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We Are All Different But Still Have Similar Values. Top TemplateMonster Customer Reviews [October 2015]

Students, web design agencies, soul entrepreneurs, business owners - TemplateMonster's customers are so diverse in their occupations, shopping habits and views. However, there is one thing that they all have in common. That is a strong desire to get a product that will be the true value for money.

Here, at TemplateMonster we have what you are looking for. Thousands of user reviews that we get each month are the best proof of that. Why do we need to get feedback from you? Well, this is how we can get the things done the right way and provide you with the products stuffed with everything that you need for your work, hobby, studying, etc.

It has become our good tradition to provide everyone who reviews our templates with a reasonable discount. On top of it, the best reviewers get our branded T-shirts featuring web design Guru. Below you can find top 10 TemplateMonster customer's reviews for October 2015.

Want to be listed among our best reviewers and get a good discount for the next purchase at Go ahead and leave your feedback about any product that you've bought from us.


Wegy is a very versatile template
Luis-Rivera5 stars

Wegy is a very flexible template, we will use it for an educational site, for children under 10 years old. We know that children are more likely to use tablets and smartphones and Wegy looks great there.

The look is clean, allows to show what is needed in a simple way. We were happy to see the trade mark as a background symbol while the page is loading, the photo gallery included is really nice, the big and wide menu is fantastic, and all for the same price. (not mentioned the virtuemart store !!!)

I have some experience with joomla, so it wasn't difficult to set it up, Wegy has a lot of positions, so now and in the future all information will have it's place.

KUSIKUY is a quechua (peruvian language) word that means "be happy", and that is the goal through dance, yoga exercises, and play activities.

This site is for a client, two entrepreneur girls that have time working in kindergarten. They want to have small groups of children, having fun while learning and exercising. It was first sight love, when they saw this template.

This site is under construction, and the url is

The package comes with a full functional site installer, it is the easiest way to have the template working, but it needs more space and time. May be useful to have a basic functional package, for example without the virtuemart option. To set it up manually can be a bit difficult.

Until now there were no need to contact the support team.

TemplateMonster is a leader place to find a template with high quality, you can test it previusly at the demo option. And what you see is what you get, no need to buy extra modules not included in the demo.

support Ukraine

On: Wegy Joomla Template


Perfect i made BINGO for real.

spyros-romanos-spyros5 stars

I recently bought this template 54724, I bought it for a client (he is a farmer) and has a culture of fresh fruit and vegetables. I have a lot of factors when I choose a template the first thing I look is for the template to be clean and simple. It’s very important for the persons that visit the website and have a clean image so they can stay more and the website and at the end get in contact and buy items form the company.

The second reason I choose this template is for the way that the main page is presented. I want to call it one page site, all the information with one look. When you press a button at the menu the site scrolls down, its brilliant and my client loved it with one look. All the things you want to see in one page. He didn’t ask for more but I am going to tell you one more reason.

The third and important reason I choose the template is for the reaction that I got from my client. We were looking for templates in template monster of course as I do with all my clients. When we arrived and looked at this template he remained speechless, I looked in his eyes and he told me BINGO.

I want to talk about me a little. I am a web designer and I make websites for living. I don’t know any think about coding, html, css. But thanks to template monster I can provide for my family. I can tell you a lot for choosing a template from template monster the really work very good but the most important reason to trust template monster is the support they provide. It is more than support it works 24 h to 24 and they solve all of your problems. All of you should really try to feel the experience of the support they have. So anyone can make templates but little support them in the right way so I choose template monster. This was the important reason that I choose this and not only this all the templates I get. Template monster create it …. You should get it.
Thanks a lot from Greece, keep on the good work

Spyros Romanos

On: Agricultural Sector Joomla Template


My first template and it could not be better

5 stars

This is my first attempt to use template from and everything went even better than I could expect. It took me a week from the very start to publishing it on website. Of course, most of that time was used to enter website data, so in general, I set up website in a couple of hours.

At some point of time I was creating designs and building websites for other people, but this time I needed one for my own corporate event agency. The whole website cost me the price of template and some good time reminding me how to create websites.

The template is fully customizable, use perfectly designed Cherry framework and does not need any development skills. If there is a need of specific interface changes, all can be done using custom CSS.

The design has two independent menus, which can be adopted to each needs. There is also a separate menu for customizing site identity, defining a any available Google font, main page slider and blog page view customization.

In overall, this template was my time and money saver, which I would recommend anyone, who needs light, clean and responsive site. Thanks for developers.


On: Fashion Model Agency WordPress Theme


The best template out there.

David-Espana-despana5 stars

As a web developer that needs landing pages for products and clients, The monstroid template is hands down the best template I have ever deployed. I highly recommend the monstroid template. This product is justly named, the main theme is just so versatile that your web developer or wordpress guru would thank you for it.

This is not your run in the mil cherry framework theme because the amount of features that this template contains cannot be covered in an article or review, it has child themes that will provide you with options for quick mock ups or minimal developing time. Many themes can keep you boxed in, but this template gives you the ability to easily make any changes on the fly. The MONSTROID is:

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile – CherryFramework, Motopress, SEO friendly
  • The best bang for your buck
  • 24/7 support
  • clear documentation

Being a wordpress developer for the past 4 years the monstroid template is far none the best template I have ever used, I regret not buying the developer bundle to use on other sites, there is not one article with negatives, just positives, do yourself or your stakeholder a favor, get it.

David E.

On: Monstroid WordPress Theme


Corporative theme, perfect experience for my purpose

Joan-Marco5 stars

I was looking for a theme which let me customize it and, at the same time, look like a corporative page. I wanted it to look very professional, so after checking out some options, i decided to buy this one.

About my profile, to understand what i was looking for: i am freelance. I am originally an engineer, but i decided to stop working as that and started studying SEO arts, when i had free time. I also started writing for some enterprises and decided that i needed my own website. It had to look very professional, and here I am. From Spain, 28 years old and very motivated with this project.

My specialities are SEO, Community management, professional writting (Spanish, naturaly) and web design, customizing templates from places like Templatemonster. With their customer service they got the best service i have ever worked with. Congrats.

My website is, but it is not finished. I have to upload some photos and change some parameters, but it is ready at 90%. The url is
The thing i think you should modify about your service is the time when you work alone, with no contact with the customer. When this happens, no questions are replied, and sometimes the agent does not know exactly what is the customer looking for. But i have to say that the service is fantastic. On real time it is perfect, they solve the issues veeeery fast and if they do not know, they contact the developers.

I am really satisfied. 9/10 is my rating.


On: Interior Design Responsive WordPress Theme #52064


Excellent design and ease of installation

ddragoss5 stars

We are a web agency, we work in customizing themes of template monsters, always seek the best theme to start the idea that our client is to achieve, then adapt and customize the theme to stay with the face of our client’s company.

The choice of theme we try to find niche market of aspects of our client along with it try to see attractive points of their own theme structure which are beautiful and well today because the issues evolve over time and it is always important to stay up to date the visual part.

Working on this has been easy because as I had various attributes related to the food and my current client is a chef, the adaptation was little, only apply the visual identity of the client’s brand.

The site is not yet in the air and not yet finalized for lack complete textual parts souls who our customer is developing, so I will not be able to give a preview to you, but I assure you it was a very good job.

The theme itself was easy to install and customize, we can implement it all alone without the support of template monsters, but of course, whenever they need are 10 in service and problem solving.

Finally, buy many topics every month and the template monsters makes me more and more satisfied with their job, my congratulations.

Here is the url: . We are still working on it.


On: Pasta and Ravioli Company WordPress Theme


Versatile and easy to customize

mella-mella5 stars

Our client, who is in the facility management industry, was looking for a responsive one-page design with parallax effects. Among the templates we recommended, #53108 got his attention because of its well organized and clean look.

The sticky menu also played a role in his decision. Even though the colors were far from our client’s corporate identity, he had no problem imagining “his” colours and logo on the elegant grey background, and so the choice was made. Changing the colours and logo was easy enough to implement (as in most other templates I have worked with).

However, as the project developed, we were faced with much more demanding changes. Our client changed his mind and decided to go for a multi-page site instead of the one-page layout he had initially chosen. So we had to turn the main menu into a normal menu instead of a bookmark one, and "transplant" bits of contents from the first page to a large number of inside pages. In the end, all this was less work than could be expected. The template was easy to work with, its css files and images well organized in order to be quickly found and modified. Other changes which became necessary, such as changing the position of the logo and centering the main menu, were a breeze.

I can only recommend this template, even though we have made massive changes it has still the character and initial feel of the original, and the ease of use it provided saved us from having to go back and start from scratch when our client’s preferences changed.

The website will be published on , however it is not live yet, will be by mid December.


On: Air Conditioning Manufacturer Website Template


about Transportation Responsive Joomla Template

5 stars

I buy this template theme3047 (Transportation Responsive Joomla Template) and have a good template to work.

Im webmaster in MGI Multimedia , located in Costa Rica and like buy the templates en Template Monster for the quality, design and good customer attention.

My client M&M work in sales and transport of oils, gas and more products , really like this template, because show the services of your company easy and with a good design.

I work this template and modify for my client M&M and is very easy to change styles, color, images and more items.

  • Responsive 100% is a great template and respond to the world demand about responsive web sites.
  • In the joomla admin panel this template show easy menus, contents, modules and plugs ins.
  • Multi-language in the template full install is very good option.
  • All the modules and plug ins in this template are veary easy to modify and this option let me take control in all website with out problems.
  • Installation work fine, "cero" problems and all the template work very good.
  • All the .css are very easy to find and modify, I really like this option in a template, to not lost work time modify css styles.
  • Images and all content is complete and very good, I really like this template.

I make joomla updates and the template work very good, without problems


On: Transportation Responsive Joomla Template


A magnificiant template for sport shop or similar venture

Guillaume-Voyer-g5 stars

We purchased this template for a client, the process was simple. Just a few minutes after logging in and filling payment information, we got the archive with all theme files, documentation and sources. The whole installation procedure went smoothly due to the easy to follow step by step instructions. This fully responsive template is well documented, easy to work with, compatible across various devices, accessible and easy to adapt.

We chose this template because it was based on Magento, so we knew it would be easily customizable, extensible and developper friendly. As a programmer, working with clean source code in a good structure is important. The template had already everything we needed and even more options to it. It has a lot of features and plugins already included, it made us save a lot of time and money! It was also super easy to configure to meet the customer's needs.

The customer accepted this theme because he liked the look and it fitted its needs. We changed the logo, colors, pictures and texts to make this theme work with the sport equipment rental company we are serving. The design is clean, pleasant, modern and appealing. It has lots of whitespace, so the layout is easy on the eye and the content is easy to find and read. The result is unique and outstanding! TemplateMonster provides great products at a reasonable prices. I am very satisfaid with the quality of the templates. Thank you so much!

The template is used on my customers' following website:


On: Cycling Store Magento Theme



5 stars

The three most important factors that i look for in a website is HTML 5 responsive, clean and simple. Get the Key words noticeable right away.

I grauduated in computer Science but learnt right away that clients are very passionate when it comes to their website. Spending hours coding is not worth it for you or the client.

I love the MOTOCMS back end editing tool. Gets things done perfectly and the client saves alot of money.

I have many people that need marketing help and website development including myself so I decided to resell my talent at editing and marketing websites for others.
My clients are satisfied and have showed it off to their programming friends and they were impressed at the velocity at which i can start and end a project due to the editing tool.

Check it out at

I would only suggest having support set everything up from A to Z ( ftp, domain nameserver changes ) at this point i need to park the domains and change the nameservers.

So far, Support has been great and they resolve everything in the same day.
I give it the highest of ratings.


On: Personal Page Responsive Website Template

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