So, sales automation is a common way to call a special software (sales force automation software) which means an integrated application of customizable sales tools that are determined to be used to automate and streamline the sales cycle. SFA is often used interchangeably with CRM. However, we should differentiate their purposes.

sales Automation

In general, sales automation functionality includes automated sales activities, forecasting, pipeline management, and tracking of customer interactions.

Effective sales automation software will provide you with the opportunity always to analyze the entire sales cycle of your company on time. With its help you will be able to spend more time on selling, refraining from minor things.

The statistic also shows that it’s possible to raise the buying power of your firm for 26%, paying for 14% less time to different sales administrative things.

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What Does Sales Automation Give?

Round-the-clock opportunity management

Sales automation software assists sales managers with the all possible tools to analyze activities of business competitors, complaints or preferences of customers and other relevant metrics, that help to manage growth and measure revenue.

That is useful as it let you know what a part of your business needs some modernization. It guarantees that you are spending money only on the right sales automation technology.

Saving Your Time

Let all time-consuming things get automized! Don’t waste even a minute on scheduling sales appointments, sending follow-up letters and emails, tracking contacts and updating sale opportunities. The right sale automation software will provide you and your marketing team with important information, as it’s able to monitor your sales status daily and nightly.

Improving Customer Service

Every good sales force automation system is supposed to complete customer relationship management of a company.

Increasing Revenue

For example, keeping an eye on clients (what they buy, refuse to buy, and dream about). Sales automation system helps you make the right accent on the most profitable part of your products.

Opportunity Management

Haven’t you known yet, that as a rule sales software includes competitive intelligence functions? Due to this option, it’s easy to monitor competitors' activities. Besides, such a sales automation system eliminates the need for duplicated data entry, out-of-date files, and time-consuming file-sharing. It also helps sales managers find out weak areas that need to be improved.

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Improved up-selling and cross-selling

The best sales automation systems help you gain a better understanding of clients by providing access to customer demographics, order history, and other valuable information.

6 Types of Sales Automation Every Team Should Use

  1. Reporting Automation
  2. Lead Distribution Automation
  3. Lead Prioritization Automation
  4. Record Creation Automation
  5. Sales Collateral Repository Automation
  6. Meeting-Booking Process Automation

Top 10 Most Popular Sales Force Automation Software

  1. HubSpot Sales
  2. Pipedrive
  3. Freshsales
  4. bpm’online sales
  5. xSellco Repricer
  6. Pocketbiz
  7. Infor CPQ
  8. Webnexs Wcomm
  9. ChannelApe
  10. Toolyt

When choosing sales force automation software for your business, pay attention to the following key features:

  • Integration
  • Flexibility
  • Customizable Reports
  • Scalability
  • Mobile Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence

So, make your choice and let it bring you lots of positive results 🙂

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