A Swell Life of a Digital Nomad: Whipped Cream Story

We are limited but we can push back the borders of our limitations.
– Stephen Covey

There is a kind of people that uses a quote above as a way of living. They forget about limits and borders. We call them digital nomads but lots of people still have no idea about their predestination.

Some think that it’s pretty hard to be a digital nomad, while others consider it easy as a piece of cake.

Fortunately or unfortunately, some time ago I was on the side of the second group and here is why.

It was an ordinary and killing hot day in Wisconsin Dells, Jacob McCloskey prepared waffles for ice cream and froyo, while I was thinking about ways to get out of there as soon as possible.

Seems that we were calm, just a bit exhausted, anyway, both of us couldn’t forget our last talk with Tyler. Yes, we knew that he was a writer deep inside, we knew that he was a part of this store only because he needed to pay for his mom’s bills but it was painful to hear that our best friend decided to quit.

Tyler is a person who can’t stand stereotypes and other old-school stuff that makes people receive fixed salary and work day by day, 9 to 5. That’s why he finally dropped his cashier position at our local store and started his journey as a digital nomad.

Jacob and I knew that he would be good because he spent all nights and days creating his stories after his shift.

Working hours went slowly as your grams on a pedestrian crossing, that’s why it was too hard for me to throw my thoughts away.

Hmm, digital nomad. It felt so epic and exciting as my favorite O'Henry novel mixed with some scotch. Despite a bad Skype connection, I remembered Tyler’s eyes full of happiness and excitement. It seemed to me that I understood what a real fulfillment was. No bosses and suffocating offices, no boring lunches, no stupid jokes, and no daily routine in common.

Waking up in new countries: different cultures, traditions, and nature beauties inspire and develop digital nomads day by day.

Wake up and smell the coffee...

This lifestyle seemed to me as a perfect mixture of freedom and escape. These people explore the most beautiful destinations and work by their laptop with any the Internet connection.

Then I realized that our Skype conversations with Tyler became very rare, he was always tired and busy. One day he was working for 16 hours because had too many projects, and the other day he might have no Wi-Fi, so, broken deadlines and angry customers. Suddenly, I understood that this kind of lifestyle is not so perfect as I imagined in my head, my friend collided with a lack of inspiration, money, and even strengths to move on.

What's the truth about digital nomads?

Every digital nomad needs to have solid skills, exclusively tailored tool chest, special style, an intention to share a point of view in an unusual manner, a huge desire to catch the wind of change, and a high productivity. Every nomad has to find his working rhythm and to decide on his working style.

Find a cozy workspace, be flexible for time zones, get inspired, and do not be afraid of bad experiences. People need to be brave enough to cut off the borders of their comfort zone and to develop themselves to find customers following this way.

No doubt, Tyler continues his lifestyle as a digital nomad. Of course, there are ups and downs, but he is happy to deal with them. He is happy to make efforts, share his stories with different people. Moreover, this way became his only way to enjoy life. Finally, Jacob and I understood that everyone should find their own way of living to be happy and people shouldn’t judge or envy because they will never know the truth until they follow the same way.

Even though it’s been a while from that time, I still remember these guys and my reflections. You know, perhaps, we are split into groups of people that should make the world better in different ways.

Somebody can enrich karma by taking care of flowers; somebody can’t live without composing lyrics, Jacob still gets happier by preparing the waffles, for now, in his own ice cream & froyo store.

And what about me? I’m writing this post to you, while somewhere on the rear end of the Earth, some digital nomad was bitten by a malaria mosquito.

P.S. What do you think about digital nomads? What tips would you like to share with them? We’re always happy to hear from you, so, feel free to tell your story in the comments section! If you'd like to become a digital nomad, check our premium WordPress themes to get started with your own website. Do not forget to rate and share this story with your friends! Thanks for reading 🙂

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