Tips to Grow Your Online eCommerce Business with WordPress

E-commerce stores have been a huge hit in the recent times. A lot of new business owners and entrepreneurs are eying this digital market to sell their products. These online stores are fancied so much because they save the huge investment of setting up a physical store and the global customer reach is the also an added perk.

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There is a lot of online help available to assist you with either setting up a new website or enhancing your existing E-commerce one. A lot of amazing WordPress Ecommerce Plugins are also available in the market to help you impart the best functionalities to your online store.

Like they say, beginning something is easier than sustaining it. The same goes with the success scale of every E-commerce store. Here is a list of tips that will help you grow your existing online business so that your business can scale to greater heights.

The Basics

basics web design

1. The appropriate web hosting

Never refrain from shelling out solid money while choosing your web hosting provider. Go for the ones that offer daily website data backups, WordPress updates, support etc. and a lot of other features as well. Never compromise by choosing a cheap web hosting provider. A suitable web hosting service will provide you added reliable security features because as an online store, your website will be handling crucial customer data. Also, your E-commerce website will load faster.

2. A Responsive web design

Even if your online store has existed for a while now, you must now consider getting it responsively designed. A responsive web design is the need of the hour and has been the hottest design trend for the past few years.

It will always be a win-win situation for you if your customers are able to place an order through their different devices. Irrespective of the screen size, user platform or the browser; your website will gain business always. If you are setting up a new website or introducing an online store as an addition, a responsive design will help you drive more traffic. Check out the best Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Themes here.

3. SSL certification

Online shoppers are now making informed decisions. They know a lot of why and when they should trust a new website with their money. If yours is an online store without an SSL certificate, consider getting one today. For people who are unaware about SSL certification, this certification testifies to the visitors that your website securely processes all crucial payment details. When shoppers trust you, they will definitely make a purchase, hence growing your business.

4. Setting up Google Analytics

In order to understand how things are going on at your E-commerce store, it is important for you to identify the importance of getting Google Analytics for your WordPress online site. With whatever statistical information you get with this tool, you will be able to track your visitor behavior and score better conversions. With the e-commerce setup tracking, you can correlate the traffic source with every purchase.

User experience tips


1. Making the Checkout page breezy

This is the most important element for any E-commerce website. A potential shopper will abandon your online store if he/she has to put in too much effort to check out with the product and confirm the transaction.

The whole procedure of adding products to the shopping cart and then checking out must be a breezy process without any glitches and the least probability of a failed or stuck-up transaction. To make sure that you are offering your best, you must use the best E-commerce checkout plugins for your WordPress E-commerce store.

2. Live Chat

This feature is a must for all online shopping websites. Customers are prone to a lot of confusion while surfing through a new website. Also, they will appreciate a website that has the Live Chat option so that their basic queries are addressed right away. Consider getting one of the best Live Chat plugins for your online WordPress store.

3. Optimizing the product page with rich content

A website where the products have detailed description page regarding all the specifications are most preferred by experienced customers. These experienced online shoppers make up for the most loyal base of any website’s audience. So, you will not want to miss out on this segment. Hence, it is important to optimize your product page well.

Promotion & Marketing Tips


1. Promotional Email Marketing

If your business has its own email marketing list, your E-commerce store will be able to drive more traffic and achieve subsequent conversions. Newsletters are yet another mode of staying in touch with your loyal subscribers and serving them your platter of timely content.

Promotional marketing also helps in bringing back past customers to get them into a loop so that for future purchase, they visit your online store. Some examples of promotional email marketing are emails and newsletters regarding a special festive offer, a discount coupon or a sale etc.

2. Social Media Selling

Gaining a new customer base through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a hot trend. If you are aware of the fact, Facebook lets you display your products in an online store on your company’s Facebook page. Posting about a new product on your social timelines and pages will prompt interested customers to check your online store. This will bring in traffic and eventually potential customers will be driven in.

3. Blogging and Guest Blogging

A lot of online stores make this mistake of not featuring a blog section on their website because as per them, blogging is not quite relevant to the existence and functioning of an online store. So, if you are one of them, you better try to fix the damage that has been already done. You can either feature customer reviews, reviews of new products, comparisons, expert articles etc. to give your readers something to read and ponder over.

You must feature blogs about the industry of products that you deal in. This way, the audience segment which believes in readership, will be directed to your E-commerce store. If you guest blog on other related sites, you will be able to distribute links to your site. Guest blogging on famous websites will also create awareness about your brand. Make sure that you actively participate in the discussion that follows after your guest blog post goes live.

Affiliate Marketing

A lot of bloggers are available to feature links to your websites on their blogs, in return for some percentage of affiliate marketing commission. This way, your content, and links will be distributed without you putting too much effort into it. There are many WordPress plugins that help you to set up affiliate marketing for your online store. Check out Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Bonus Tip

bonus tip
There is no denying the fact that a certain set of products will always perform better than the other ones. You should always lay more emphasis on your best-performing products because doing so will increase their visibility and bring the rightful amount of revenue. Focusing too much on badly performing products will take away your time and potential revenue.

In a nutshell


The key to running a successful online store is treating oneself like a prospective buyer. When you look at your store in the said manner, you will be able to site the areas that need improvement. Also, it is very crucial to identify and target the right audience when you promote your brand or distribute your content.

E-commerce stores are tempting a lot of businesses with non-technical backgrounds as well; thanks to WordPress. This CMS is capable of bringing up an online store in an easy way that does not overwhelm a small or a medium scale business owner with the technical jargon.

This blog post is centered on helping you improve your existing E-commerce store. Now, that you have an online business where you sell several products, make sure that you employ the discussed tips to help your business grow. For any sort of feedback or suggestion, kindly drop a comment below.


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