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30+ Time-Tracking Tools for Companies & Freelancers – Take Control of Your Tasks!

Do you have the feeling that life is passing you by and you don’t have time to enjoy it? You work hard, but it seems that the more you get done, the more there is still for you to do? Time management is a complicated thing; however, you should master it in order to meet all your deadlines and save some time for the simple things you enjoy. Like a vacation at the seaside, a walk in the park with your dog, a picnic with your family, or hang out with friends and so on.

Are you confused? Don’t know where to start? We are here to help you. This blog post offers you a brilliant time tracking software list consisting of 30+ solutions. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a company manager or a freelancer. There is something useful for each particular case. The good news is that most of the software is free or has a free trial period. This way you will have an opportunity to see how helpful it is and if it really improves the quality of your life.

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Would you like to know more about time-tracking software and how you can benefit from using it? Then, just read on.

Let’s start with the definition

Time-tracking software allows its users to record time spent on tasks. It is used not only in the web design industry, but in many others, especially the ones that include hourly employment. Professionals who bill their customers by the hour (lawyers and accountants, for instance) also use it as well. Actually, the software represents an electronic version of the traditional paper timesheet.

What can it do for you?

Tracking time can help to increase productivity because you understand better which activities or events are the cause of time wasting. The software allows accountability and keeping all time data under central control in one location. Many of such packages are able to generate invoices automatically. They are based on the time spent and the hourly fee. Additional billing of related costs to each client or file is also included. Besides, many time-tracking software solutions offer workforce management packages that include time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, human resources, payroll, talent management, and labor analytics.

There are several types of time-tracking software


It is used for entering time spent on performing different tasks.


It automatically records activities performed on a computer.

Time-tracking software can be:

Standalone (used only to record timesheets, and generate reports) and integrated as part of accounting systems (e.g. timesheet data fed directly to company accounts); billing systems (e.g. to generate invoices, especially for contractors, lawyers, etc.); project management systems (e.g. timesheet data used by project management software to visualize the effort being spent on projects or tasks); payroll systems (e.g. to pay employees based on time worked); resource scheduling (e.g. bi-directional integration allows schedulers to schedule staff on jobs, which, can be confirmed and converted to timesheets at completion).

There are several ways by which companies can track employee time with time-tracking software


When an employee enters the expected duration of the task regardless of time spent on completing it.


When an employee enters the actual start and end times of the task.


When a system automatically records standard work hours except for approved time off or LOA.

Clock-in clock-out

When an employee manually records arrival at and departure to and from work.


When system records active and idle time of employee using a computer.


When system determines working status of an employee based on his/her location.

That was a brief introduction to what time-tracking software is and how it can help companies and freelancers manage their time efficiently. And now, for the most interesting and practical part of our article. Here is a collection of time management tools from which you can choose. Browse all solutions; we are sure you’ll find a life-saver for yourself.



Week Plan

My Hours


Time Panther






Kanban Tool




Time Doctor


Desk Time












Ruby Invoice




Work Examiner




Get My Time










Rescue Time




Nut Cache


Hours Tracking




Labor Sync










Speak Up!

That’s it. Only one thing is left to do. Of course you know what it is! We would like to ask you a few simple questions. By answering them you’ll make the author of this blog post happy)). Was this article useful to you? Do you already use time-tracking software? If so, please choose choose that particular solution? Did you like one or several packages from our time management tools collection? What are they? Are you going to use them to streamline your schedule?

Thanks a bunch for your attention and manage your time wisely in order not to miss the most precious moments of your life!

Helga Moreno

Experienced writer passionate about highlighting all the topics related to web, design, marketing, SEO, and more. Follow Helga on Quora.

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  3. says:

    Awesome video, Thanks for sharing with us use the full list.

  4. Masha Esina says:

    Great list! Im still looking for the most suitable app for my team

  5. Backlinkfy says:

    Hi Helga, Thank you for sharing this list. BillQuick will fit right in with the rest of these tools. BillQuick is an intuitive time tracking and billing software that includes invoicing. Most accountants and CPA’s use it to streamline their tasks and integrates with other tools that are also on this list.

  6. Zip Books says:

    Awesome list! Also ZipBooks – Time tracking and accounting software with invoicing. Helps users to manage their finances. Offers plenty of integrations but only a web app. The good news is – it is free!

  7. Sharon Thomson says:

    Great list. I’d like to add ProofHub in your list. ProofHub helps you to manage your projects and collaborate with your team. Highly effective and useful tool.

  8. Doug says:

    Great list. You might think about adding Timogix to the list. One of the big differences between Timogix and most of the vendors in the list is Timogix’s price. It’s a good way for start-ups or small businesses to start tracking time without investing a lot.

  9. Brian O says:

    Check my team favorite choice, we’ve been using Apptivo. This tool has project management solution, so easily managing projects, timesheets, convert project to invoices and more benefits we got from this tool.

    • Helga_Moreno says:

      Thank you very much for your contribution, Brian! I’ll surely check out Apptivo, I think other community members will do the same.

  10. Ola Rybacka says:

    Hi Helga! Thanks for including TimeCamp in this list 🙂

  11. Rahul says:

    Hello Thanks a Lot

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