SEO Resume is Your Key to Success

  1. Creating an impressive SEO resume
  2. What if I have no experience to include in an SEO resume?
  3. An SEO resume. How to save some time?

SEO Resume. The number of websites is growing. They are used widely by companies, businesses, artists, etc. It’s challenging to count all the websites available. Even as you are reading this text new pages are appearing. The main challenge for a user or someone who wants to buy something or get some kind is to find the right website that can satisfy you. The main challenge for someone who sells something or provides any kind of service is to make sure that people can find your website. That’s the case when a search engine optimization specialist is needed. Therefore, if you are one, then you need to have a strong SEO resume to stand out and make companies want to hire you.

The search engine optimization process is extremely important and website owners are always searching for professionals. Proper optimization helps to make a website easy to find. It means that they can increase the number of people, who can find the website. Therefore, website owners can increase the number of clients. However, optimization isn’t that simple. Owners of web pages want to find the best ones and they can spend months finding one.

Another important aspect is the competition. The IT field is growing rapidly. The number of people who are involved in the sphere is very high. It’s important to be able to compete with other professionals. Nevertheless, a good SEO specialist resume is still extremely important. Keep in mind that you are one of the specialists and you need to do everything to make an employer pay attention to your resume.

SEO resume – your key to success.

Creating an impressive SEO resume

It can be quite challenging to create a proper resume. Of course, you can find various services that can help you create a nice resume. You need to provide them with the required information and they will create a nice resume for you. It sounds like a good idea, but it requires you to spend some money.

You can create an SEO manager resume on your own, but it may take some time. There are many nuances when it comes to writing a cover letter or creating a resume. Even if you create a proper resume, you may still need to optimize it to make it easier to find. Nowadays, companies prefer to use various online services to find the specialists they need. Therefore, you need to make your resume “SEO optimized.” The resume should be easy to find – it increases your chances of finding a job.

Please, keep in mind that there are dozens of nuances when it comes to resumes. These tips are “general” ones. Another important factor to keep in mind that even if you follow all the tips 100% it doesn’t mean that you will get the job you want. Different companies may look for something different. One resume may look impressive for certain HRs, while other HRs will find it quite stale. Here are some of the tips that can help you write a good SEO resume.

  • Grammar. Check your resume several times. Make sure that there are zero mistakes, typos, or errors. Search engine optimization is all about attention to detail, so you need to spot every mistake. Don’t hesitate to use online grammar checkers – there are many of them. Scan your resume. However, you shouldn’t rely on them. It would be great to write a resume. Scan it with an online service. Read it. Have some rest (for an hour or two) and read it again. It may be a good idea to avoid using personal pronouns too much. You need to focus on the reader and what they are expecting to see in your resume.
  • File format. Online services have various forms, but it would be great to have your resume saved as a PDF file. This format is secure and software can scan it. Therefore, companies will be able to find your resume, which is great.
  • Correct fonts. Use headings, whitespaces, etc. It helps to guide HR through your resume. It also makes the text look balanced and easy to read.

Start with a summary or an objective.

If you create an entry level SEO resume then start with the objective. You can write what you want to achieve. Don’t forget to tell recruiters about yourself. It would be great to write something like “Strong project management skills.” You need to demonstrate that you already have some skills and knowledge and you already have a general idea of how it works. It would be good to mention that you like what you do and that you would like to learn more. Keep in mind that companies don’t want to just hire someone for 3 months. You need to show that you can be useful to the company if they teach you more. Many companies are ready to hire people and teach them specific skills in order to create the specialists they need. It’s great if you are ready to learn something new.

If you are an experienced person, then start with a summary. Tell recruiters what you’ve already achieved. It shouldn’t be too brief. “Improved search ranking, skilled in SEO tools” – a bad example. Try to write a bit more with lots of detail and provide recruiters with some specifics that are sure to impress them and put you ahead of other applicants.

Experience. That’s where you need to be extremely careful and attentive. It’s recommended to list them in chronological order. Therefore, you begin describing your experience starting with the current or most recent job position. The format is quite simple – job position, company’s name, and how long you worked there. For example, SEO Specialist, John Doe Online Solutions (Nov 2016 – present).

It’s important to make the resume easy to read. Consider using bullet points. However, you should avoid having too many of them. Narrow the list to 5-7 bullet points that describe your duties; that should be enough.

Consider adding facts and numbers. Everything should be 100% clear. The word “improved” is not enough. Add some details – “Improved search ranking to top 10.”

Don’t forget to mention your key achievements. Again, provide recruiters with some details. It’s important to tell how you’ve helped other companies. It helps to understand what you can do and why a company should hire you.

Again, these are some key points you need to focus on when you create an SEO resume. Even if you create a resume considering all the tips mentioned above it doesn’t mean that you will get the job you want. Keep in mind that recruiters will receive and look over dozens of files. Other people may be more experienced or they may have the necessary skills. It’s important not to stop and improve your skills and learn something new.

It also may happen that you’ve already found the company you want to work for. In this case, you need to add an extra step. You need to learn details about the website of the company. Focus on what the company does and what goals they have. Therefore, you can understand what they may expect from you. When you write a resume, write a paragraph or two showing that you know what the company does and how your skills and knowledge can help the company achieve success.

Printable Resume Templates

What if I have no experience to include on an SEO resume?

The answer is simple – get some. You can create a personal website or a blog and improve its search ranking. Again, you can save some time here. Get a nice template here instead of creating a website from scratch. You can find various templates for different kinds of websites. Get a nice theme, customize it, and start improving your search ranking. You can get some experience and mention it in your resume.

You can mention something along the lines of, “Created a website dedicated to automobiles and increased the visitors’ rate up to 500 visitors/day.” Creating a personal project can be a great boost that can make your resume look more attractive. It helps you get some experience and understand how everything works. A recruiter will see that you are interested in search optimization. Moreover, your website may become a source of additional income in the future.

An SEO resume: How to save some time?

As you can see, you may need some time to write an impressive resume. Luckily, there are some ways to save time. Your resume should look professional. It can make a recruiter pay attention to it. Therefore, you should consider getting an impressive template here. You can find numerous files here. Spend some time to find the one that matches your style. You will get everything you need to create an impressive resume. You get one- and two-page templates. These templates are 100% print-ready. These files include various vector components. It means that you can scale them up without losing any quality. These templates have various sections where you need to write the necessary information. It’s a perfect way to save a considerable amount of time.

You still need to write the necessary information properly. However, a professional looking resume can improve your chances. You can consider it to be the combination of two important factors – the included information and design. A recruiter may not pay any attention to your resume if it looks like hundreds of other files. However, a recruiter may pay attention to it because the document looks impressive and it’s well-structured, but if it has many typos or the information isn’t enough – you won’t get the job.

Here are some of the templates for you to use:

Name Short description Features
John Nolan SEO A modern elegant template with various sections where you can mention your experience and skills. Multiple file formats: .docx, .ai, .psd, .pdf, .eps

2 design options – with and without a photo

Business card design included

John Nolan - SEO Specialist Resume An elegant resume for a specialist. It has sections where you can write about you and your achievements. Multiple file formats: .docx, .ai, .psd, .pdf, .eps

2 design options – with and without a photo

Business card design included

Digital Marketing Manager A template with wide sections to include personal information, experience, education, skills, competencies. Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, .pdf, .eps

Business card design included

Alexa Resume Template The file has two large vertical sections where you can mention important information. Multiple file formats: .ai, .psd, Word, Apple Pages


Resizable vector elements

The layered structure for easy editing

One/two page

Smith Mards Word Template It has some space for a photo and several blocks where you can add all the necessary information. It has 1 page-wide block and 2 columns. Dark color version

Multiple files


Free font used

One/two page

The layered structure to facilitate editing

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