Top 10 Travel Blogs That Will Inspire You to Leave Your Full-Time Job

Today, the blogging niche is really wide. If you do something (literally anything) better than others, you can share this skill with people. There are so many ways to spread the word about your skill. For example, you can write about it on your blog, post photos on Instagram, record and publish your videos on YouTube or Vimeo, and use services like Twitch.

There are many popular blogging categories: lifestyle, fashion & beauty blogs, DIY or do-it-yourself, educational, etc. You can talk about anything you like: food, life hacks, art, clothing, makeup techniques, dance moves, cats and so on. However, there is one niche that really stands out - travel blogs. This category is extremely popular and today we are going to tell you why.

What do we usually see in travel blogs?

1. The person and history behind it

No one is born a traveler. Each person who calls himself a lifetime traveler used to be an ordinary office clerk/waiter/teacher/doctor. In other words, all of these travel bloggers used to work 9 to 5 and had the dream to escape somewhere and somehow. So every blogger has his own unique history of becoming a backpacker and completely changing his life.

2. Content

Articles, photos, and videos about recent and upcoming trips. Depending on the blog topics, the person behind it can tell you about cuisines and dishes, highlight some cultural aspects of visited countries, share media of breathtaking views, highlight all the pros and cons of the nomadic way of life, etc.

3. Useful tips

Certainly, travel bloggers often provide their readers with some useful stuff. They can give you advice on top items to travel with or maybe share some promotional codes to get a discount on products or services that may come in handy. Or, they can just tell some cool stories that will definitely prevent you from repeating their mistakes. Anyway, such tips are usually there to help you save your time, money or nerves.

Why are travel blogs so popular?

Do you like traveling? We bet you do. Going to different places, discovering other cultures, meeting new people - these are only some of the pros of taking exciting journeys.

Each and every person on this planet loves having a rest. So when we see some person, who used to live an ordinary life and then became a full-time traveler, we feel some kind of empathy. Obviously, each of us would like to live in a common way. This is why it is so interesting for us to read and follow travel blogs.

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Why should you read travel blogs?

They give you an opportunity to see the whole world right from our PC, tablet, or smartphone. They also motivate you to discover new places, meet people, and step out of your comfort zone. Moreover, an abundance of different tips, discounts, and useful budget planning/booking services you can get from travel bloggers, can be a great bonus for your next trip.

Today, we are going to tell you about the top 10 travel blogs on the web. Let's get straight to our list.

1. One Mile At a Time

Travel Blogs

One Mile At a Time is the travel blog of Ben aka Lucky. He started collecting miles and points when he was 14 and since then he has flown over four million miles with more than 50 countries visited. On his blog, he writes about loyalty programs, miles and points, airlines reviews, and hotels.

2. The Poor Traveler

Travel Blogs

Yoshke and Vins, bloggers from The Poor Traveler project, previously had day jobs and could only travel on weekends or go on vacations. Their first trips together were just disastrous, as they were scammed, and even got lost a couple of times. All these lead them to an idea that they can start a blog, where they will describe their misadventures and prevent their readers from making the same mistakes. The guys will tell you how to plan your travel budget properly.

3. Dan Flying Solo

Travel Blogs

Dan is a solo traveler, who started his life-changing journey in 2014. He really likes traveling on his own, as he thinks it is the best way to learn more about this world, its new places, cultures, and people. He states that traveling is all about education. On his blog, Dan writes about his adventures in different countries. Also, there's a video hub, so you can explore new places together with Dan.

4. A Broken Backpack

Travel Blogs

Mel is a Canadian travel blogger who started her trip in June 2014 with a backpack and only $2000 CAD budget. On her blog, she tells how to travel on a long-term basis. There, you can also find lots of tips, travel planning services and resources, and articles on how to travel at all levels, from super cheap to luxury.

5. My Life Is a Travel Movie

Travel Blogs

Alyssa Ramos is a full-time self-made travel blogger. She had been to more than 85 countries on 7 different continents. She is a solo-traveler and had a quite difficult road to fulfilling her dream to travel on a full-time basis. She has a really inspiring story of reaching her dream. She honestly tells about all the difficulties and milestones she met on her road to success, and shares her thoughts and impressions on her new trips.

6. The Blog Abroad

Travel Blogs

Gloria is a brave, funny-as-hell solo female traveler with a colorful imagination. She started her magical journey right after graduating from college in 2013. Since then, she has visited over 70 countries across 6 continents. She tells about all the pros and cons of a nomad life and tells some hilarious stories that happened to her in this beautiful, yet challenging trip.

7. The Blonde Abroad

Travel Blogs

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning blog of a solo female traveler Kiersten aka Kiki. She was living and working in California, but she left her job in corporate wealth management and started traveling. It happened over 6 years and 70 countries ago. Now Kiki knows all aspects of traveling and shares her tips, guides, articles, and photography with women around the world.

8. Adventure In You

Travel Blogs

Tom and Anna, the owners of this 'kickass travel blog', as they name it themselves, started their trips as two standalone solo travelers. And then they met each other and decided to explore this world together. Since then, they have visited 4 continents together. On their website, you will find tons of educational stuff, useful tips, inspiration, and even a super-handy 'recommended gear' section.

9. Keep Calm and Travel

Travel Blogs

Clelia is an Italian self-ironic girl who had a prestigious job at Burberry London. But she left her full-time job and started a completely new life. Her blog is all about inspiration and motivation. If you are dreaming of becoming a full-time traveler, this blog will get rid of any fears and doubts and will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

10. Camels & Chocolate

Travel Blogs

Camels & Chocolate is a perfect example of how stylish and colorful a travel blog could be. Kristin, the blog's owner, has a sophisticated taste of aesthetics and she is really focused on the design of her blog. Everything, from color scheme to the photography and layout, creates a ‘feeling of presence', like her readers are traveling with her.

Want to start your own travel blog?

We know that the guys above are super inspirational and their stories do make us believe that we can live a wonderful life, doing the things we really love. So in case if you are inspired enough to start your own travel blog, we have a great option for you. There’s no need to pay a lot for a custom website or to hire a team of web designers and developers.
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We hope you liked our list of top 10 travel blogs on the web. If you know any other travel blogs that are worth being mentioned on this list, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media. See you soon!

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