Top-10 Shopify Applications for Recently Created Online Stores

Everyone who tends to create an online store and doesn’t want to undertake many efforts should pay attention to Shopify. Although, if you want to boost your business, you may need advanced features that are not available with the default setup. The following top-10 Shopify apps contain extended functions. Let’s take a look at them.


Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme.

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Are you looking for a ready-made solution that would drive more traffic to your online store? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Apparelix is a Shopify theme specifically developed for building a fully-fledged, user-friendly website with a fast loading and intuitive interface. The main template goal is to help you represent the services or products you’re offering at your store and boost potential clients’ interest.

So, let’s start with Apparelix design. It is clean and minimalist which allows you to highlight all essential advantages of the product or service. Not being distracted by any unnecessary elements, the clients can be fully involved in the purchasing process. The theme layout is fully responsive, hence adaptive to any modern device, so the visitors will be able to browse the site from the gadget they have at hand with no hassle.

The list of features, tools, and web elements available in the theme will also impress you a lot. You can count on regular updates with additional homepage layouts, header and footer variations along with different custom pages and skins. Homepage layouts are fully customizable and equipped with ready sections which let you create different types of content including logo, products, and collection. Whereas, Shopify visual builder makes it easier to get as many layouts as you need.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Shopify Applications

It’s not easy to convince visitors that your product is worth purchasing. Turning them into repeat clients is an even more arduous task. Therefore, you need a secret weapon that would make your visitors return to your store again and again. This weapon is called Smile: Rewards & Loyalty. This is a Shopify app that allows applying a loyalty program to your web store to push customers to repeat purchases.

Plug in SEO

Shopify Applications

In order to increase traffic and conversions at your store, you need to care about its SEO. Being optimized for search engines the online content can get to the top of search results hence reaching more visitors. With the Plug in SEO Shopify app, you can configure SEO at your store with just a few clicks.

Sales Pop ‑ Sales Notification

Shopify Applications

Sales Pop is one of the best online marketing applications in 2019. It encourages visitors to make the purchase at your store creating urgency by means of pop-ups. It also allows displaying real-time sales notifications of recent purchases. For more features available with this Shopify app, check the table at the bottom of the page.

Facebook Chat

Shopify Applications

Do you think your business is client-oriented enough? Can you boast with high-class customer service provided at your store? Flawless customer support is essential if you want to stand out in a crowd and ahead among the competitors. In order to make communication with your clients comfortable, you need a specific tool for answering their questions. The Facebook Chat app is the one you might need. It allows talking to your Shopify consumers through Facebook Messenger with no hassle.


Shopify Applications

Oberlo is a must if you plan to sell the products of other companies or, in other words, drop ship. This Shopify app allows you to locate the needed items, add them to your store, and send them out directly to your consumers. With Oberlo, you’ll forget about inventory and the risks.

Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A

Shopify Applications

Prior to making a purchase, the consumers are looking for something that can help them make the final decision. Reviews left by recent clients are just perfect in this case. If you want to display reviews, photos, or Q&A on your web store, go ahead with the Yotpo Shopify app. This is a commerce marketing cloud that enables building buyer confidence, driving traffic, and increasing conversion rate. Being informed, the visitors will sooner make a purchasing decision.


Shopify Applications

If you want to stand out in a crowd, placing custom design products on your store will be the perfect solution. Although, while your consumers place their orders, you need to have those designs somehow printed. This is where the Printful app comes in. Featuring a full-scale printing service it allows you to offer a great number of options on your store. Besides, this application offers a drop shipping function that will help you sell quality print and embroidery items without the risks.

Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO

Shopify Applications

Images sell, thus, they are the most essential resources of your e-commerce store. But still, if you have no idea about the golden rules, you can stay a mediocre store at best. In case you want to boost your business, this Bulk Image Edit Shopify app is a must. While performing the core image-related tasks, it also provides automation options and helps to optimize your product images.

Infinite Options

Shopify Applications

The Infinite Options Shopify app allows you to provide your customers with the ability of item customization while making purchases. Let them personalize your products with popup menus, text and number inputs, radios, radio buttons, etc.

Happy Email

Shopify Applications

Despite the fact that Happy Email is quite a simple tool, it still boasts powerful functionality. With this Shopify app, you can create and send out custom designed welcome emails to brand new consumers as soon as they make their first purchase. This is found to be a personal and friendly touch that helps to turn a one-time client into repeat and loyal customers, boost engagement, and increase sales.

Template installation

Shopify app Pricing Core features Best for
Smile: Rewards & Loyalty Offers 3 plans:
FreeGrowth ($50/month up to 1000 members, $25 per every 500 additional members)Enterprise (contact sales for a quotation)
A variety of programs for a store including loyalty points, VIP, and referrals.
Simple rewards configuration and design
Ability to connect any of the programs with marketing tools
Those relying on the repeat purchases from a loyal clientele
Plug in SEO Offers 2 plans:
Free ForeverPlug in SEO Plus ($20/month)
7-day free trial available
Store scanning for SEO issues
Detailed issues report
Automatic checking (through titles, headings, meta descriptions, page performance, content structure, etc.)
Everyone who wants to locate SEO issues and fix them
Sales Pop ‑ Sales Notification Free Social proof with recent sales notices
Checkout notifications resulting in decreased cart abandonment
Upsell notifications increasing average order value
Free holiday themes
Those preferring to increase conversions on the store by means of artificially created urgency and displayed social proof
Facebook Chat Free Quick Facebook Chat allowing your customers to send you messages through a Messenger live chat widget applied on your store
Ability to load the chat history and the conversation with your customer
Ability to add clients’ accounts to your FB Messenger subscriber list
Everyone who wants to apply live chat to their Shopify store and lead Facebook marketing campaign.
Oberlo Offers 3 plans:
Starter (free and most popular)Basic ($29.90/month)Pro ($79.90/month)
Ability to browse Oberlo marketplace to find the products and sell them at your store
In-depth products stats allowing you to make the right decision when you are searching for products
Verified suppliers option
One-click order shipping
Orders and sales tracking etc.
Those interested in the drop shipping business
Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A Offers several plans:
Free base versionPremium plans (starting from $29/month)
Ability to automatically gather reviews, product photos, Q&As from your clients
Displaying reviews and rates in different places across your web store
Ability to lead reviews and respond to them different ways (publicly or privately)
For anyone who understands the significance of reviews for the online store
Printful Free with a small fee for every order Free design templates with mockup generator
Full control over your profit
Product personalization in accordance with your customers’ preferences
Graphic designers and other creatives who want to focus on building a business rather than printing and shipping process
Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO Offers multiple plans:
Starter (free)Basic ($9.99/month)Premium (19.99/month)Advanced ($49.99/month)Enterprise ($99.99/month)
Ability to optimize image size, alt-name, and name to get higher rankings, more traffic, and sales
Images resize in accordance with Shopify standards
Images protection with watermark
Ability to compress the images to enable the store to load faster
Everyone who displays images of the products on the store and doesn’t want to spend time on optimizing each of them individually
Infinite Options Free Ability to apply the unlimited number of customization options
Additional fee for optional features and services
Bundle add-on products
Those lacking advanced personalization options for the products on their Shopify stores
Happy Email Free Thank-you emails from founders/store owners
Automation for writing emails depending on your brand and information
Everyone searching for another email marketing solution to welcome a new customer to their store.

Closing Thoughts

Except for all well-known benefits Shopify delivers, it is also popular for the ability to customize the way your store should work. All you need to do is get a set of extra applications. Consider using any of the ones we’ve reviewed in this post.

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