10 Top WordPress Button Plugins 2020

  1. Types of WordPress Buttons
  2. Tips for Creating a Converting WordPress Button
  3. What to Look for in a WordPress Button Plugin
  4. Best WordPress Button Plugins
  5. Sum up

What makes a web resource interactive? There are many design tools ready to realize this. Meanwhile, a tiny little thing such as a button can make miracles concerning interactivity and site converting rates.

A simple button on a site allows for performing numerous actions. Thus, it can be an instrument of passage to the next stage, or a user can accept certain terms and conditions.

Ideal buttons don't distract visitors; they are found to constantly click on them. A good button design should look natural and organic so that the user does not evaluate it at a conscious level but automatically follows the specified call. From this article, you will learn what ideal buttons should be found on the site, what they should look like, and some WordPress button plugin solutions.

Types of WordPress Buttons

There are three basic types according to their purpose:

  • Links, from which a user gets to a specified new page after clicking.
  • Social buttons allow users to share links from pages on social networks.
  • Call-to-Action - a type that is psychologically optimized and used to control the user's attention and future actions.

Tips for Creating a Converting WordPress Button

Button design trends have changed during the last few years, from flat design and minimalism to various parallax and other 3D effects. Buttons almost always contain CTA, but users are far from always clicking on them. To increase clickability, you need to make them convincing.

  • It's interesting that the more realistic the button looks, the more often users will click on it. You can achieve the effect of a three-dimensional piece using gradients, shadows, and rounded corners. A person automatically presses dozens of buttons during the day: he or she calls the elevator, turns on the TV or air conditioning, answers phone calls, etc. The more real the button on the site looks, the greater the chance that the user will click it automatically.
  • If the page has too many buttons, it loads too slowly. In addition, the user may become confused when seeing several calls to action. They may not know what to do. Therefore, only use buttons when you need to urge the user to perform an important action for you: buy, download, register, etc. In all other cases, links will be a better choice.
  • Make use of color contrasts. The ideal color is one that immediately makes the visitor notice the button. Please note that the color of the button should contrast both with the background of the site and with the color of the text on the button itself.
  • Size matters a lot. The larger the button, the easier it attracts the user's attention. However, it should not visually absorb or overtake other content.
  • Use words creating a sense of urgency. Now, today, immediately, in one click - these and other words create the effect. Use them in the text on the button to stimulate more clicks. At the same time, use a smooth approach, offer users demos, a free period of use, learning more about the product, etc.
  • You can employ illustrations in a button, using icons, arrows, and other elements. They make buttons more convincing. For example, the arrow shows the user that after clicking on it he or she will go to another page.

Icons increase the efficiency of user interfaces. People perceive visual patterns of icons tens of thousands of times faster than text. This is true when the figures are depicted in transparent background. Interactive buttons prove to be very effective. The visual change of the button when you hover over it further convinces the user to take an action. These can be the change of gradients, a font color, the appearance of the cursor, or a parallax effect.

What to Look for in a WordPress Button Plugin

There are two basic ways to add buttons to your site–coding or using plugins. While for the first method you need to have some HTML or CSS skills, the second path will not require such knowledge and is rather simple. The only obstacle you'll face is the selection process of the best WordPress button plugin. There are many offerings, and we have prepared a list of the most demanded and helpful ones. Some of them are specialized in social icons, others in likes and dislikes, while some provide all types of blocks for your site. See the list and pick the best one for you.

Best WordPress Button Plugins

Buttons Shortcode and Widget

This tool has a clear and easy to use interface. Basic properties:

  • Edit text, icon, shape, color, and size. There is also online viewing.
  • Ability to use in different places: in posts, pages, sidebars, and even in theme files.
  • It allows you to use custom layouts.

WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons

This is a free tool allowing users to get beautiful and elegant buttons. It also has over 700 top rankings and is one of the most customizable instruments. Basic properties:

  • You can generate an extensive number of buttons and use them in posts and shortcode pages. Also, you can change the color, text size, shadow and border style, and more.
  • Buttons created with this plugin look good on both desktop and portable devices.
  • You can add and customize icons for buttons. There are over 35,000 icons.
  • Among the great points of this plugin is Google Font Support.
  • Some of the characteristics that have been described are only available in the premium version of the plugin.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons

This tool represents a way to add buttons in the rich text editor instead of adding shortcodes in the post editor. This approach contributes to making the process more realistic. Basic properties:

  • Simple editing – you can click on the button and edit it using the opened options panel.
  • It employs the latest CSS features.
  • There's a possibility to add great icons.
Forget About Shortcode Buttons
Forget About Shortcode Buttons

Shortcodes Ultimate

This is another highly rated WordPress button plugin. Namely, this is the tool providing a collection of various visual and functional elements. You can devise not only buttons but also tabs, boxes, sliders, carousels, videos, and more. Basic properties:

  • It contains more than fifty beautiful shortcodes.
  • To insert a shortcode, you need to make only one click.
  • There's a preview option.
  • The design is adaptive and works with any theme.
  • It's compatible with Gutenberg.


The laconic name of this tool reflects the simplicity of its use. With its help, you can generate buttons and customize them. Basic properties:

  • There are seven social sets and nine sets of other buttons.
  • You can have a live preview of the produced pieces.
  • Use gradient, font sizes, various colors, shadows, borders, and other style means to make a button you wish.
Developer: webdzier
Price: Free

Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin

Aside from a button block, it has a number of blocks helpful for marketers and bloggers. Basic properties:

  • The button block is equipped with extensive customization options and controls.
  • There are four different button sizes and a rounded style feature.
  • It lets you insert a button in several clicks.


This WordPress button plugin is another tool for Gutenberg. With its help, you can add custom high-quality blocks to your page. Basic properties:

  • It has twenty three page building blocks and more than fifty layouts.
  • Customization controls are responsive, so they will fit various devices.
  • The button block is equipped with the ghost button with gradient hover and scale more effect; large gradient full-width button, and other great designs.
  • There are five layouts and many styles and typography options.

Social Share Icons & Social Share Buttons

This instrument allows creating the social share icons and is very simple for exploitation. Basic components:

  • It offers a range of popular social networks to integrate into your site.
  • There are sixteen design styles and different options on how to place the buttons.
  • You can also attribute several actions to a single button.
  • The animation is among the helpful tools offered to enhance the user experience.

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

This is another tool to add social media buttons for a variety of networks. Main properties:

  • You are free to select from sixteen designs.
  • There's an option to assign several actions to one icon.
  • Other features include animation, sticky or float buttons, pop-up buttons, and more.

WP Ulike

This tool will help you integrate like and dislike buttons on your site. If you want to add any kind of voting to your site, then this plugin will come in handy. Basic features:

  • It allows you to add buttons to any type of posts, comments, topics, products, etc., which is very helpful for eCommerce.
  • This is a useful instrument with reports that allow you to be aware and manage what your visitors like or dislike.
  • It has a variety of customization options.

Sum up

Website design is one of the most significant aspects of internet marketing. The share of performance depends on how easy it is to navigate your page and how well it is thought out. Regardless of whether you are selling something or not, you are always doing commercial work. Even if visitors are not fully informed, they evaluate everything by the design of the site. Buttons are one of the important elements of a beautiful design. If they are well-designed and generally suited to blog topics, users will be more likely to use them.

Therefore, you need more than just buttons. They should be beautiful and guide conversion from your landing pages.

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