TemplateMonster Annual Review 2017

Happy New Year of the Earth Dog! May it bring only positive changes to your life! We wish you lots of love, joy and happiness in 2018! May every project that you launch be a success! May the Year 2018 bring you greater heights and prosperity!

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We did a great job with you in 2017! There were so many achievements and grand changes that it's hardly possible to recollect another year in the history of TemplateMonster that was just as productive. Now, as we are setting the goals for the next 365 days, let's review 2017 and take a quick look at the changes that it brought to all of us.

In the beginning of the New Year, we are always full of expectations that the next 365 days will be better, more joyful and successful than the year that has gone in the history. When the year begins, we set the goals and plan the things that we want to achieve in the near future. Here, in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace, we expect the New Year to bring us new cool release, more web design experts, reliable partners, and more happy clients. We will update the inventory with new cool products and enhance our services. The sky is the limit. Keeping this in mind, we keep moving towards new heights.

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Now, as 2017 has already become a history, it's high time for the traditional annual review.

TemplateMonster 2017 Annual Review

For the entire TemplateMonster family, the year 2017 was eventful. In addition to the launch of a series of the new stunning digital products and revamped services, we organized meetings, launched educational clubs, participated in sports events, celebrated our 15th birthday, and did plenty of other cool things! 🙂

TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

In August 2017, TemplateMonster announced the official launch of the digital marketplace. Vendors from all over the world are welcome to join the marketplace. All of them can sell exclusive and non-exclusive digital products to more than 6 million of TemplateMonster customers. Depending on the type and quality of products that a vendor provide, he can earn up to 70% commission from each sale.

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Shopify Subscription Plans

August 2017 was eventful. 5 months ago we announced the release of Shopify subscription plans. Buying the 1-year subscription, you can save up to 99% on the purchase of Shopify themes from the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. Depending on the frequency of the launch of Shopify sites, you can choose from 3 Shopify subscription plans:

  • Bronze Plan ($228, $19/mo): 60 themes, 5 themes/month;
  • Silver Plan ($348, $29/month): 120 themes, 10 themes/month;
  • Gold Plan ($588, $49/month): unlimited themes, unlimited downloads;

Single Site License (for comparison): $139 for 1 theme.

Loyalty Program

The ability to get premium digital products at the lower cost or for free is not a dream any longer. In 2017, TemplateMonster launched the loyalty program. How can you benefit from it? Each time you buy a digital product that participates in the loyalty program you can receive up to 30% of cashback bonuses to your personal account.

The number of earned bonuses depends on the number of orders that you placed in the marketplace since November 13, 2017. The price of the orders is important. The more you buy the more you can save. When you collect enough bonuses, you can spend them on the purchase of other products in the marketplace. You can also split the payment in order to pay with bonuses and alternative payment methods.

Weblium Do-it-for-me Sitebuilder

There is a brand-new category of products that are available for the purchase at templatemonster.com - ready-made websites. These are websites templates that are loaded with Weblium website builder. Choosing any of them, you will get a unique and professionally-looking website created within 1-2 days by experts from Weblium Studio. Paying for the annual subscription, you will get the chosen template customized as per the needs and requirements of your business. You can personalize the site on your own using the intuitive page builder.

The key reasons to use Weblium include:

  • unique web designs;
  • websites with high load speeds (above 90/100 in PageSpeed Insights) on mobile and desktop devices;
  • fully responsive designs built with the user-friendliness as the top priority;
  • Charge for Success policy guarantees that a client will receive a 100% refund if he is not satisfied with the final results.

These are some of the most significant events that took place in 2017. We didn't include the releases of such flagship templates as Monstroid 2, Woostroid, Impresta, Creado, and other newcomers in the annual review. We guess you are already familiar with all of them.

2018 is already here. The giant digital marketplace gets ready to take your breath away with new cool releases and loud announcements. Follow the updates and stay tuned for more!

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