Top 9 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Just like web design and development, programming is one of the most forward-thinking occupations one might opt for these days. However, given how fast it grows and develops, many beginners feel confused about one particular programming language that is likely to become their winning ticket. If you are curious about the latest programming language trends, then read on to find it out. Learn all the world's top programming languages in one bundle!



Even though this programming language is already twenty-two years old, it keeps growing and developing. In fact, most of the webpages you find online are written with the aid of JavaScript. That is why there will be no recession in its popularity in the foreseeable future.

The only problem is that there are many JavaScript developers in the industry. So, it might be a tough thing to get into the market easily due to the high competition, unless you’ve got something special to offer. JavaScript is so widespread that new libraries and frameworks continue to emerge. Due to such a huge diversity, programmers must make sure they are up-to-date with the most important JavaScript technologies.



According to Trendy Skills, Java is among the leading languages with a huge demand on the market. Various sources rate its significance, as well as the position on the map, differently. Nevertheless, you should not leave it without attention given how many developers utilize it daily, as well as how many different applications, games and software are written in Java. If you want to create apps for Android OS devices, then Java is the language for you.



According to the TIOBE data provided by Codin Game, around 4% of all users searching for programming language tutorials search for C#. The language was created by Microsoft and has emerged from C, which is almost a dying language nowadays. Over the years, C# has gained numerous special features, which made it stand out from other languages. By the way take a look at this amazing programming bundle: Video Courses to Master C#

Generally speaking, this programming language is popular due to the fact that programmers are able to write different software with various goals and countless purposes in C#. Today, it is widely known and used due to the fact that Microsoft products use it as their main language. So, if it sounds appealing to develop apps running on the.NET framework, then opt for this language.



Most of us are familiar with this programming language since childhood. It is used on different levels of programming and is known to be very compact yet efficient. One can develop many useful tools and apps in Python. Currently, this programming language has the biggest annual growth in demand, according to the Stone River Academy data. So, no wonder that besides being an official language at Goggle, Python is also actively used by social news aggregators like Reddit for the development of their services. Python follows Java and takes the second position with 7%, according to PYPL. Become a Professional Python Programmer Bundle.



This programming language is also among the industry leaders. You should know that not only it was called a language of the year some thirteen years ago, but also that social media giant like Facebook chose it as one of the languages to write their service in. You should opt for PHP programming language given its never-ending potential. PHP is relatively easy to master for beginners and in many cases, it seems to be entirely self-explanatory. Therefore, if you want to obtain a valuable web development skill without blowing your head up, then PHP might be a right programming language choice for you.



Being a general-purpose programming language, Ruby is quite popular too. It will not suit you unless you are looking for ways to find some exciting projects as a freelance developer or run your own campaign. It works better for those who program on their own or in a small group. Ruby is praised for its various advantages such as fast development, ability to write less code and numerous libraries available for it out there. So, identify what you will work on, as well as who you will work with first, and then see how well Ruby fits in the picture. All in all, this programming language is a great discovery. That is exactly why it has been added to the list.



Go programming language saw a sky-rocketing growth in popularity last year. So, don’t be surprised to see how more and more professional programmers and beginners switch to it this year. The language is simply amazing given how easy it is to master and use. That’s why many startups make Go their programming language of choice. Furthermore, Go was developed by Google. It was made the free and open source to the public access, which makes the adoption of Go easier and faster than any other programming language. If you are interested in comparing the performance of Golang to Python, you can use this detailed guide to learn everything you need.



This language is functional, general-purpose and can be used to fulfill many different tasks. It is ideal for the creation of concurrent web services and apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Moz, etc. In 2017, Elixir has the potential to become a mainstream programming language. So, if you plan to develop such web apps as an online chat server for use by multiple users and with numerous chatrooms, Elixir is the language you should consider learning this year.



Introduced to the world by Apple developers, this language is suitable for programmers feeling passionate about creating apps for iOS, MacOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux OS devices. Apps written in Swift work really fast and are more resilient to errors rather than those written in Objective-C. Initially Swift was a proprietary programming language, but five years ago it became open source. According to TIOBE data, Swift gained four places up reaching the 10th place in the index of the most popular programming languages of 2016.

Final Thoughts

Surely different data analytics companies provide different ratings. Nevertheless, all the languages on the list are categorized as the top languages that are worth of the attention of beginners and pros who want to obtain another useful programming skill in 2017 and launch powerful web resources.

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