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Top Reasons Why Web Designers Should Use Content Sliders

If you are planning to build a website, then you must have come across a lot of ideas about how to get on with it. One thing that everyone agrees on is the importance of good web design. Research shows that 38% of users turn away if they find a site’s layout and design unattractive. On the other hand, good website design boosts conversion, helps in building brand reputation, increases traffic, and reduces bounce rates; and a responsive web design helps you reach more customers.

Whatever the goal of your website is, it is important to blend beauty and functionality if at all you are to meet your business objectives. A good looking website will appeal to the eye but might not translate to higher conversion rates if users experience slow load speeds and other technical glitches. To enhance website performance, web designers use various features. Among the most contentious of these is content sliders.

Content sliders are everywhere but opinion on their use is varied. They are part of an emerging trend of features that are supposed to enhance user interaction by making sites more dynamic and alive. They introduce movement which translates to a livelier website. Content sliders are the cause of a constant battle between site owners and designers.

On one hand, they both agree that content sliders are invaluable but then website owners sometimes want these features at all costs. This is where the role of an experienced website designer from comes into play. These experts work closely with you to elaborate further on content sliders and how best to use them on different pages for the best results.

If you are overwhelmed by the ongoing debate on the place of content sliders in web design, below are some factors that will help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Using Content Sliders

Here are some of the reasons why your web designer should consider using content sliders:
  • Space Maximization

The beauty of using content sliders on your website is the fact that you will save space by consolidating different pieces of content into a smaller space. This gives makes it possible for you to fit more content on the screen.

  • Attention Grabbing

Truth be told, the eye is attracted to beautiful images before the mind starts processing the message. Having text content throughout your pages will work against you irrespective of the quality of the content published. Internet users have a short attention span and they are looking for information on the go.

With beautiful, instant, eye-catching sliders, you will be able to hold a reader’s attention. Instead of having to use long-winded texts, you will be able to pass your message in a more interesting way. Whether you are trying to sell or just improve the overall appearance of your site, content sliders work magic.

  • Versatility

One reason why a web designer must consider adding content sliders on your site is the fact that they are flexible and can be used to meet different objectives. For instance, you can use sliders to introduce your site, update content dramatically, use different media together, tell your story, display your products, add news bytes, and share your latest blog and much more. Remember the collapsible deck allows your slides to carry a lot of information without hogging the entire screen.

  • Highlighting Content

Internet users are attracted to novelty and this is one major reason why you need to constantly keep updating your content. Content sliders are perfect if you are regularly updating your content. These sliders give a new look to your website while also giving new content more prominence. Whether you have just launched a new product or service, it is easier to let people know about it by using content sliders.

  • Product Tours

Content sliders are perfect for product tours and you have definitely noticed them on the major websites. One mistake most website admins make is providing a lot of new information at the same time. This not only overwhelms readers but can also affect the overall user experience. With content sliders, you will present all your content in pieces and this is easier for readers to process. They retain more and are inspired to search for more content on your site.

  • Better Understanding of Portfolio

Internet users are more conscious about where they buy goods and services. They want to know your story and yet they don’t like spending all the time going through the long-winded text. It is simpler to present your portfolio in phases on content sliders. This helps customers understand your brand which in turn inspires them to purchase your goods and services. In essence, content sliders can be used in the sales funnel.

  • Beauty Meets Functionality

When it comes to web design, you must appreciate that it is not just about a dazzling website but also the role of every feature you have added to the design. With content sliders, you will not only enhance the appearance of your website but also increase conversion, boost traffic, enhance the user experience and much more.

There are many other reasons to use content sliders and your web designer will explain them to you in detail. The bottom line is that the best practices must be observed when adding content sliders in web design. This will prevent common problems including slow site speed and poor click-through-rate (CTR). They are also not good for mobile and it is not ideal for a call to action (CTA).

To avoid some of the major content sliders pitfalls, make sure you look for the best slider plug-in. This should be easy to use, responsive and should come with technical support. It is important to focus on a single message to avoid distracting readers and also to reduce the number of slides. The greatest mistake you can ever make is to add content sliders with no message because you will be wasting valuable space for no good reason. The best content sliders should also give the user more control, especially by disabling automatic slideshows.

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